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10,000 Forum Posts Celebration! [Contest CLOSED]

10,000 Forum Posts Celebration! [Contest CLOSED]

Jul 30, 2012

10 Days x 10 Contests x 10 Winners x 10 Prizes =

10,000 Forum Posts Celebration!

For 10 days we’ll be giving away 10,000 Crowns worth of prizes EVERY DAY to celebrate hitting 10,000 total posts in M4H’s new forum! Contests will include Random Drawings, Hide and Seeks, Scavenger Hunts and more! Keep an eye out on twitter on our central events thread for information on each day’s contest! Each day’s contest winners will be updated here, but in order to prevent the blog being swamped with contest-related posts rather than game help, we will not be posting each new contest here.

Day 1 – Twitter Contest: beaky345

Day 2 – Random Draw from M4H clients: Eevee918

Day 3 – Ten by Ten Trivia: dragontamer1016

Day 4 – 10,000 Damage Hit: Tootsie

Day 5 – Bigger Picture Scavenger Hunt: Nightmaress (perfect score!)

Day 6 – Hidden Image: ~Kristen~

Day 7 – Shadow Racing: Apollo

Day 8 – DIY Guides: Apollo’s Multi-School Alicane Swiftarrow Guide

Day 9 –  10 Pip Spells: ~Dylan~’s Gorgan Sisters

Spell: Gorgon Sisters              School: Myth

Damage/Effect(s): 65 DMG first hit, 650 DMG second hit to all, Stun for 1 round


The spell starts out looking like a regular Medusa with a cave in the background, when she crawls out of the hole, a scream is heard and Medusa covers her ears and jumps back into the hole. Camera zooms in on the cave and you see two pairs of eyes peeking out. Two creatures that look like Medusa, one with red snakes for hair and the other with purple, both slithering wildly–not pulled back like with Medusa. They both carry swords similar to Medusa’s.The purple haired, Sthenno, twirls her swords in her hands, then slams them onto the ground, dealing first attack damage. Then the red-haired Gorgon, Euryale, shrieks causing the second damage. Then both sisters’ eyes start glowing, and the stun is added. The sisters then jump down the crack in the ground and the spell ends.

Day 10 – Coat of Arms: Nightmaress

 Thanks to everyone who participated and a huge shout out to Wizard101 Central and its members who got us to 10,000 posts!