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6 Days of Giveaways – Day 4

6 Days of Giveaways – Day 4

Dec 22, 2014

Day 4 is here!

Choose one thing you really like about the game.

Maybe there is a menu chat phrase that tickles you pink or an npc that has you rolling on the floor laughing. What about some of those in-game jokes or crazy clothing?

I love how my wizard starts to do tricks with her coconut when idle for a while!

Post your entries in the comments below.

We have tapestries to the Tomb of the Nameless and Celestia Base Camp up for grabs. Everyone who enters gets one of each (as long as supplies last)


1st place – a Halloween package (10k crowns, 7 chocolate pet snacks, a random Halloween pet).

2nd and 3rd place – a code for 7 chocolate pet snacks and a Snake in a basket pet.

4th to 9th place – a Snake in a Basket pet.

1st to 9th place prizes will be shared between here and the Central entries.

Codes MUST be redeemed by December 31, 2014.

One entry per person!

Prizes will be sent via e-mail to the address from which you entered.  This contest ends at 11:59pm CST today, 22nd December. There will be another contest tomorrow, so check back if you missed this one.

If you have a question about the rules please ask BEFORE the contest deadline. Some of us are human so we do make mistakes but it is better for everyone involved if these issues are pointed out while there is still time to fix it. If it isn’t brought up ahead of time we have to assume everyone understands. We reserve the right to ignore rule challenges that occur after the winners are announced.

A HUGE thanks to Kingsisle for providing the prizes!


Aaaaaaand the WINNERS!

1st Kiley MS

2nd Sierra SeaSong from Central

3rd Icy Witch from Central


Mora Misthead

charles greenstone from Central

bluecrystal5355 from Central

Woohoorandom from Central

Sean LifeShield 

Apple Pie my brotha

  • Michael Wildflame

    The one thing that had me laughing on the floor is during the F.I.V,E boxes event when i saw Malistaire with a Afro that cracked me up.

  • jewelshadowcaster

    There is many things that I really love about Wizard101 and it’s really hard to pick one. I’ll say that I really love the way they listen to feedback of their players. We have witnessed so many improvements implemented on a demand of their players :)

  • Ma1kavian

    I really love the variety of pet dance animations in game.

  • Mora Misthead

    I love the way the small patches of grass in Avalon turn so they’re always facing you. I keep turning to see their back side, but they’re sneaky, those plants!

  • Andrew

    Do we email it to you or post it here? You said email near the end and poat in comments in beginning i am just a little confused

    • mercs101

      Post your entries in the comments below. Prizes will be sent via e-mail to the address from which you entered.

      This is what is in the OP, I’m not sure what you mean?

  • Thuong Tran

    I love the way how we can dance gangnam style it so funny and I love it.

  • Pyro

    The one thing that just warms me up inside is the holiday skates mount. I mean you spin when you jump, you skate in such a way that it fills me up with joy! Don’t even get me started on when you go afk!

  • Blaze DeathStaff

    My favourite part about the game is probably the dialogue and the Easter Eggs referring to the stuff outside of the world XD

    Also the kinda dumb dialogue. makes me laugh every time 😀

  • Sean LifeShield

    i love how my pet forest beast innocently waves his head (like listening to music) when he is casting a healing spell.

  • Grammar Nazi

    I absolutely love the world of Avalon:
    It brings me back into Monty Python and The Holy Grail, and I LOVE traveling through Avalon with my trusty coconut mount (Another Monty Python reference).

    The whole world is absolutely brilliant, thats why its my favorite part about Wizard101.

  • Blaze DeathStaff

    I dont think it posted last time so i’ll say it again :/

    For me, one thing that i really like about wizard101 is the fact that for a game with (seemingly) simple mechanics, this game can be tricky to play and yet at the same time be sooooooo much fun. (the spell animations help XD)

  • Carlos Trollfist

    Ok so my response is a bit more, philosophical and less tangible, but i hope it’s still okay. What i really love about Wizard101 is the creative freedom it allows for. Whether it’s making a deck, designing a house, making a dream pet, or even stiching to create that runway ready style, the game really allows you to go about things in your own way, and i really love that. :)

  • Ernest Krasselt

    my favorite thing in wizard101 is the expanding story line and how they try to add new things every year just to keep us wizard mercenaries entertained with the game but if i had to choose exactly one thing it is the way the pets have a mid of there own with may-cast if it was not for my pet i could not have passed all those quest without that one extra heal or shield so my choice is just the pets in wizard101 are my favorite part about the game

  • AlexLovesCookies

    I love how the winter land pack makes us wizards look funny.

  • Alice V

    Wizard101 is cool because just when I am becoming bored and start searching for a new game to play, a new update comes out. It’s like Professor Ambrose can read my mind!!! That’s definitely my favorite thing – the constant updates.

  • mercs101

    Day 3 was yesterday. We will be getting the prizes out to you within a week.

  • Orzee

    My favorite thing about Wizard101 is the community giveaways. I love the contests, teasers, challenges, tournaments, and everything else. Without the community, Wizard101 would not be the same. I love how Kingsisle makes Crowns much more available and gives away prize codes to its fansites.

  • Michelle

    One of the things that always makes me laugh is when I play with the sound on and have my llama mount equipped. The sound it makes is just so funny to me that I can’t help but laugh! :)

  • Andrew

    The thing i like most about wizad101 is meeting all different people from around the world and I absolutely love pvp as well

  • Mary

    So obviously I love the updates, quests, spells, etc., but my favorite “inside joke” thing would have to be the names of some of the quests, every so often there’s one that make me grin.
    Dead Poets Society
    Brief History of Time
    Dunkin Do-nots
    A Sight for Core Eyes
    My Brother’s Keeper
    Mind Over Mandrake
    No More Mr.Ice Guy
    Summer is Coming
    Sorcerer’s Apprentice
    Schrodinger’s Quetzals
    Walking Dead
    A Game of Stones

  • Shadowblade

    My favorite thing in Wizard101 is the allusion referring to The Wizard of Oz when you start Unicorn Way 😀 I love how the quest name refers to going down the Yellow Brick Road, meeting Dorothy Gale, her talking about her Aunty Em and leading us to her friends. It’s all really amusing and is one of the factors that made me NOT quit the game after I first downloaded, such as I have done with many other MMOs. Here I am, 3 years later, involved with the Twizard Community and having more fun than ever :)

  • Michelle Mooncatcher

    The most favorite thing I like about Wizard101 is the memories the game gave me. Meeting new people from so many different backgrounds, chatting with them and having fun with them. These memories are everlasting and so is the friendships I’ve made in game. I’m grateful for playing Wizard101 because of this and I truly love the experiences I gain in Wizard.

  • Kiley MS

    My favorite thing has got to be how the worlds are connected throughout the whole storyline. Specially with Krokotopia – Marleybone, I liked the fact that a “simple museum” managed to link both different worlds, in a simple, yet clever way.

  • Caroline Winterglade

    My favorite things in Wizard101 are the crazy, impossibly long words that the game allows you to type into the chat bar:
    And my favorite:
    (These are just a few of what I have discovered; there are many, many more insane words that the game allows you to type!)

  • lukey800

    my favorit thing about wizard is the ability to bother cyrus drake

  • BlazeSwiftSword

    I really enjoy Wizard101 because of all the nostalgic memories. I remember playing it when I was extremely young. I played when there were only grandmasters. Also, wizard101 has lots of things to do. If you got bored of questing, you can fish or train your pet! It’s extremely versatile in this way and you can enjoy different aspects of the game!

  • TDAY11

    MY favorite thing thing about wizard101 is the ice quest
    “No more mr ice guy” XD

  • Emily Blue

    my favorite thing is the mini game names. Me and my friend actually use them as a kind of language. She’ll say Choo-Choo Zoo when she wants to farm something, and we’ll say Conjuration Concentration when one of our inventories is full. Even after years of this game, it still makes me giggle.

  • Alex Deathtamer

    My favorite aspect of the game would have to be the many, many, MANY easter eggs that pop up around the Spiral. They reference the old, the new, and the wacky in such a subtle way that it makes it nearly impossible to find them all! My favorites so far:

    1. Doctor Who reference with The Professor in Marleybone
    2. Smashing Pumpkins song reference made by a boss in Khrysalis
    3. Disco Inferno reference made by Smoke Elementals in Khrysalis
    4. Three Blind Mice Reference in Khrysalis
    5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail NPC references with Roger the Shrubber and The Knight of the Sacred Woods
    6. Katzenstein in Marleybone a reference for Frankenstein
    7. Practically every location in Marleybone a reference to actual London locations
    8. Bjorn Ironclaws in Grizzleheim a refernce to Beorn in the Hobbit who turns into a bear.
    9. Hannibal Onetusk’s Hon Solo reference in Zafaria
    10. The numerous Lion King song references in Zafaria

    These references are so clever and funny that the game never gets dull for me as I try to find each one while questing.

    A close second favorite is the sass from Mother Raven as you’re questing. If you ever take the time to read her dialouge she is a really funny character with very witty remarks.

  • Krïśtëñ Hëârt

    One thing that I like about Wizard101 is the whole concept of Avalon. I like how it’s very medieval and such. I absolutely LOVED the story-line and I thought it was one of the best worlds that KingsIsle brought onto the game. I just thought it was pretty creative. :)

  • Adam Darkheart

    I like wizard101 because of the challenges there are and that my dad and I spend a lot of good fun time online together.

  • mercs101

    Hi Stefani!
    I tried to send your codes earlier but they were undeliverable as the e-mail address you used doesn’t exist. Could you send in a new comment with the correct address?