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6 Days of Yuletide – Day 2

6 Days of Yuletide – Day 2

Dec 15, 2015


What’s that? Oh, this is the contest? Oh. Oh. Sorry.



Wizard101 Christmas


Hello wonderful players of Wizard101! For day 2 of our 6 Days of Yuletide, we’re asking each of you to provide an image and a description of your favorite Easter egg found ANYWHERE in Wizard101. Search high! Search low! Ask Zeke! Ask Gamma! Ask Malistaire if you have to! These prizes are well worth the risk of making ole Mali grumpy. Speaking of prizes.


  • Grand Prize: 15,000 Crowns, a Permanent Ice Skate Mount in Wizard101, and a Random Bear Companion in Pirate 101
  • Second Prize: 5,000 Crowns
  • Third Prize: Reindeer Sleigh Mount
  • Fourth Prize: One Random School Themed Jewel Pack

It should be right about now that your eyes sparkle at these dazzling prizes (I know mine are) but wait! What are the rules!? I’m glad you asked.


  • Only one entry per person, per day, is allowed.
  • Each entry must have both an image and a description to be entered to win.
  • Please post your entries in a reply to this post.
  • This contest ends today, December 15th, at 11:59 PM CST.

We’ll select the best Easter eggs from all valid entries. If you’re confused, uncertain, or just have a question, feel free to ask! Our operator (me) is standing by to respond to any inquiry. The sooner you ask, the sooner we can help! If we do not receive any questions, we assume everyone understands the rules. We reserve the right to ignore challenges to the contest made after the deadline has passed.

This contest is being held on both our blog and Wizard101 Central so that as many wizards as possible have a chance to win these fabulous prizes. No duplicate entries are allowed.

As always, a great big thanks is in order to KingsIsle for providing the wonderful prizes, and to all participants in this contest!

If you missed this contest, tune in tomorrow for Day 3 of Mercenaries101 6 Days of Yuletide and have a happy holidays!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

  • Jereomy

    Here I am posing with my favorite easter egg, The Professor, which is an obvious reference to The Doctor from my favorite sci-fi show Doctor Who.

  • Charles H

    Dorothy Gale from Wizard of Oz. This is probably the first ‘easter egg’ type of thing I noticed way back when my nephew and niece were playing, many moons ago. The quest lines are ‘Not In Kansas Anymore’ and ‘Yellow Brick Road’. I appreciated when the best show that will ever exist, LOST, payed homage to Wizard of Oz when they introduced Michael Emerson’s character as Henry Gale whose first appearance of him on the show was him stuck in a hot air balloon. So when I first started playing for the kids on Wizard101, it sort of was connected to LOST and Wizard of Oz. Henry btw is Dorothy’s uncle. And of course, Wizard101 has to reference the great and powerful Wizard who came before it.

    Yellow Brick Road
    Given By: Dorothy Gale
    Go to Dorothy’s Friends (Tin Man and Mr. Toto)
    Reward: Ruby Slippers.
    Talk to Dorothy Gale

  • Alex

    Ever since Polaris came out, I thought this was the best easter egg they’ve ever added into the game! I love how Gandry of all people has come from the pirate world to the wizard world in the Inn of the Midnight sun! You could also see boochbeard’s hat on the other side of the table, meaning he might be there as well! I love how they sneaked in Gandry as an easter egg from pirate101!

  • Michelle

    Thank you for this contest :)

    My favorite Easter egg is from Zafaria. There is a quest called Lioness Sleeps Tonight which leads you to Tanei Ghostmane who later after a couple of quests tells you the secret drum beat “Ah. Wee. Mo. Wah. Ah. Wee. Mo. Wah.” Both refer to the song title The Lion Sleeps tonight, and the beat of the song.

  • Alex G

    Wonderful Contest! My all time favorite easter egg is the Linger thing with the Scorched Book. Up far away it just looks like random text, but if you zoom in, you can actually see the book’s text. It consists of the purpose of why us Wizards rely on our spells we use today, and the purpose of Wizard training. I just love that kingsisle actually imprints these types of texts, instead of putting random stuff on paper. Thanks! Good luck to the participants!

  • Mr. MagicMan

    My favorite Easter egg is my pet egg because I can dye him, but also because he is one of my friends and also because I can play mini games with him as well as outing him in a derby

  • Jessica Y

    Thank you for this contest!!

    My favorite Easter Eggs is the Prospector Zeke quest in Krokotopia named “Find the Beetles” which is a great reference to one of the most, if not the most popular band of all time: the Beatles. I find great humor in this pun and I look forward to more to come.

  • seantbh

    In my opinion, a funny easter egg that kingsisle added to Wizard101 is the Philosoraptor, based on the hilarious meme, well, the Philosoraptor. If you travel into Mangrove Marsh, the Philosoraptor is there on a log. He may have a few quests, but other than that he’s just there because Kingsisle thought he would be a funny addition. Don’t believe me? Look up Philoraptor memes and see for yourself!

  • starsforever

    Hi guys, sweet contest!!
    My favorite easter egg has got to be the epic book in the wizard city library.
    It is one of the main reasons why i still play this awesome game, it had showed
    Me that the game was mainly about helping and caring for everyone in the community,
    Playing fair and just having a jolly good time. The book has made me honestly happy
    To play the game and thanks to Kingsisle nothing would be possible without the
    Helping of them. I try to make a steady influence on newer players in the game,
    Just having a awesome time and helping them with there further questing adventures
    In game and try to remind them of caring and being helpful in game and outside
    Of game also, and to tell others about the book in the wizard city library because it can
    Be a great deal to us and others.

  • seantbh

    Hello! This is an awesome contest. I’d just like to say that my favorite easter egg is the Philosoraptor in Mangrove Marsh, Azteca. It’s based on the meme, “Philosoraptor.” He does nothing in the game, I just thought he was a funny addition!

  • King of Keys

    Id have to say Doctor Jackall is my all time favorite not only cause he’s a mad Scientest but one of my favorite characters from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I guess that’s where they get the fancy names from in Marleybone which is a real city in London, England

  • BoomBang

    ^^ If you go near the Church near Marlybone, if you listen very closely you can hear people praying and singing in the Church. ^^

  • BoomBang

    Picture to my comment:

  • Crabgut