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6 Days of Yuletide – Final Day

6 Days of Yuletide – Final Day

Dec 19, 2015

Thank you all for participating in our 6 Days of Yuletide contest celebration!  We have one final chance for you to win some great prizes.  How might you qualify to win?  I’m so glad you asked!  One thing we love about the holidays is sharing good cheer with others, by helping with a task, giving a gift, or just offering friendship.  Please submit a poem with a theme of “spreading the holiday spirit” for your chance to win.

Holiday Cheer


  • 1st Place: 10,000 Crowns
  • 2nd Place: 5,000 Crowns
  • 3rd Place: Polar Fox Pet
  • 4th Place: Random School Jewel Pack


  • Only one entry per person is allowed.
  • Please post your entries in a comment to this post.
  • All entries must be your own. Copying will result in disqualification.
  • This contest ends December 19th at 11:59pm CST.

If you have a question about the rules please ask BEFORE the contest deadline. Some of us are human so we do make mistakes but it is better for everyone involved if these issues are pointed out while there is still time to fix it. If it isn’t brought up ahead of time we have to assume everyone understands. We reserve the right to ignore rule challenges that occur after the winners are announced.

Please note: In order to give as many players a chance to win as possible, this contest will also be running on Wizard101Central at the same time. Winners may be picked from either source. No duplicate entries allowed.

A huge shout-out to KI for the wonderful prizes!

Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays!  Winners will be announced on this post by 11:59pm CST on December 20th.

  • Mr. MagicMan

    Rose are red Violets would turn green
    If my stalkings had codes of ten thousand crowned items

  • Angel Deathmask

    We went to Polaris one winter eve
    So bedecked in garlands it made me sneeze
    But then a hush came over me
    We had a play to see!

    Good Father Christmas knocked at the door
    And everyone gave a great roar
    His cheeks were as red as Christmas lights
    With his great green cloak, it made quite a sight

    With the King of Egypt, the Pendragon, and the Back Knight too
    Sabra’s court made Malistare woo
    The king of Egypt was quite a sight
    When he took off his hat to dance away the night

    The Pendragon unfurled its enormous wings
    He fought off the Black Knight in order to become king
    Everyone gave a mighty cheer
    And that is how I spent my Christmas this year

  • LobsterLord

    When Christmas is near,
    We all start to cheer.

    When the snow starts to fall down,
    We gather in town.

    We wait for the day,
    When with Santa we can play.

    And thats why we all love Christmas day.

    (Q.Q I hope this is good enough)

  • Isaac ThunderLeaf

    He had nothing; nothing at all,
    He expected nothing; not even something small.
    Here He is, on the most joyous day,
    With nothing to give, and nothing to say.

    I had something; way more than he,
    I knew that he needed some glee.
    Here I am, on the most joyous day,
    Giving to others, so He can say,

    “Thank you, and Merry Christmas.”

  • Nordic Champion

    One night the snow swirled like a snow globe
    The wind blew and bit at my earlobe
    A man in red passed me by
    A glint of love dancing in his eyes

    The heart inside me grew 10 times tall
    As I gathered the courage to call
    “Old man, dressed in red,
    What has happened to make happy your head?”

    The man heartily replied
    “A gift that I got with a red ribbon tied
    Was filled with my favorite pie.”

    I saw the man was content with a dessert
    And it got me thinking that it wouldn’t hurt
    To spend some time and money on a gift
    For some lonely soul who needs their heart to be lift

    So I dashed up the road
    And clamored into the shop
    I pointed out “that one” and grabbed a bow
    I headed down the street to a corner I know

    An old withered man sat curled on the bench
    He looked up and noticed my bow-topped gift
    I handed it to him, avoiding the snow drift
    A big gray coat with pockets galore
    Filled with many gifts more

    “Thank You!” The many cried
    “It’s nothing, really.” I managed to reply
    I started home to see my family

    Inside the children played with new wands
    A new pet ran around that resembled a swan
    A gift was offered, but I didn’t care
    My happiness came from outside
    Out in the frigid air
    -Nordic Champion (AKA Cheyenne Caster)

  • Jesse Strider

    Around The Spiral…

    Around the spiral, there are lights,
    Along with many tough boss fights,

    Be prepared, it’ll be a fright,
    But it will only last one night,

    Have fun with friends,
    Don’t forget about your kin,

    Give out the blessings,
    Spread the christmas spirit,
    And let those who hate it, hear it

    For christmas is here, the season of giving,
    It’s a great time for the dead and the living,

    The joy will spread throughout this day,
    Next year, for christmas, lets keep it this way,
    Joyous as ever, you may forget to say hey.

  • seantbh

    When there is no sign
    of holiday cheer,
    I can assure you
    that Krampus is near.
    His bells ever ringing,
    his speak ever stinging,
    but he will not come
    if you keep giving and singing.
    His horns like knives,
    stabbing and slashing.
    The memories won’t fade.
    The pain is everlasting.
    So remember on Christmas
    to keep a smile on your face.
    Enjoy time with your family
    opening presents by the fireplace.

  • Charles H

    For wizards feeling left out – 7
    No need to mope, no need to pout – 8
    You’re not alone, others are like you – 9
    Who light the Menorah, spin the dreidel – 10
    I give you this message of ‘holiday’ cheer – 11
    With hopes to lift your spirit and make you aware – 12
    When most all in the SpiralVerse wish “very Merry” – 13

    We’ll look to next year with new vendor Hanukkah Harry! – 14

    Hope you like my poem. The numbers are the syllables for each line and I made it 8 lines to represent the 8 nights of Chanukah. :-)

  • Jason Jasmin

    Started small making way
    Hoping to be big in the spiral
    One day we face enemies
    Along the way thinking of the
    Day they will go away now we
    Are here with a holiday hoping
    You guys will enjoy your
    Christmas day

    Now for what i want to
    Say christmas spirit is
    In the air for wizards that
    Are everywhere now thats
    All i have to say for today
    I hope you all have a happy

  • starsforever

    For the winter breeze
    Started to kick in.
    The snow flakes started to fall in.

    Everyone loved this time of
    Year which had come.
    To spread Christmas cheer
    And have some fun.

    Little children continued to play
    In the night.
    To wait for the big red man
    That came with presents
    And then took flight.

    Everyone with a smile on
    There face.
    From rosy red cheeks of children
    And the butterfly that fluttered away.

    It’s always fun spreading the holiday spirit.
    To laugh and enjoy what the holiday may bring.

    Cherish the times with your family.
    And remember to give back something
    On your Christmas day.


  • Alex

    No one loves me
    Nobody cares
    When they’re in a festive spirit
    Mine somehow gets split

    Halloween in the Fall, no candy at all
    Thanksgiving passes, and I don’t even get molasses

    Now Christmas time is here
    I wonder what’s the come
    Should I have holiday cheer?
    Or should I live in fear?

    But then my one friend came along
    He never always could, but he still did
    And he showed me the way

    No longer was I astray
    But I was led to the strength of happiness
    For it can do many things

    Now I can do what he does
    I’m not what I used to be
    It’s okay if I’m smaller boy
    I like making these fun toys

    Santa was my friend’s name
    He made me what I am today
    Happiness is a powerful thing
    And I’m happy to spread the holiday cheer!

  • mercs101

    Thanks again to all who entered! I apologize for the delay in announcing the winners, something unexpected came up last night and this is my first chance to come back online.

    Congratulations to our winners:
    1) GamerReality (Central)
    2) Nordic Champion
    3) Tori (Central)
    4) Saego (Central)

    This wraps up our 6 Days of Yuletide. We look forward to another year of fun around the Spiral with you all :)