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A B.O.X. of tricks – questing with K.I.

A B.O.X. of tricks – questing with K.I.

Jan 17, 2015

What an opportunity! A chance to join Tom (Dworgyn) and Leala (Professor Greyrose) in a live-stream questing event… and they had a spot available for me!

So, which wizard should I take? She has to be over level 60 – are we doing Barkingham Palace maybe? Surely not Waterworks, hmmmm.

Smash everything with storm? Nah, a bit overpowering. Life? She would ensure everyone stays alive and can boost any school (throws a mean Forest Lord, too)… a bit obvious….Leala is death so not that one. I know! Balance, mistress of all the things (and she looks pretty neat, too). Balance it is!

Now, what’s a live-stream?

Well, for those of you who don’t know, it’s a real-time event broadcast out to anyone who wants to watch it. This event had Tom and Leala questing, answering questions sent in by Wizard players and giving away prizes to the winning questions. Valerian (from Valerian’s Wayward Wizards) and I made the team up to 4 and we quested through the Zafaria B.O.X. In this case, we met up shortly before the livestream started to hash out a plan and get each other’s wizards added to an in-game group for our dungeon run, waited for a few minutes while Tom & Leala spoke on the livestream to all of you fine people, and then took on the challenge together!


Before we started questing, Tom & Leala chatted a little about what’s going on in game lately, and they had some interesting information for us!

  • The BOXES event will be in game until February 1st.
  • The first of the special member benefits will be coming to the live game next week! They didn’t tell us which one, but Decius made an appearance while they were speaking about it to remind us to treat our pets well…. might that be a big ole clue?!
  •  Wizard101 new has a tumblr! You can submit your own art, gif, memes, to the page for them to check out here.
  • There are two new shirt designs available in the Wizard101 zazzle store! You can check out the new designs here and here. There are some other awesome products in the Zazzle store as well; check out the daughter of one of our mercenaries decked out in a Wizard101 baby onesie!
  • Pirate101’s Empire Bundle is now available online! Rejoice, European players!
  • Don’t forget to check out Paige Moonshade’s Bunkhouse Decorating Contest! There are lots of prizes available and it’s always a fun time.

I decided not to watch live while I quested, so watched it to catch up afterwards. I had an absolute blast, and hope you guys had just as much fun watching and listening as we did playing together! You can watch the action here: