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A Bad Omen

A Bad Omen

Mar 17, 2016

Omen Stribog is a new gold skeleton key boss who will test your strength in the icy world of Polaris. His sigils are located in the River of Frozen Tears. The quickest route to this boss is by taking the River of Frozen Tears teleporter from Walruskberg. From there, walk down the ramp and head to your right. You’ll see glowing skeleton key sigils as you walk up the hill.



Anyone can hop on these special sigils, but once inside, you’ll need a gold skeleton key to access the boss and his buddies. Upon unlocking the cave, Omen Stribog questions who you are and asks if you are an ally of the Vigilants. After thinking on it a bit, Omen Stribog decides that it matters not if you are allied with the Vigilants, your demise has been “etched into the pillars of fate” and he promises to make that happen sooner rather than later.


This battle consists of four bosses:

  • Omen Stribog: Shadow, 40,000 health
  • Dark Seraph: Shadow, 25,000 health
  • Dark Fiend: Shadow, 18,000 health
  • Dark Sentinel: Shadow, 99,999 health


Each boss mirrors their shadow spell counterparts. The Dark Seraph is the healer of the group, the Dark Fiend can deal some incredible damage, and the Dark Sentinel will intercept 75% of all attacks for his friends (meaning his allies only take 25% of your attack’s damage).

The resists and boosts in this fight are as follows:

  • Omen Stribog, Dark Seraph, and Dark Fiend
    • Resists: 30% to Ice, Death, Fire, Myth, and Storm
    • Boosts: 15% to Life and Balance
  • Dark Sentinel
    • Resists: 55% to Ice, 40% to Death, Myth, and Storm
    • Boosts: 5% to Fire, Life, and Balance

All of the bosses are stun immune.


  • At the beginning of round 1, the Dark Sentinel will interrupt to cast Shadow Sentinel.
  • If anyone enters the battle late, Omen Stribog will interrupt to shout “Tardiness Will Not Be Tolerated!” and cast a mana burn on the late wizard(s).


  • *Note: This cheat is inconsistent and doesn’t seem to happen every time.* If you cast a universal shield on yourself or someone else, the Dark Sentinel will interrupt to cast Steal Ward and steal it.
    • This cheat will also trigger for Absorb.
    • If you cast Legion Shield, the shield will only be stolen from the caster.
  • If you cast a blade or a pierce blade, the Dark Sentinel will interrupt to shout “Your Parlor Tricks Are To No Avail” and enfeeble the recipient of the blade.
    • If you cast Bladestorm, only the caster will be enfeebled.
    • Damage bubbles will trigger this cheat, but the Dark Sentinel won’t actually knock out the bubble.
    • Casting a debuff such as Weakness or Plague (enfeeble will be triggered on the caster) will trigger this cheat, but they will not be removed from the enemy.


  • If you cast a feint on any of the bosses, Omen Stribog will interrupt to shout “We Are Not So Easily Fooled!” and remove the feint.
    • This will still leave the 30% trap on you.
    • Other universal traps like Curse and Hex are fine.


  • If you cast a pure shadow spell that normally deals backlash, Omen Stribog will interrupt to shout “You Are Darkened By Shadow As Well?” and add +40 backlash to your spell.
    • School shadow enhanced spells will not trigger this cheat.
    • Shadow wand spells will not trigger this cheat.



The best strategy we’ve found so far is trap stacking and defeating the Dark Sentinel, which will knock out the Shadow Sentinel spell (The boss absorbing 75% of the attacks will go bye-bye) and will allow you to blade.

  • Trap stack the Dark Sentinel. It’s best to make sure each person on your team has unique traps so you don’t repeat. It’s recommended that teams with less buffing capabilities use a prism technique (trap stack –> prism –> stack more traps) so you can do more with less trap options. Please keep in mind that if you do use a prism stack technique, stack the OPPOSITE school’s traps first THEN your own! Otherwise, they won’t trigger in the right order.
    • Fire wizards: Backdraft is a nice option!
    • Death wizards: Curse is your best friend!
    • Balance wizards: Utilize Bladestorm and Hex!
    • All wizards: Spirit Trap and Elemental Trap will be the most common buff. To stick out from the pack, try to hoard some trap TCs such as Hex, Curse, Spirit Trap and/or Elemental Trap, and any other traps you can get your hands on beforehand.
  • Have your hammer cast Infallible the round before they hit. These bosses have some notable resist. Casting Infallible will help you pierce through.
  • Have someone Shatter the hit round. These bosses love to shield, especially the Dark Sentinel! If you don’t have a myth wizard with you, pick up some shatter TC so you can remove all those pesky stacking shields.
  • Attack the Dark Sentinel. You have two options for taking out the Dark Sentinel:
    • Using an AOE
      • Pros: You attack all the enemies and 75% of the damage on Omen Stribog, the Dark Seraph, and the Dark Fiend will hit the Dark Sentinel. (You get 4 hits for the price of one cast!)
      • Cons: AOEs are typically weaker than single hit spells and will cause the aggro to be focused on your hammer afterwards.
    • Using a single hit spell
      • Pros: Typically stronger than AOEs (depending on your school) and will not cause a significant change in aggro for your hammer.
      • Cons: Your deck will be slightly bigger, you only hit the Dark Sentinel once, and all the other bosses will still be at full health.
  • Once the Dark Sentinel is defeated, blade your hammer for an AOE hit on the rest of the bosses. With the Dark Sentinel out of the way, you are free to blade! The Shadow Sentinel spell will also go away – allowing you to deal normal damage to the other three bosses.

This strategy using an AOE for both the initial hit and the second hit took our team of three 15 minutes to complete.


Permanent mounts and new mastery amulets have been dropping from this boss! If you have any other interesting drops to share, post below!


These shadow bosses may look scary, but you can take them! If you have any questions, suggestions, etc… let me know below! Good hunting!


  • That One Girl

    Omen will also cast a 3,000 mana burn on anyone tardy (or if you flee and come back). You can use unbalance to stop this.

    I received three different ice themed housing items as drops, various pets (none were new), balance mastery amulets (no trade, no auction) with double square sockets, and Luphilim’s Blazing boots which have claws.

  • That One Girl

    You can also use entangle on the key boss, can’t think of the name, it is in the shadow seraph form. It will heal throughout the game so entangle is a good thing to have.

  • That One Girl

    I keep thinking of other things! I came in tonight on my life wiz and used wings of fate. The sentinel stole my heal over time but let the rest of the teams’ heal stay. I believe the same would happen with sprite swarm. I would stick to single group heals like unicorn and rebirth rather than over time for this reason.

  • Igor Efimov

    If you are myth, use a myth mastery here, or just happen to have loads of unused pips, it’s not unheard of to drop a Mystic Colossus ahead of your primary hitter’s bull or bugs or whatever.

    This clears any errant towers, volcanics, and vast absorbs that may find their way upstream from sentinel during your trap stack.

    I have seen people running a single tc mystic ahead of an alpha strike, even without myth mastery it is turn-effective compared to sequential shatter.

    As always, thanks for the organized, insightful, and timely Cliffs Notes on this new dungeon.

  • Morpyoto (Nyan)

    Not worth farming for if you already have rat’s but Omen decks give slightly better stats and guaranteed triangle socket.