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A Deathly Party! [Contest CLOSED]

A Deathly Party! [Contest CLOSED]

Oct 18, 2012

Wizard101UK is at it again with the fantastic celebrations!

On Friday, October 19th at 12pm US Central time, the game masters of Wizard101UK will be hosting a Spooky Hallowe’en celebration! We’ll be starting at the death school in NightSide in Ambrose realm (players who do not yet have access are more than welcome to port in). The staff be taking pictures of you all with Dworgyn and chatting with players, so come dressed in your spookiest outfit and be ready to party!

Event Support wizards will then be on hand to whisk you away to their hallowed houses for fun and games and many eternal surprises. You even have a chance at winning some spooktacular pets and clothes. Bring all your friends and we’ll party loud enough to wake the spirits!

  • Elizabeth GoldenThistle

    Just a question. With the Wizard101 UK and other Gameforge websites being redone, how am I supposed to be able to register? I type in and it just says “Please visit” with a link. Do you know how I can sign up? Thanks!

    • Katherine Light

      Hi Elizabeth! It took me a while to figure it out as well! You need to sign up for Gameforge account first – it’s free, and it allows you to use the same access information for any Gameforge games you may wnat to try out. You can find that link here: