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A Dusky Owl Giveaway [Contest CLOSED]

In honour of the return of some of our retired mercs, DuskWeaver and Mr.Owl, we are hosting

Dusk & Owl’s Dusky Owl Hide and Seek

On Friday May 25th at 9:30pm Eastern / 8:30pm Central / 7:30pm Mountain / 6:30pm Pacific, we will be hosting a hide and seek contest to give away a brown owl mount in honour of DuskWeaver and Mr.Owl.


-At the above time, we will post a clue on the first post of this thread as to Mr.Owl’s location and the wizard he will be on. (Please note that you may need to be signed in to Central to view this thread.) When you find him, please take a picture of him and say the menu chat phrase “Have you seen any waterlilies?” He will respond with a clue to help you find DuskWeaver. When you find her, please take a picture of her and say the menu chat phrase “I have the best mount!” The first person to post both pictures to the thread and be confirmed by Dusk and Owl as having found them and said the phrases will win an owl mount.

-No editing posts, even for spelling or grammar, to ensure that no one makes a ‘placeholder’ post and later edits pictures in.

-All overhead names on for both pictures, please.

-Please post your entries on this thread.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!


Congratulations to Nightmaress for being the first to find and post her pictures of Mr.Owl and Dusk Weaver! Enjoy the new mount, and thanks to everyone who participated.