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A Legendary Challenge

A Legendary Challenge

Aug 2, 2013

Aquila has now been released from test realm into live! It’s got epic challenges, cheat bosses, dungeons with tricks and puzzles, fantastic new gear… in short, everything a mercenary could ask for!

For information on what to expect in this brave, new (old?) world, check out our guides on….

Mount Olympus, the level 30+ dungeon

Atlantea, the level 70+ dungeon

Tartarus, the level 90+ dungeon

Gladiator Dimachaerus, the hidden boss in Mount Olympus

The Sand Squid, the hidden boss in Atlantea

Cronus, the hidden boss in Tartarus


We are open for both questing and farming request, so feel free to a request over on our forum today! As all of these dungeons and bosses involve cheat battles, all requests for Aquila content should be made on our Difficult Instances thread.