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All in the Family

All in the Family

May 3, 2014

Mercenaries101 is thrilled to announce that yet another new member has joined the Merc family!

While you likely haven’t seen her posting on the blog or our forum, she’s tagged along and joined us for countless runs over the past several months. The War Room has been talking about her inevitable addition to the mercenary family for some time now, and we’re excited to finally introduce you all to….





Sunshine was born on May 2nd to our very own Katherine Light!

While Katherine will remain an active member of Mercenaries101, to allow her to focus on her family she will be stepping down from her role as leader. Congratulations to Prince of Shadows, who will be stepping in to her shoes and working with crzydaisy as the team’s new co-leader!

In celebration of Sunshine’s arrival, we’re hosting a Baby Bonus raffle! Click the link to join in the fun!

  • TDAY11

    congratulations! i will remeber birth cause im born on may 1st :-] WE’LL MISS YOU KATHERINE

  • Hamza Haroun

    Congratualtions :)

  • Simon

    Yay! =D Congrats! Wizard? or Pirate? 😉

  • QuinnDreamhaven