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Oct 3, 2014

“Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!” – The Doctor


Mercenaries101 will be taking requests for help with all B.O.X. dungeons as long as the event is running! If you’d like a hand, head over to our forum here, copy the form that is in the first post of any request thread, reply to the thread, paste the form, and fill in your information. Make sure to keep an eye on the thread and your private messages every 15 minutes or so during your request time frame so that you don’t miss the reply from a mercenary!

Someone has gone into the past and is doing everything they can to alter Ravenwood’s future!  From false imprisonment to floods, there’s nothing that can stop this mysterious meddler… except YOU. With the Professor’s help, you can save Wizard City from its altered past, but you must hurry! Time isn’t on your side. Or maybe it is. Either way, you’d best get to work!

To start your quest, talk to the Professor is any world. He will quickly grant you access to the instance where you can help him save the past AND the present! To get started, speak to the Professor in any world (as long as your level is high enough); you can complete the quests in any order. The Professor is present in 5 worlds:

  1. Wizard City (minimum level 10)
  2. Marleybone (minimum level 30)
  3. Mooshu (minimum level 40)
  4. Zafaria (minimum level 60)
  5. Avalon (minimum level 80)

He is usually located in the hub of each world; if you have problems finding the B.O.X., you can find its location on your map or check below for visual help.

We’ve put a “Storyline” tab in each box; if you don’t wish to know the story that guides each instance, feel free to skip right over it and look only at the information you need. If you need to see a larger version of any picture, simply click it to get the full-size version.

A few notes of interest:

  • There are no cheat bosses in these instances. If you are playing with only one or 2 wizards, however, there will be some fights where you are seriously outnumbered.
  • All B.O.X.E.S. can drop items that are available from the Wyvern’s Hoard pack, including mounts, housing items, and Crowns gear. Drops are scaled to match the minimum level requirement of the B.O.X.
  • There is no teleporting into (or within) a B.O.X. instance. (Exception: We’re aware that there may be some exceptions to this in the Avalon BOX and are looking in to it.)
  • When you enter the B.O.X., to your immediate left there is an NPC named Rose Piper. She has recipes for two new permament mounts and many new music players! The Sonic Spring required in each recipe is dropped by various bosses in the B.O.X. dungeons. The music players as well as 7-day versions  of the mounts are also rare drops with the dungeons.
  • There are several battles within each dungeon. Make sure to come prepared with full potions.


Wizard City

Professor’s location




B.O.X. location



Dalia Falmea is about to flunk out of Ravenwood! She was nervous for her entrance exams that would tell her which school she was best suited for… until a mysterious helpful stranger told her to just skip them and enroll in the ice school! You must help Dalia first to make it through her exams, and then to find her proper place in Ravenwood Academy. In the process, you discover that the current fire professor has a student in mind to take over when he retired… but that student secretly serves ANOTHER master by the name of Maestro.

Dalia Falmea, Ice

+10% attack boost


Joins you in battle 1


Dalia Falmea, Fire


Joins you in battles 2, 3, and 4





Fire Starter




Professor and B.O.X. location



Halston Balestrom helps a young man recover his stolen family jewels from the Royal Museum. Unfortunately, the young man’s story was false; he was stealing the jewel for himself, and has pinned the crime on Halston! We must break him out of Newgate Prison and help clear his name by tracking down the jewels and getting them back! While doing so, we learn that not only is Meowiarty behind the theft, but that Maestro put him up to it in hopes that the magic contained within the jewels would help him overpower the Spiral!

Halston Balestrom

+20% power pips


Joins you in battles 2, 3, 4, and 5.







Surge Protector




Professor’s location




B.O.X. location



After Malistaire departs Ravenwood following his wife’s death, Gamma needs to find a new death teacher. The Professor has reason to believe that Maestro will take this chance to wreak havoc. Gamma has two candidates in mind and asks you to conduct their interviews. The first, a Wysterian pig, is self-important but harmless. The second, Dworgyn, seems hard-working and perfect for the job, but his cruel aunts will not let their nephew go easily (who else would do all their work for them?!). You must set him free from his aunts, and then deal with the mysterious rival “Ostrame” who has attempted to steal the teaching position at the Death school while Dworgyn’s been occupied at home.


+10% general resist +15% incoming heal boost


Joins you in battles 2, 3, and 4.


Warning: Occasionally, Aunt Eunice will produce a new minion if you kill the minion without killing her first. There does not seem to be any consistency to this summon, nor is there a cheat phrase, whch makes us suspect it may be a glitch. To be on the safe side, try to kill both enemies at once.



Warning: Occasionally, both Aunt Eunice and/or Aunt Millicent will reappear in the battle if you kill one before the other. There does not seem to be any consistency to this respawn, nor is there a cheat phrase, whch makes us suspect it may be a glitch. To be on the safe side, try to kill both enemies at once.



Harbinger of Death




Professor’s location




B.O.X. location



Maestro has gone to Skull Island; he’s trying to cause it to flood and drown everyone! He’s placed a bounty on the heads of two pirates known as Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry, and the Cutthroat and Red Claw gangs are fighting to claim it! The Red Claw gang eventually captures them and turns them in to Maestro, who promptly meets the Armada! They’ve agreed to help him with his nefarious plans in exchange for these 2 high-profile pirate prisoners. You must avoid being captured by the rival gangs, set Boochbeard & Mr. Gandry free, stop the Armada before their plans can be enacted, and set in motion a timeline that will eventually see a young orphan pirate rescued who may just save them all.


+15 Critical

Mr. Gandry

+15% Incoming heal boost


Join you in battles 4 and 5






Honorary Bosun



Professor’s location




B.O.X. location

FiveBoxes Feat


The Maestro has gone back to Dragonspyre and meddled with the past of the Drake brothers! He’s convinced young Cyrus and Malistaire that the way of peace is preferably to the mastery of battle magic, and they’ve given up their spell decks to the Loremaster! Malistaire’s fiancee Sylvia was so distraught at his change of heart that she has moved on from him… and straight into Command Academy as Grand General Spitfire of the DragonSpyre army. She’s now intent on just one thing: conquering Wizard City and the Spiral! You must convince Malistaire and Cyrus that magic is worth the fight and help them retrieve their spell decks from the Loremaster. Sylvia, however, will not be so easily convinced… especially since Maestro seems to be controlling her thoughts and actions! You’ll need to act swiftly and powerfully to fight through the army that now works for Sylvia and bring the mighty Drake family back to its former self.

Malistaire Drake

+20 Critical

Cyrus Drake

+20% Armor Piercing


Join you for battles 2, 3, and 4.





Drake Herder



Upon completing all B.O.X. instances, you will be awarded the “Time Weaver” badge!



Enjoy your new badge, your new loot, and your glimpse into the past of some of your favorite professors!

“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?” – The Doctor

  • Wizy doodle

    My friend teleported into the last dungeon, during the second to last fight, so I think you can teleport in.

    • Katherine Light

      Thanks for the info! We’ll try teleporting into different areas and seeing what happens, to find out which ones you can teleport to and which you can’t. :)

  • SpiritSprite

    In the Mooshu B.O.X Millicent and Eunice: Eunice respawned. Glitch?

    • Katherine Light

      We’ve heard about this and been able to replicate it, but not consistently. Since it’s not consistent and she doesn’t shout a cheat phrase when it happens, we’re GUESSING it’s a glitch. We’re trying to test it out more, though, to see if we can nail down any info in particular.