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Are you a Muncher or a Maker?

Are you a Muncher or a Maker?

Oct 1, 2015

It is well known in the wizarding community that wizards fall into two main categories:


Those who have a talent for designing and making wild and wonderful candy


Those who excel at eating it

Do you love to make candy that makes wizard’s hair stand on end or do you bravely dive into a bowl of candy, willing to run the risk of walking around all day with an extra ear growing on your forehead?

What magical candy did you cook up for the unsuspecting community or what effects did a piece of magical candy have on you? Tell us your stories using 100 words or less.

The Prizes:

The top 3 entries will win 5,000 crowns

The next 2 entries will win 2,500 crowns

The next 3 entries will win 1,000 crowns

All correct entries will receive a Bastion Tapestry.

The Rules:

  • Use 100 words or less
  • Please post your stories in the comments
  • Illustrations are welcome but not necessary
  • One entry per person

Prizes will be sent via e-mail to the address from which you entered.  This contest ends at 11:59pm CDT on the 8th October. There will be another contest the following week, so check back if you missed this one.

If you have a question about the rules please ask BEFORE the contest deadline. We are wizards so we do make mistakes but it is better for everyone involved if these issues are pointed out while there is still time to fix it. If it isn’t brought up ahead of time we have to assume everyone understands. We reserve the right to ignore rule challenges that occur after the winners are announced.

A HUGE thanks to Kingsisle for providing the prizes!

I am happy to announce the winners!


Joint first
MagicalMe (Central)
bhism (Central)
Nyanko (Central)

Joint second
Professor Florian (Central)

Joint third
Zexion (Central)
Shadowblader21 (Central)


Many thanks to everyone who took part


  • Alana

    I was once inspired to make chocolate frogs thinking it would be amazing to bring something from Hogwarts over to Ravenwood.I spent all night working on a recipe that i thought would result in chocolate that would hop around, and I could even package them with a spell card. Imagine my shock and horror, when after biting into one i turned myself into a frog!

  • Kai Truong

    Hi, I don’t understand what to do for the contest it’s confusing can you explain it to me please?

    • mercs101

      You need to make up a short story (100 words or less) pretending that you made or ate some magical candy. Write what happened. For example, you could describe what candy you made and what effect it had on the person who ate it, or pretend that you ate some magical candy and tell us what effect it had on you.

      • Kai Truong

        Hi, i’m new at this website, but who do I need my entry to?

        • mercs101

          You need to comment in this thread and what you have put will go into moderation (we read and approve each entry before it shows on the thread). After we have approved your comment it will appear here.

          • Kai Truong

            HI, I was wondering if my comment is approved? because I jsut wrote a story in the comment

          • mercs101

            I have seen the comment. It is often a few hours before comments are moderated as we are not on the site the whole day. Your story seems to be well over 100 words, so you may want to modify it so that you follow the rules. Reword it a bit and send in again and we can replace the shorter one with the one you have already sent.

  • Serena

    Do we post our stories in the comments? <3

    • mercs101

      Yes please :)

  • Tyler DeathSword

    As the new apprentice
    to Ambrose, I had much to learn. My first lesson well.. didn’t turn out well.
    Ambrose told me not to take any candy from behind his desk but did I listen?
    No. When Ambrose went to the wizard lavatory, I snuck behind his desk and took
    the pumpkin shaped candy. I heard the toilet flush so I quickly ate the candy before
    Ambrose noticed. I doubled over on the floor as my vision was clouded by an
    orange glow. Now every October I am turned into a pumpkin that greets
    everyone into Ambrose’s office.

  • Alec Noname

    I’ve been attempting to post my story here all day, and it gets stuck on, “Waiting to be Approved.” Eventually my comment would disappear. Not sure if that’s intentional, if I’m doing something wrong or if something is broken. Help?

    • mercs101

      Hi. All comments need to go through moderation so they will not appear until a mercenary has read and approved them. I have approved the one above but if that’s not the one you want me to approve, please let me know.

  • Alec Noname

    “Dark Chocolate”

    Deceit: the act of concealïng the ṫruth. A true Death Wizard am I, hiding among those with good ïntent. They do not ṡuspect, and deceit is all I have to thank. Countless years of schooling, research, struggling… But I hold no regret, because now… Now, it will all pay off. All it took was deċeit, my, “unique,” chocolate bar, and… One very unfȯrtunate person. And now, it has begun. We’ll play the waïting game, and wheṅ it’s over… Well, that’s for them, for YOU, to find out… Soon… For what better time to release living niġhtmares then All Hallows’ Eve?

  • Serena

    It was nearing the 31st, what a wickedly,wonderful time. Ol’ Jack Hallow sent me on a peculiar quest; To get Laffy Taffy. What is that? My quest Twas to go down the Unicorn Way, and look for a house with a lamp on that day. I knocked on the door, but there was no answer; No one seemed to be there. When I went to turn around, I soon had found, a piece of candy sitting on the ground. I picked it up, and turned it upside down, put it in my mouth, and laughed like a Heckhound.

  • Kai Truong

    Once upon a Halloween, I was sleeping in bed during Halloween night, I woke up from the shout of “WAKE UP BROTHER! IT’S TIME TO GET SOME FREE CANDIES” yelled my little sister, she was excited about getting candies, I mean who don’t. Later that night my little sister got tons of candies, but then she saw a old candy in a old pumpkin, she stood there with a confusing than a confusing old man with technology face. she grub the candy faster than a hungry humans grabbing food, once she gotten that candy a scarecrow grab that in which frighten her and she started to cry. I leaped out of my uniform and turned into a wizard of night and ate that candy. I fainted after that and woke up in a cave, turns out the candy I ate before Halloween is cursed with rewind past imagination pain reversal.

    • mercs101

      A reminder that your story seems to be well over 100 words, so you may want to modify it so that you follow the rules. Reword it a bit and send in again and we can replace the shorter one with the one you have already sent.

  • Moad Laasry

    Once upon a halloween, the 31st day of october,i heard about a strange creature who love eating some kids at halloween.That creature love also candies but a night i seen the strange monster who turn around my house.I was so scary but i remember my friend say to me how we can kill this monster we just need to give to him an poison candie for when he gonna eat the candy he will die.I followed the instructions of my friend and gived to him an poison candy.But when he pretend he was eat the candy i approach the monster and he get me by my legs.I cry and yell a lots when finaly its was my friend who scared me with a monster costume and he said to me with a serious voice

    • mercs101

      Hi there! Thank you for your entry but it is longer than 100 words, Could you resend with up to 100 words, please?

  • Troublecat101

    Sniggers: trick and/or treat.
    One bite will send shivers from your ears to your feet.
    Two bites will have you laughing all day.
    A third will send you straight into dismay.
    Three or more bites will knock you right out.
    And the following morn? Make up some homework! No matter how much you pout.

  • Devin Night

    A delicious candy that originated from the creation of the spiral. a chocolate truffle dipped in caramel that will raise the hairs on your neck and make you smile with delight. This is used as a healing candy for blemishes, wake up with no more acne or battle scars (Twitter: ambrhoes)

  • Brandon OwlSword

    I could feel pimples growing on my face. Suddenly, they were all over my body. How could this have happened?! My friends were making fun of me day after day at school, and I can’t take it anymore!!
    It must have been the “Acne” candy that tasted so delicious! Why would someone trick me like that? Yet, such an obvious name for a devious plan! I had to get revenge on the person who threw this upon me.
    I would use my most deadly weapon yet….”Wizard Acne Solution”.

  • Cameron Golden

    Today I made a every magical and sweet candy that’ll make your sugar tooth joyful!It’s called The Dark Lord’s Golden tooth.It was no tooth from ones mouth, for filled with delicious favor and was very sweet to the taste.To get this you’d have to beat the Dark Lord and collect his prised tooth from his pouch he carried with him.Although it has many magical affects on your body the flavors are so intense you’d think its a imagination!As you eat it the flavors slowly change.From chocolate to cranberry this is sure a treat!

  • Deborah Lauby

    On a dark Halloween night, my wizard friends and I were taking a stroll around Regent’s Square. When suddenly my friends started running toward a door that had a big basket of candy in front of it. I cautiously followed them, curious about what kinds of candy the basket held. As i reached the basket, I looked down and saw some strange yellow glowing candies inside the basket, I grabbed a piece and ate it. Then, I turned around to see that my friends had already ate some of the candy too and were turning into mice!

  • clairbear

    On a stormy Halloween night. I was in my kitchen eating candy my parents bought for the trick-or-treaters. One of the candies i have never ate before and it was called “Yum-Yum bar.” I picked up the candy bar and took a big bite. After that I i started to fly. I asked my parents about the candy and they said that it’s a magic bar of chocolate that gives you the ability to fly.

  • Moad Laasry

    i will

  • Moad Laasry

    once upon a time, its nearing the 31st day of october, OI’ Jack Hallow and me was gived some candies for halloween. But something wickedly was waiting us. An little kid says to us if we have an nice candy. We got one for him its an candy who called (JELLY WITCH) when he was eat the candie he start to say an weird words and he was transformed into a witch. But the candy power was effect him just some minutes and he get back into a little kid. Finally its the first kid who say to us «HAPPY HALLOWEEN».

  • Moad Laasry

    Are this halloween story is better than the other one?

    • mercs101

      You have the length right now, thanks! I will delete the one that was too long.

  • Moad Laasry

    ok thx :) i hope i will win?

  • Amber Rivera

    Why did I eat it? Just why? Why did I trust him? Why me? I’m able to fit through tight spaces with ease. I’m more intelligent than the world. I’m able to use telekinesis because of this candy.. They’re after me because I’m capable of these powers, But why? “Brain slug chewy” is what it’s called, Sounds weird. Why did he give it to me? I’m not the right one for this. Why does everything bad always have to happen to me? Oh no they’re here I have to go this isn’t over yet. It never is. Please someone help…

  • Michelle

    I found myself in a dark, foggy, forest with no idea where I was. I looked around frightened, but there was nobody in sight. Last thing I remember was trick-or-treating in Wizard City. Suddenly, a dark, mysterious figure appeared before me. I could feel fear consume me as it approached. Then, in the wind I could hear voices saying “Only take one.” Suddenly, I woke up covered in sweat. My heart was pounding… I thought back to the sign I saw that read:

    …or else

    I knew I should have listened..

  • Andy

    I love candy, candy is potatoes. Candy is love, candy is life. Candy makes me feel crappy. But its ok, hi-chews are cool beans. So are skittles. I ate a frog head once. I hated it. Then i thought of candy. Candy. So beautiful. Them swirling colors wrap around my body as i jump in having dreams. Dreams. I love candy. Every1 luvs candy. Candy is luv, Candy is life. So candy is just an expression for happiness. Candy. It is so lovely like my mum. But candy is better. Jk. But candy is meant to be made. I am happy now. Full of nice cool thoughts
    Its feels nice to feel tootsie rolls on my face.



    Candy is so nice so beautiful, who would ever dispise it. Shre- i mean Candy is luv, Candy is life….

  • kaiwitehfruit

    I found myself trick or treating around Dark Cave with a few of my friends. Taking all the bowls of candy saying, “Please take ONE.” (Let’s be honest here, we did this at least once in our lives.) I look into my bag I find something glowing radiantly green, I grabbed it; Once I established it was a piece of candy, I popped it into my mouth. I was having trouble swallowing the candy until a bright glow surrounded me, Suddenly noticing I’ve grown fuzzy ears and a tail. With one of my friends telling me, “Your eyes! They’re green!”

  • Michael Firehammer

    Jack Hallow had given me a
    quest a few days ago to go around wizard city & go trick o’ treating for
    him. Little did i know that when i went to Cyrus Drake’s house that he would
    give me poisonous candy. So i come back to Jack Hallow & give him the candy
    & the next morning i get a call from Headmaster Ambrose that Jack Hallow
    had gotten sick so i go to Cyrus Drake & he laughs & says to just use a
    healing spell on him & he will be fine. I sigh with relief.

  • David Stormhaven

    ​A world of wizards, is it real? Spooky Bob and his friends, oh how have I wound up here? All of my years, the idea of being a wizard has been just a farfetched dream. Now here I am exploring the lair of Nightshade. Oh my, how could this be, what have I done? Last I remember I was with my friends at Crazy Myrtle’s Halloween party. Oh my, I can remember now… I remember the dazed feeling. I remember my mind spinning into a spiral. I am trapped in this spiral now due to the “Crazed Wizard Tricking Treat!”

  • Justin Lynch

    Running trough the houses on each of the three streets I came across an house that had no light but the door was wide open I go inside and no one is there then the door slams behind me. Out of the corner of my eye I been seeing a shadow beginning to form behind a curtain it had looked like. Being a wizard I begin walking toward the shadow and notice it was just a cat, as soon as I left I began to here someone knocking on the door I go to open the door and a chair flies over my head and guards the door.

    • mercs101

      Hi! I see 2 entries from you and have approved them both but neither of them seems to have anything to do with what magical candy you made or what effects some magical candy had on you.

      If you would like to enter the competition, this is what your entry should be about:

      What magical candy did you cook up for the unsuspecting community or what effects did a piece of magical candy have on you? Tell us your stories using 100 words or less.

  • Justin Lynch

    I begin to walk down Triton Avenue none more I find a gate that had been broken off and had a death symbol on it. I wondered for a second what it could be then I said, “its Haunted Cave”, knowing what it Is I still walk In I notice fog and weird noices but nothing out of the usallural.

  • Logan Icerunner

    On the 30th i was questing through the Haunted Cave when coming across a sign saying “Free Candy” I had a feeling it was a trap but it was free candy and i can’t resist my sweets :). Afterwards a little old lady walked up from behind and said “Do you like the candy sonny boy” that sent shivers up my spine so i quickly grabbed a handful of Gummy Frog legs and i ran straight into Nightshade’s Tower. After slamming into the tower and i woke up the old lady ate all my Gummy Candy. No where in the spiral sells them but after i tasted them i visit the old lady every year just to get them and maybe find out where she gets them too.

    • mercs101

      Thanks, Logan. can you please ensure that there are no more than 100 words in your entry.

      • Logan Icerunner

        Can i edit it if its too much words?

        • mercs101

          Absolutely! edit as much as you want before the end of the contest.

  • Edward Swiftblade

    “Sweet Egyptian dreams”, apocalyptic zombie. Nuff said!

  • Kiley rose

    “Abracadabar” the candy i found at my doorstep reads. “Pshh for a candy company they sure don’t know how to spell” i tear the glittery galaxy colored packet to reveal what seems to be a chocolate bar topped with purple peanuts? ” looks tempting… couldn’t hurt to take a bite right?” I think to myself. One bite and it’s like a whole candy factory exploded in my mouth! i look down to read the packet only to notice my hands!! They’re purple! My legs, everything! ! Glittery purple!! Arghhhh!!! i scream. “Warning: cause skin colour to change” the packet’s fine print reads!!

  • lirind

    Walking past the ice school a huge peace of candy falling from the sky hit me in the head and took me out for a sec. when woke up the candy was on flames i use ice magic to set it out split the candy with the hole spiral

  • Serena

    I believe it ended 2-3 days ago, but they’re just judging our stories now I’m assuming. :)