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Avalon is here, and so are we!

Avalon is here, and so are we!

May 10, 2012

Mercenaries for Hire is Now Open for service in Avalon!

We are currently taking quest completion requests only and expect to open for farming requests in another week or two. (Update: M4H is now accepting both questing AND farming requests.)

For those of you who like to tackle things on your own first, we highly recommend checking our cheating boss section and readingĀ up onĀ both the Jabberwock and Morganthe.

We have also made a change to our rules for F2M4H. Friends of Mercenaries for Hire are now allowed to pick up and lead run requests in DragonSpyre, with the exception of the Labyrinth and The Great Spyre. So feel free to dive in and take on some Draconians!

We look forward to seeing you in Avalon!