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Baby Bonus

Baby Bonus

May 3, 2014

Here in the Mercenaries101 War Room, we’re hearing a LOT about babies right now. With Katherine Light stepping down from leadership to spend more time with her new little one, we’ve been hearing a lot of funny (and sometimes very gross) stories. Watching a person try to find their way in a brand new world is always a little entertaining, at least from the outside!

Light Family

Will she be a wizard or a pirate? Only time will tell!

With that in mind, to celebrate the newest member of the mercenary family we are hosting




a contest of epic noobishness

When we’re first starting out in both the world and the Spiral, we all have a learning curve. Post a comment below telling us about a funny or interesting moment when you first started playing and were a true Wizard101 noob. We’ll take your comments and at the end of the day will hold a raffle with all the entries.



We are giving away TEN prizes; the winners will be randomly drawn from the comments below this post. The prizes will be:

  • 1 Winterbane Hall
  • 1 Pagoda Gauntlet
  • A mannequin of each gender
  • 1 Fantastic Fishbowl
  • An additional castle & bric-a-brac elixir
  • 5 fog staffs (one each for 5 individual winners)


  • Only one entry per email address/disqus account. f more than one entry is received from the same IP address, ALL entries will be disqualified.
  • Comments will be moderated to ensure they are family-friendly. For this reason it may take some time for your comment to appear.
  • we will accept entries as comments on this blog post until midnight Pacific Daylight Time on Tuesday, May 6th 2014.
  • Once winners are chosen, we will update this post with their information and will send the winners their codes via the email address attached to their comment or Disqus profile.
  • If you have any questions about the rules, please ask them BEFORE the contest had ended.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences as your first began life in the Spiral!


Winterbane Hall: blooner213
Pagoda Gauntlet: jewelshadowcaster
One mannequin of each gender: Kasey Black
Fantastic Fishbowl: Tyler Deathsword
Additional castle elixir & bric-a-brac elixir: Anthony Icepyre
Fog staffs:
Jamal Ali
Ryan Ma
Roslyn Silvertalon

Please check the email address associated with your disqus account for your prize codes!

  • Sophia Lin

    I’m pretty sure I had a lot of accidental moments… hmm… wow, you’re asking me to go back 3 years? >__<

  • Hamza Haroun

    when i started playing wizard101 i thought everything was free. so when i was in the battle against the final boss in firecat alley i used my 75 starter crowns to buy a minion and that made me feel like am over powred than anyone else. Then i had to fight nightshade and i went in their alone because i thought i could sommon the minion again when i had 0 crowns. so when the battle started i tried to buy a minion but i could’ent and i died. Then a month later after asking a couple friend i relized i can buy gift cards to get crowns, and from that day i learned that being cocky gets you no where.

  • jewelshadowcaster

    My very first noob moment was when I got Harvest Lord TC and was so happy thinking that I actually got Scarecrow Spell!! It went even more south when I have used that TC and of course it “vanished”. Spent another 20 minutes looking for it lol

  • Nathan

    I used to think the trash can was extra storage space o. O

  • Kyle NightStrider

    One funny moment that I happened to come across when I was a noob was that no matter how much I asked for help, no one would help, but then I’d come across a random person that would make further questing hilarious and fun. xD But eventually I met so many people from that, that that’s where most of my friends originated from/where I met.

  • Rosteffany

    I first started playing Wizard101 since February 1, 2010. At that time, I thought the game was boring, but my cousins forced me to play it. Thank you cousin! Now I love this game and it’s officially a big part of my childhood. When I started playing, I didn’t really know how to quest so I would just wander around dueling random creatures and would ask a lot of people questions because I just had no idea what to do. At that time, I didn’t really know or care about stats either. I remember the time when my couins was lvl12 and I was lvl 5 and I thought he was the coolest wizard ever since he already knew so much about the game and I was still figuring out how to accept other quests when they stopped giving me any. I didn’t really read back then πŸ˜› The old days though.. <3

  • Tazcat

    I got lost between quest a lot, till I figured out the exclamation mark on top of someone’s head meant I was supposed to talk to them, I am really enjoying the quest finder feature they have these days, it is like having the guidance of parents

  • Alexis Winter

    When I was a mere level 15 or so wizard, my friends and I decided to do Sunken City together. Every time we went in, we would get pulled into a mob battle and we would die. We finally got so frustrated that we just stopped trying to beat it. Hahaha.

  • TDAY11


    • mercs101

      LOL! We’re approving this one, just so we have a record of what happened and why there might be mutiple comments from your IP address on this contest, but feel free to post another comment that’s about your Wizard noob moment. πŸ˜‰

      • TDAY11


  • TDAY11

    when i was first playing this game i kept dying at the ghosts and it took me 3 hours until i saw a high lvl just wand them and kill them then i was like ” wow, im so done with this game” XD

  • jason john

    i was once in the sunken city dungeon with three other people. Then we finished the first fight and got xp for it, so i thought we finished the dungeon so i left and i did not know you could come back in.

  • Ryan Ma

    I actually thought that the mana and health wisps were enemies, so I just ran away from them, and they seemed really creepy, as they would just float around and do nothing. So when I accidentally ran into one, I was really shocked to be able to get back mana through these weird-looking things.
    Ah, the life of a noob. :)

  • Sparkleellie

    When I was a noob I didn’t know much about switching realms, I thought it was change everything and the people you met and I was scared to change realms and lose all my friends.

  • Nicholas

    I was so happy when I receive my first pet Piggle from Headmaster Ambrose. It became my permanent companion while questing, but I got disappointed when it won’t level up and learn new talents. After a while, I learned that pets need to be trained at the Pet Pavilion. Training my first generation piggle took a lot of time because I am using little to no pet snacks. When I learned about hatching, I always look for a first generation pet to hatch with, thinking that first generation pets are the best kind of pets. One day, I got a first generation Storm Serpent, and I trained it for a couple of days to ancient simply because it will get a card at ancient.

  • timothy lifestrider

    When I was a low level, I went in to do a practice match in the arena and I hit quick match because I was curious about what it was. So after a while, I went to the arena and saw that my opponent had so much health! I got beat soooo badly lol.

  • Nicole GhostHaven

    When I first starting playing W101, I didn’t read the help guides and all that stuff they tell you at the beginning, and I just started exploring the game on my own. Well, while I was doing the first few quests on Unicorn Way after defeating the lost souls, I found that the spells in my deck were gray and I couldn’t click on them or use any spell. Long story short, it took me about 2 days to figure out that I needed to get the blue mana wisps to use spells -.-

  • Justin Carter

    I think i made about 30 wizards before i completely understood the game. But with my very first wizard i remember making it to triton avenue and became obsessed with fighting the kracken. the only very tough boss with decent health and decent drops for that level. i think i may have only beat him 10/300 XD

  • Roslyn Silvertalon

    When I first started this game, I didn’t understand the concept of “secondary schools,” so I spent all my training points collecting all the rank 1 spells. I eventually figured it out and had to delete the wizard and start over.

  • Wolfnighthunter

    I was going to kill lady black hope and I was gonna use the wand that gives you all rank 1 spells so I killed the minion and then I fizzled like three times in a row and I kept clicking spells and they didn’t do anything then I realized I had no mana where I fizzled so much XD

  • Nickers

    When I was mere Level 45 death (I am now Life, Level 100.)
    I used to think converts were big and bad.
    I was way younger that I was now (4 years to be exact)
    Well one day I was fighting Malistaire and he was Death (obviously)
    and I saw his 10,000 health and I was like “Oh! Nothing like what a nice ol’ convert will do!”
    I was in that fight for maybe 3 hours.
    Look at what health I had him down to. ( Look below please.)
    I died, and I rage quit’d for the remander of that week lol.
    Thanks for this contest.
    Grats with the baby “Sunshine” (very beautiful name, indeed) Katherine!
    -Nicholas GriffinTamer

  • Tyler DeathSword

    When I first started playing Wizard101 I was muted but that didn’t stop me from having my own crazy adventures. I remember that well i thought i was the best and could do anything until i got killed by a Dark Sprite… Embarrassing i know lol then there was the whole issue of dying at every single boss when they had 1 health left. Now the dream of having a mount oh yes, kept getting lost and the walking took ages. Oops i was in a different world (T_T).The only good thing about being a noob is that most of the time people around you are too. So I basically helped out anyone to catch them up to me to quest together and still do that every now and then. Started playing in April 2009 and the good friends i met (Noobs ;D) never seemed to end. Now i’m a big time overlord **Cough** **Cough** (NoobLord). LOL i guess we all have our ups and downs nothing like a bunch of Noobs making fun of a Noob.

  • Nathan Hippolyte

    I first started playing Wizard101 back in 2005 and made so much accounts, then i made a life wizard named Jordan Dreamer. Jordan dreamer was my first wizard (and Only) to max too lvl 100. My brother played this game before i did as a death wizard( way better player than him now lol) then one day he left the game on and i stared playing it, later he came back from lvl 15 to 20 and said i should make a wizard my self. After making him lvl 10 and i didn’t have a membership, i started fighting monsters for exp. after some time i lvl up to 12. Then after a long time, we went to game stop to get something i wanted for my good grades, i saw a bundle that i wanted (But the clerk man said that the picecode thing wasn’t working at the time .-.) then i asked what other bundles there were, then i looked around and saw the Super Bundle that caught my eye. after getting it i ran upstairs to put the code in thus, beginning the best time of my life. Even though i was a wizard without chat, i still had a wonderful time playing the game (then when i got to dragonspyre i finally knew how to turn it on :P)

  • Shadowblade

    When I was a Baby Wizard, it was my first time playing an MMO game. It fascinated me to run through such a vast, 3D landscape and interact with other people. It was absolutely fun, and I generally like Medieval stuff, and Wizards were definitely one of them. My fascination grew and grew, and it’s still growing up to today. Now I know sooo many things about Wizard101, and I crave more knowledge. I want to know all the secrets the Spiral may hold O: One thing though is that I haven’t been keeping track of the storyline πŸ˜› Soon, I’m going to make a Balance Character or Ice or whatever and I’ll slowly follow the story line at my own, small pace. I love Wizard101 πŸ˜€

  • balance op

    the first time I played w101 i choose balance because my cousin was balance and i wanted to be like him i remember people use to called me noob, lol I used to waste all my training points on all the schools and stuff. and as i lvl up more i started to know how things work so i bough crowns to get my training points back and started doing pvp and now i’m very good at it and i’m too op at pvp πŸ˜€

  • Tux

    I joined to play the game with my kids, but my interest soon surpassed theirs. Anyway, I was intrigued by gardening, and remember seeing that one of the “needs” on a plant was music. I assumed this meant actual music, so I saved up enough gold to buy the music player and some scrolls to play music. Suffice it to say, that did NOT do the trick, and I was more than a little annoyed that I had to then spend gold to learn a gardening spell. I also remember being awed that some of the bosses in Krokotopia had LOTS of Health – over 700!!! πŸ˜‰

  • Artur SoulBlade

    When I first started playing Wizard101, I thought the game was as easy as it seemed from the commercial. With some prior knowledge on how to duel with Yu-Gi-Oh or even Pokemon cards, my whole wizard destiny was set out for me. Until I lost track of my main quest, wasted all my gold to look good, and spent a lot of time just noobing around. πŸ˜›

  • nick

    As I rome the different streets of wizard city, questing, getting over joyed as I get my lvl 5 spell one shotting lost soles, thinking I am the best. I hit lord night shade at lvl 10. Defeat him then going to see merle ambrose with the excited new of KROKATOPIA. At this point I am wonder, why are ther all these dots and why is there a white bubble around these wizards names? I look further into this and realize, I CAN TYPE TO TALK. Hit that open chat enable button, feeling like I am at the top of the world then back to questing. Biti nirini to the grand arena finally marley bone. Meowiarity to Jade Oni, to malistare and more. Finally I stand here in front of Morganthe and watch her crash through the floor I look back to those days of foulgaze, and think what more there is too come.

  • Anthony Icepyre

    When I saw Wizard101 commercials on TV, I would always be amazed and want to try it, but of course being 7, I couldn’t get my parents to get me an account. When I was 11 I finally got my email adress, which then I made a Wizard101 account. I remebered that my first wizard was named Hunter Dragonspear, and he was a Conjurer. I remeber that I would get stuck on the Dark Faries mission since the quest arrow always pointed to the wrong area. It was until 3 days later that I found out that Unicorn Way had another area, where I found the Dark Faries and Skeletal Pirates at. After that I continued on questing which was very tedious. It was until 2 days later I beat Triton Avenue. I was really exited to go the other places like Firecat Alley. I went inside the tunnel, and at the time I didn’t know you need Membership or Crowns, so I went in and there would be this window saying that I should be a member or buy the area, I would try to buy it but I didn’t have enough crowns. So everyday I would force my character to go in the tunnel again and again just to see if I can get in by glitching, but it didn’t work. It was a month later where my dad bought me a Membership Card from Family Dollar, and I started a new wizard. I then named him Anthony Moonstone, a Sorcerer. I quit playing the game for about a year and a half, and I recently got into playing again, and made a new account with membership, and i don’t regret playing it.

  • olivia

    Wow I have had many noob experiences. I remember being in GH trying to get the eye, I kept forgetting to hit the levers and going back to get the eye. I would email help and say please just give me this quest it is so difficult for me and I just don’t know what to do. Dang it no one ever responded and of course I did not know what to do. So I kept going back over and over and dying and dying and when i would make it to the end the noob in me had no idea what to do. When i finally figured it out i was so so embarrassed and glad no one responded to tell me just how bad i really was to be stuck on such an easy quest. Well I did make it through that quest eventually and now have three level 100 wizards and 4 level 95 wizards. Every school in wizard 101 has been conquered because that eye did not defeat me. I love this game. :)

  • Tiny Hawaii

    I was a true noob all the way through Drum Jungle in Zafaria. I used ice gear (i’m fire) and didn’t know the advantages of blading, trapping, etc. Wiz101 is the first game i’ve ever played online, so no previous experience whatsoever. And man did it show!

  • Emma

    The game, Wizard101 was introduced to me by my one of my friends when I was younger. I did not get the game what so ever. I couldn’t even defeat the first boss. I kept asking my friend which at the time was level 25. I was so bad at it. I didn’t get how you used the cards to defeat the boss or minions. Soon as I finally defeated it my friend had showed me around and explained the game more. To be honest, looking back to those days she didn’t know much about the game either. After my friend didn’t play as much I would try to level as fast as I could, which took forever. I would have the weirdest conversations with people, generally about food or cats. I now understand this game fully and how the people work on the game, unlike I use to which was pretty imbarassing to be honest.

  • Jacob StormSword

    When I was a noob, I used to sell things to the shops in the Shopping District and never sold in Bazaar. I was later told to sell things at the bazaar for more money and i learned my lesson

  • zom bob

    When i first started playing Wizard101, I was about 10 years old. It took me about a year to finally Learn how to get text chat. and once I had finally gotten Text chat I actually Learned how to do stuff in the game from other people. I was a true noob.

  • blooner213

    LOL, I remember the old days! A couple of years ago, I just started training my pet, a dragon from the Pet Shop in the Shopping District. I had read an article that had a bunch of the best talents a pet could have, and I was like, “Well then, let me train a pet! Then I’ll be invincible!” I trained and trained that Dragon, called Lady Samantha. Everyday, I trained it. Then, finally– LEVEL UP TO TEEN! But… one problem. It got the talent “Wise”, which, when I looked it up on the W101 Central wiki, was for the PET’s benefit, not mine! Then I decided, well, why not level it up to Adult and see how my luck is? LEVEL UP TO ADULT– GREAT… I got Cheeky! What’s that? The following is absolutely true…
    1) I looked it up again
    2) And found out it was another talent for the PET’s benefit
    3) Screamed for a full minute!
    4) Calmed down, then got angry again, and started banging on the computer
    Oh, the good old days. LOL πŸ˜›

  • Tyler BattleBlade

    Well when I first started playing, I had a friend who kinda knew what he was doing. But we both decided that it would be a good idea to become life wizards and train into storm. Worst idea XD. We played without masteries or any decent gear at all. Even through krokotopia we got stuck on simple puzzles, ah memories!

  • Victoria LifeBlade

    When I first started playing Wizard101, I basically doesn’t even know how to play it at all. I had no idea what’s text chat and I kept looking at my screen and I saw that people said “…”. I also doesn’t know that under 13 years old and people can’t even text chat at all and now I released why I saw lots of “…”. Another problem that I have when I start to play Wizard101 is that I could get defeated and I had to flee and when I flee I will lose all my manas and health. Also, I had no idea that some schools are way more powerful than other. I even had no idea that when I get random quests from Sergeant Muldoon and some areas I can’t really assess at all. Eventually,I got enough crowns to go there and create a new one.
    *P.S. I might have some spelling mistake.

  • Oran waterthorn

    I used to thing I bugged a ton and trained every other school wasting about 40000 crowns till I was told to stop because it was a bad idea and I got my first bundle and thought I was so awesome flying around on my birdylion (griffin) And using balance gear. And I thought lot nightshade was the final boss and asking people how are you level 50 and they told me there where more world and I was shocked and always needing help (I did smart talk people who called me a noob) finally my noob years are over or so I believe they are seeing the krocks where to hard for me at lvl 20 seeing I thought heals hurt them to) till my friend helped me out till malistare and I made fun of the dragon after we beat him for 3 hours before being yelled at by people. Man they new I loved dragons (or to make fun of them they where not sure) finally as my noob years came to a end I missed all the fun after that. Now I help everyone that needs it.

  • Not Maren

    Wow, I remember noob experiences on top of noob experiences. I was a level 10 running like a chicken with its head cut off around Bartleby, asking desperately where Ravenwood was, as I had not discovered yellow quest arrow yet. One of my real–life friends suddenly asked me to help him in a Celestia dungeon. Looking back, I have no idea WHAT he was thinking, sadistic thoughts probably, asking a level 10 for help in Celestia, but I went anyway. Coming out, I was barely alive and level 36. By the time I had reached Krokopatra I was level 40. To this day I am ahead of my peers, being a level 64 and just barely into Dragonspyre, sick of red skies already. I dream that one day I will be in the right place, but PFF like that’s ever going to happen. Like, ever.

  • Marissa

    I was one big noob back in the day. They say walk on the corner of the street I was like Yea Never! And got pulled in to a fight and die XD

  • Samantha Night

    Way in my days once I had all my healing spell in deck and one time I went to a fight with a friend and just started to randomly healing him. He say why you not kill? I say I’m I kill you with heals XD Was such a noob we laughed for hours πŸ˜€

  • Mary

    My friend introduced me to Wizard101,and I remember when I was a total noob in the game,he claimed that you can get arrested or something if didn’t put in your real age… It was silly to say something like that but I believed it. πŸ˜€ It was on 4th grade though and now I’m going on the 7th…. So anyway,when I started playing Wiz on my brothers slow and old PC (because it was not out for Mac back then),I was in a phone call with that friend. I was so amazed by all the spells such as Firecat and Bloodbat… In the first battle (which was in the Golem Tower or whatever) I was constantly like “WOOAAAHHH :O”,even when I saw the noob spells. XD As soon as I played Wizards I got into it. But when the training battle finished… Oh boy,oh boy. Basically I was so confused about the whole game. I remember aimlessly running through Wizard City,since I had no idea where to go. I,for some reason,didn’t understand the big,obvious yellow arrow on the bottom of the screen,so I didn’t really do many quests since I was being stupid. xD I think the first thing I tried to do in the game was to find a pet shop… So I was just running on Ravenwood like “WHERE DE PETZ AT?? D:”… Even though the Pet Shop is very clearly not in Ravenwood. πŸ˜€
    The 10 year old me would’ve been so upset if I would’ve told her that you get your first pet on level 5.. Oh,and I was also trying to get to Pet Pavilion before I was level 5.. I was so sad when I couldn’t go there xDD I was so obsessed with getting a pet.. Oh man,those times.

  • Halizon Link

    I remember my time of a complete noob. I was astonished of spells like i
    Fire elf and blizzard. I remember asking people for that one awesome robe, coat of invincibility. That robe was my noob dream robe. And the idea of having a mount watered my mouth with complete joy. 40% faster seemed like a dream come true for me. And pets, I remember getting around 10 dragons and dying them different colors and strutting my stuff. And the thought of actually leveling up to 50 was infact a dream that was lost, but now I’m level 95! Oh and I remember I was soooooo curios of what the “…” meant when someone with text chat chatted to me when I only had the noobish menu chat. I remember when fighting the kraken was like a sweet sixteen, so many people were there! Having a house instead of having a wooden dorm was the coolest thing ever! It showed how rich you were and amazed me!

  • Jamal Ali

    Back in 2010, when I was new to the game, i wore the worst gear possible ( I would wear ice accuracy gear even though i was storm). One day i decided i could finish firecat alley. So as i go to fight Feebo (Alicane Swift Arrow) and I fizzle every single spell in my deck, including my wand attacks. After about 3 tries of constantly trying to attack and fizzing i finally power through a triton treasure card.

  • Amanda

    My friend made me go on it and it was great. At first I didn’t know where the shopping district was or how to equip items to my wizard. After a month or two I got the hang of it, but before people where calling me names like noob. Anyway this is the best website ever and I will past it on for future generations.

  • Eric ???Caster

    Wow, It’s been so long I don’t even know where to start. Ill Just say that the funniest thing I remember was when I got one of my first healing pet and thought it was the best in the game. It had sprite, and only sprite lol. All the other stats were selfish talents and since i was so bad i decided to train it up to epic and it still didn’t get anything good. XD

  • fred

    i remember when i was a nooby guy, i tried to heal the opponents cause they were damaged! o: it was mysterious.

  • Kasey Black

    My school introduced me to Wizard101. When I started out I didn’t have a clue what to do. I didn’t do the right quest, or mostly anything. I would kill a lost soul and be amused with the damage. Mostly not knowing what I did, I thought 1 ice resist was good armor. When I started triton avenue I died allot, I HAD no idea where to go, I ran in the commons thinking that was a quest. To fight people in the commons, Of course I was wrong about everything. I’ve introduced my friend to Wizard101 they’re loving it. I thought ice beetle was good, honestly I failed allot. I kept dying wishing I could level the highest I got was 5. That’s all I could get to because I died 24/7.

  • Katie

    HI! So I started wizard101 after coming from another game that i stopped for so and so reasons. Now i could be called a “noob” when i first started. I was so amazed by this game at first i begged and begged my mom for a membership and crowns. She was so nice that she got me them! πŸ˜€ So as i got on i told all my friends of my new crowns purchase and of course the begging came. I got a total of 120,000 crowns so i thought if i gifted people it wouldn’t really matter because i had so much, man was i wrong. I was too nice of a person and i gifted left and right, it was so easy to take advantage of me. I completely regret doing all of this, with those crowns i could of gotten my crown wand, jade, energy gear, etc. But i was so uneducated and too nice to ever say no to people that I wasted so much crowns on them (i also wasted crowns on packs) My lesson from all this is to use your crowns wisely, you might think opening a bunch of packs is good but in the long run it will drain you of your crowns and dignity. :(

  • Simon

    My friend introduced me to Wizard101 on Skype. I thought the game was just some weird fantasy game at first x. x so i just wanna randomly tried it. While registering for wizard, all I was doing was following the steps and all that stuff. After finishing my registering, i started downloading the game launcher. When i saw this old guy and a owl, (Merle Ambrose and Gamma) I though they where some random fortune teller xD, I’ll always remember that moment. While answering questions, i was chosen to be the school of Fire. My friend told me to choose Storm since it was the strongest, but I chose what I was chosen. During the tutorial, I saw random and pretty cool spells that barely did any damage on me. I was pretty confused how did that happen. Than i have this 4 pip spell which was Meteor Strike. I used it and it did more damage than i thought. After all of that, i saw the old guy again. He told me to go there and all that stuff. While you could say, running around and until my friend told me to defeat some monsters, i was like ok. I was kinda disappointed that i didn’t get the cool spells :( until i realized i was a noob. Pretty much, I don’t know how to use my spells are quest wisely. After 4 weeks of hopeless of me running around and dying from lost souls from some reason, one day i got killed from the first or last of every pagoda and winterbane dungeon. But until today, i still remember this moment forever. Now i’m a Archmage Pyromancer and now questing in Azteca :D. I feel proud of myself and think wizard101 is pretty cool. I hope some of you out there feel the same feeling as me o. x. I could have sworn I didn’t know how to even discard x. x It was a pain during PvP. I was like a big noob for everything. Kevin the noob is probably better than me x…x

  • mercs101

    This contest is now closed. We will be entering all the entries into a raffle and posting winners shortly. Thanks for all your comments!

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  • Tyler DeathSword

    Um… lol somehow i totally forgot about this contest and what not so i havent checked back in a while and i just see my name.. fishbowl swimming this summer i guess o. o