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Back in Style – A Guide to Spiral Cup Gauntlet!

Back in Style – A Guide to Spiral Cup Gauntlet!

Aug 8, 2014

(Credit to Sheldon Cooper for allowing us to use these pictures!)

In the newest bundle to hit the spiral, the Spiral Cup Bundle, there is a gauntlet! This gauntlet is maxed at level 90, even if you have all 100s. Your mission: Help Bennedict tutor some new Pigswick students! All values on minions and bosses are on the level 90 dungeon.

First Fight:

The first fight you will come across Rusty Tinderspark and Cora Winterhaven. Rusty is an Ember student, who doesn’t really enjoy the school yet (sounds like most fires with their fizzle issues early game!) They each have a “minion” of sorts with them. There are no cheats in this battle, so if you have all max level, a blade and a hit should do the trick for this fight.

Picture 2014-06-30 21-17-49

Rusty Tinderspark – Fire – 3,405 HP

Fire Elf – Fire – 3,435 HP

Evil Snowman – Ice – 4,285 HP

Cora Winterhaven – Ice – 4,370 HP

Second Fight:

On to the next room! Now you are met by Piper Stormtree and Gramble Goldrook!

They claim to be in the “advanced class”, and lo and behold.. this is the first of the cheating bosses!

  • Piper will use a stormblade at the END of every round, unless you hit him, then he will not the following round.
  • Gramble will use a humongofrog at the BEGINNING of every round, so make sure your healer has some heals in.
  • Between the Sirens and Earthquakes, you’ll want to make sure to pack plenty of blades if they fall off. Also, due to the Medusa and Basilisk, Stun Block isn’t a bad option for this fight.

Picture 2014-06-30 21-33-19 Piper Stormtree – Storm – 3,325 HP  Riverclaw Guard – Storm – 3,350 HP Gramble Goldrook – Myth – 3,565 HP Troll – Myth – 3,655 HP

Third Fight:

On to the next room we go! Elia is a cousin to Nalia, whom you fought in your conquest to get the Spiral Cup! Nalia convinced her to transfer to Wysteria from Mirage, but she’s not too happy with her decision yet. Gemma is from Avalon (from the looks of it..) and has a cheat!

  • If you heal, he will scarecrow you. Make sure every heal counts!

Picture 2014-06-30 21-47-06

Gemma Blackheather – Death – 3,805 HP Elia Dunerunner – Life – 4,045 HP Air Elemental – Life – 4,160 HP Sprectre of the Brocken – Death – 3,925 HP

Fourth Fight:

Our first boss of the gauntlet! This is a clear 3 Little Pigs reference, which is pretty cool. They learn from Equilibrium, and are surprised at the fact Ravenwood teachers do REAL magic! Wonder what the teachers at Wysteria teach..? No cheats here, so set your hammer up and slam them.

Picture 2014-06-30 22-05-59

Tamworth Brickhouse – Balance – 10,100 HP Berkshire Stickhouse – Balance – 4,230 HP Lacombse Strawhouse – Balance – 2,865 HP

When you exit the room, you learn Belladonna and Bennedict have gone missing! It seems they were kidnapped! We must rush off to save them from the hands of evil! You use a vine that has teleportation power (logik!) and enter an Avalon-themed room and meet the goon who took Belladonna and Bennedict away…Barbarous Van Der Borst (best name ever!). To reach him, you first must go through two myth and fire mobs!

Fifth Fight:

Picture 2014-06-30 22-17-53

Edacuius Ogre x2 – Myth – 3,445 HP Rude Goblin x2 – Fire – 3,565 HP

After you defeat the minions, Borst reveals his motive for kidnapping Belladonna and Bennedict.. he wants to start his OWN school! And he isn’t gonna let some little Ravenwood wizard stop him! Into the last battle you go! 

Sixth and Final Fight:

  • At first, it may seem you are by yourself.. but don’t let that fool you! He will summon an Ogre and two Goblins (the same mobs from the last fight). NOTE: When going to kill, make sure you OHKO the boss, because if you only kill the minions, he WILL re-summon them.


Picture 2014-06-30 22-19-53

Barbarous Van Der Borst – Myth – 10,045 HP Edacious Ogre x2 – Myth – 3,445 HP Rude Goblin – 3,565 HP

You have saved Belladonna and Bennedict! Congratulations! You get a new badge – Spiral Cup Tutor!

There are some cool drops in this dungeon, which range from Wyvern Hoard Gear, to a set of gear representing each Wysteria school with no stats (similiar to the Wysteria Student Outfit you get during questing in Wysteria). There are some new pets as well, and single blade TCs and Deadly Helephant Ears LOVE to drop here, so there’s chances for all sorts of goodies!

Good luck!

  • SpiritSprite

    Does anyone have one of these gauntlets? I would love to farm for the deadly helephant ears.