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Balance on Balance bosses

Balance on Balance bosses

Oct 19, 2013

There has been quite a bit of debate about the difficulty of fighting balance bosses with a balance character. So I decided to show how to do it with the hardest current balance boss in the game, Gladiator Dimachaerus. His location, cheats, health and other stats are in Aeneas’s nice guide here.


Before you take on a school on school boss, search the Central Wiki for its statistics, spells and minions. In this case, the Gladiator uses mainly balance damage spells and has an ice minion that uses ice spells. Next, check out Rayzer’s great guide in Wizard101 Central on the types of gear that are obtainable for resist. From that, I picked up the Shroud of Resolution (24% balance resist) and Compatible Clothing (30% Balance resist) ¬†from the Bazaar and crafted the Hornbound boots (balance school only, 26% resist) and the Heartsteel athame (5% universal resist). I used about 15% resist, spritely, fairy, feinting spell armament pet, for about 99% balance resist. I have a ¬†Life mastery amulet (not really needed) and picked up a stack of Snow shield, Satyr, Pierce and Cleanse Charm treasure cards for my Side deck. The other gear I used was an Alpha and Omega ring, Jaguar Paw Pyramid deck, and Sidhe Staff.


Take out the ice minion first as quickly as possible. Since I had near balance resist, I could almost ignore Gladiator hits, except for the 75% weakness that his natural attack leaves and mana burn which removed my pips. Since the mana burn/weakness combo was such a concern, after the ice minion was taken out, I used spectral blast spam on the boss to take him out in 22 minutes. I used one Snow Shield and Satyr treasures for the Ice minion damage and wand hits and cleanse charm treasures to remove the 75% weakness from his natural attack. I reshuffled once.

Here is the take down (speeded up 4 times). Enjoy and see what you can do as well!

Balance solo

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