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Balance on Balance, Part 2: the Belloq Challenge

Balance on Balance, Part 2: the Belloq Challenge

Oct 21, 2013

When I wrote the Balance on Balance bosses, there were a couple of people who objected to the video in Central. Their points:

1. Belloq is supposedly a harder balance boss than the Gladiator. Not really, but moving on.

2. I used spectral blast spam, rather than strictly balance damage. I can remedy that. 😉

I used the same gear as the Gladiator fight, except I used a Brutal Ice Arrow Rod rather than a Sidhe staff for higher critical block. In my treasure card side deck, I swapped out the snow shields for berzerk and feint treasure cards and shortened my trained deck with a few colossal judgements. One reshuffle, one satyr, a lord of winter hit and a couple fizzles later, a defeated Belloq using colossal Judgement.

Below is the video, again speeded up 4 times. Note: it is shorter than the Gladiator fight. What is more difficult with Belloq than the Gladiator is a Grim Calaca is harder to take down than a Frost Bones, a Grim Calaca hits harder and criticals more, and Belloq uses death spells as well as likes to use Chimera. Otherwise, this was a much simpler fight: I got to use the real power of balance: the ability to stack so many buffs any resist is meaningless.

I hit the Grim Calaca with a pet sharpened balance blade, trained sharpened balance blade, trained feint and potent feint buffed judge. I hit Belloq with 4 feints (trained, potent, pet, tc), 3 balance blades (trained, pet sharp, trained sharp), 2 hexes (trained, potent), tc dark pact, tc berzerk, buffed judge.

Belloq balance solo pic


  • kyle anglesword

    nice resist 😛

    • mercs101

      Definitely! If you looks at the original balance on balance guide linked at the top, you can find a list of the gear used here. Most of it is pretty easily acquired (except for heartsteel, which you can buy in the Crowns shop or farm from Prince Gobblestone). The resist is what makes this setup work so well for soloing.

  • Skilly

    Oh yeah and you had 99 percent block on balance. lol.