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Battle Royale! [Contest CLOSED]

Battle Royale! [Contest CLOSED]

Dec 29, 2012

For contest details, look below to the section entitled “Contest Details”.

With the year coming to an end, M4H wants to CELEBRATE! More than that, we want you guys to have the chance to show off your skills! And so it’s time for

The rules of this contest are simple. Tomorrow (Sunday December 30th) at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/7pm Mountain/6pm Pacific, we will issue a challenge here for you to complete in game.

We will be giving away a dozen bundles:

 Four Prehistoric Bundles
Four Epic Bundles
Four Hawkrider Bundles

Each member of the first team to complete this challenge will have their choice of any of the bundles up for grabs. Each member of the second and third teams to complete this challenge will have their choices of the remaining bundles.

As with any battles in game, your chances are better if you have a full fight. Take some time to plan ahead and gather your friends so that you have a full team ready to compete when the contest details are announced!

As always, good behaviour is expected in all M4H contests. Any cheating, profanity, threatening or bullying behaviour (etc etc) in relation to this contest will disqualify you from receiving a prize.

HUGE thank you to Autumn Ice for the epic graphic!

A few guidelines from the M4H team

1. Teams with less than 4 players, or someone dual boxing:
In most cases, we will award four bundles to each team, regardless of if someone is soloing, dual-boxing, etc. Ie, if you solo and win, you will receive four bundles. If you have a full team of four but one of the member is playing on two accounts, each wizard will receive a bundle. The person who dual boxed would receive two bundles, one for each wizard. The exception to this is a team of three. There’s no way to split up that last bundle fairly between three wizards, so if a team with three wizards wins, each member will receive a bundle PLUS an additional prize of 5K crowns each to make up for the missing 4th bundle.

2. Level requirements:
To help you guys plan better, we’ll let out a bit of info. In order to access everything required, your wizard must have completed quests up to the beginning of Celestia. In some cases this includes side quests.

3. Chat requirements:
At least one member of your team must have text chat at minimum. There will be some in-game communication involved, and we can’t give out the necessary info in menu chat.

4. Entering and Awarding Prizes:
In order for someone to receive a prize, we have to be able to get in touch with them. This means they must either have a Central account or be able to reach us on twitter, via email, etc. A Central account obviously is the best way for this to work, lol. If someone wins a prize and doesn’t have a Central account, we’ll try to get in touch with them, but we won’t be awarding all the prizes to one representative of the team and assume that the bundles will make their way to the people for whom they were intended. In addition, in order for your team to enter this contest, at least one member must have an account on Wizard101 Central. This is the only way for us to be absolutely certain of the order in which entries are received.

Contest Details

The time has come!

M4H’s Battle Royale is a combination of all our favorite types of contests. A little hide and seek, a little trivia, and some epic boss battles!

Part One

To begin the Battle Royale, your team must find our hidden members. All members will be hidden in the Scarecrow realm. We won’t be telling you which world or section our members are hiding in…. we’re doing one better and posting actual pictures of exactly where we are hiding, though this may not be quite as helpful as it sounds.

These are the wizards you are looking for:

Joshua WyrmWraith

Allan SpiritShield

Katherine LightGiver


They are hiding in the following locations:


Part Two

Once you find an M4H member, ask them for your clue. The mercenary will give you a clue that you will need to think through. This clue, once deciphered, will lead you to a boss somewhere in the Spiral.

Part Three

Together with your team, defeat the bosses that the clues have lead you to. In order to prove that you have defeated these bosses, please take a picture following the battle. If the boss has a second chance chest, the pictures should be of all your team members around the second chest. If the boss does not have a second chance chest, take a picture of all your team’s members in the empty bosses lair to prove that you have defeated him. Include as much identifying info in the background of the shot as you can, so we know for sure that it IS the boss lair we’re looking for. In the picture, at least one member of the group must be saying “That was fun!” in menu chat (it’s under the ‘friendly’ chat options), to ensure for us that the pictures were taken specifically for this contest. All pictures must have ALL overhead names turned on, to confirm the identities of everyone in the group.

Part Four

Submit your pictures to Katherine_Light via private message on Central. Only one member of each group needs to submit the PM. Your PM should include all three pictures (one for each boss), as well as the Central names of each member of your team. If any members do not have a Central account, let me know that as well in your PM. If you’re not sure how to send pictures in a PM, please read this. You can send images via PM in the same way that you could post them in a thread. Please do not post your pictures on this post or any other public forum, as it may give away information to other teams on which bosses they will need to defeat.

The first three teams to submit the correct screenshots via PM will win bundles! Good luck!