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Becoming A Thief

Becoming A Thief

Nov 7, 2016

While last time we covered some ways of removing shields and traps, blades are another spell a wizard might want to remove from an enemy. In this article we’ll look at some blade removing spells that might come in handy every once in a while. We’ll also take a look at one other form of shield removal with Steal Ward.

Disarm and Enfeeble


Disarm is a Storm spell learned from the storyline quest The Sixth School. It allows the caster to remove one positive charm on a target enemy. While there are treasure card versions of the spell available, they only come from enemy drops, gardening sources, and one quest reward.


Enfeeble is the blade equivalent of Shatter. It removes all positive charms on a target enemy Storm wizards learn this spell after reaching level 72 and completing the quest No Pain, No Agravaine. Like Disarm, treasure card versions of the spell are available, but not from any vendor. You can obtain them as enemy drops with the added bonus of the spell costing two pips rather than three.

How Can I Use This?

Following the same logic of Pierce and Shatter, Disarm and Enfeeble are useful for removing blades you simply don’t want your enemy to have. Polaris allowed enemies to stack blades and traps for the first time, and by doing so increased an enemy’s ability to attack with lethal force. Disarm removes one positive blade from your target enemy, thereby reducing their damage output by an equal percent of the blade that was removed.

Like shields, removing blades follows the last in first out rule when it comes to removing them. The last blade placed on an enemy will be the first to come off if you use Disarm. Using Enfeeble is better in instances where enemies have multiple stacking blades, or the blade they use is buried underneath other blades, such as an Elemental Blade.

Steal Charm and Steal Ward


Removing a blade or a trap isn’t the only option a wizard can have. Stealing it to use for yourself is also an option. Fire wizards can learn Steal Charm after completing the quest The Sixth School. It allows the caster to steal one positive charm from a target enemy. Unfortunately, the only TC versions of this card come from enemy drops, gardening sources, and the Terror’s Hoard Pack (probably because it was a popular way to fight Graveyard Shane). You might even get lucky and find some in the Bazaar.


Ice wizards learn the spell Steal Ward after completing the story line quest Back to Balance. It gives the caster the ability to steal one positive ward from a target enemy. Like Steal Charm, you can only find the TC version of this spell from enemies, gardening sources, and the Terror’s Hoard Pack (probably because why not). You can also get lucky and find some in the Bazaar.

How Can I Use This?

With Steal Charm, use it in instances where you would otherwise use disarm but would benefit from using the blade you would remove. The times where this would be the case are few, but whenever you have the ability to increase your own power at the expense of your enemy, take it.

One of our initial strategies for fighting Shane von Shane in the Graveyard with a Storm wizard was to make use of the cheat blade Shane gives himself whenever an ally casts a blade. Since Graveyard has had its difficulty decreased by lowering enemy health, lowering enemy critical chance, altering spell casts to make deadly AoEs less common, and changing Shane to Starr School rather than Storm, the Steal Charm strategy isn’t as efficient. You can still utilize the strategy, just know that Shane not being Storm lowers the power of the blade since previously, powerpips would increase the blade’s power by 20%.

Steal Ward has more common applications. There are a number of cheat bosses that make use of powerful shields, or even regular enemies that make use of common tower shields. In these fights, giving yourself some extra protection while making your enemy more vulnerable makes a fight much safer and faster. Examples of cheating instances include Nastrod, Warehouse, Graveyard (a result of Abominable Weaver), and Tower of the Helephant. In each of these fights, an enemy makes use of a cheat shield that would better serve you rather than them.

While I don’t encourage thievery, in the case of Steal Charm and Steal Ward, I think the Mercs can make an exception. Let us know if these spells have ever helped you overcome an enemy!