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Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

Sep 13, 2012

After fighting your way through mobs, puzzles, and the likes of General Stormclaw, you will find yourself at the top of the Spiral Geographic Archives in the Warehouse. Your were not unexpected. A team of baddies, lead by one uggggly bug named Estrakir Gloomthorn, is about to try their darndest to get you out of there. These are not your average enemies, and they’re not opposed to the idea of cheating you out of a fair fight.


How They Cheat

If any member of your team heals, Knuckles will also heal your opponents with rebirth, though that rebirth will not have an absorb shield.
During the first turn, each of the rat magicians will place a 90% tower shield on a boss. As long as those rats are alive, they will replace the tower shield on ‘their’ boss (one is responsible for keeping a tower on Estrakir, the other keeps a tower on Knuckles) as soon as it is their turn after an attack. If you’ve attacked with a single target attack, they will interrupt as put the new shield up immediately rather than waiting for their turn.
You cannot place traps or prisms – they will be instantly removed unless you have first placed a myth dispel on Estrakir. Windstorm and pet feints will stick on the boss, but there is a chance the boss will shield (or be shielded), and every time the boss shields, any traps on him will be removed.
If you hit Knuckles with a single target spell, he will attack your team with a fire dragon, and ‘his’ rat will replace his tower shield (assuming his rat is alive).
If you hit Estrakir with a single target spell and Knuckles is alive, Knuckles will heal Estrakir with helping hands and Estrakir’s rats will replace his tower (assuming his rat is alive).
Estrakir will frequently cheat by casting a strong power nova for no pips. This cheat is nullified as soon as someone puts up a bubble around your fight.
If all of the other enemies are dead and Estrakir alone remains, he will hit your entire with a scarecrow (base attack 800) every other round.


 The Strategy

There are two strategies for this fight. For BOTH strategies, please keep bubbles/fields in your deck and play them as soon as possible (Darkwind, Wyldfire, Balefrost, Time of Legend, etc). It is wise to to keep a bubble in your sideboard so that, if it doesn’t appear in your hand first round, you can use it anyway. You will want to play your bubble in either the first or second turn, or you will be hit by an overpowered nova at the start of turn three.

1. Take out the minions one by one ( not recommended).

If you do this strategy, the most effective method is to first take out the rat magicians, then Knuckles, then Estrakir. This strategy is certainly possible but presents numerous complications, the most problematic of which are Estrakir’s scarecrow (which will quickly return him to full health while knocking yours down), and Knuckles’ fire dragon if you do not kill him in one hit.

2. Kill all enemies in one turn with a series of highly bladed group attacks (recommended).

Have every member of your team put up as many blades as possible and prepare for the largest AoE they can muster. Your life wizard can heal freely while you are doing this – Knuckles will heal your enemies when you do so, but as you enemies are at full health it doesn’t matter.

When it comes time to hit, the first group attack will remove the towers on the bosses, which would not be replaced until the following round as group attacks do not trigger an interrupt. For this reason, first position is a great place to put a fire or myth wizard. A myth wizard can remove all shield with earthquake, and a fire wizard’s attack would be resisted by the main boss anyway – might as well use their attack to clear the sheilds for an attack that may hurt the bosses even more. Since this first attack will largely be ‘wasted’ by hitting into 90% tower shields, it would be wise for this person to blade the players following them, rather than themselves – this will make the more powerful attacks count for even more.

The following attacks in succession, all on the same turn, should be enough to kill both of the remaining bosses. Keep a second attack in your deck or sideboard, in case the attacks come up a little short – in this way, you can attack again to ship away at the bosses remaining health if needed.


The Strategy in Action

Here are several members of the M4H Team (darkinspiration, compguru1, Ice Colossus, and Katherine Light) showcasing our preferred strategy for fighting Estrakir.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask for more information in the comments section! For our guide on this complete dungeon, including both bosses, all mobs, and how to complete the puzzles, please check out our full guide “Exterminated” over on Wizard101 Central

  • Scarlet

    Nice guide Katherine! I like the bubble removal of the cheat and that you recommend that everyone can hit for this boss. Makes it a fun fight! :)

  • John Shadow

    Great tips, but what’s the fun in that if you kill them all at once? I say one by one, it’s so much fun that way. 😉