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Hit Me Baby One More Time

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Jul 23, 2012

Belloq is one of the only bosses in this game who DOESN’T go down fighting. As a matter of fact if you want this fight to be easy and simple… attack him. The more you hit him, the happier he is.

Every round where Belloq takes some kind of damage plays out like a normal fight. The damage can be as little as a wand attack, a tick from a DoT, anything. So long as he gets hit, he’s like all the other Zafarian elephant black market dealers. If you don’t attack him, though, he gets a little cranky, and hits all the members of your team with a powerful Ra (1500 base damage to each person) at the start of the next turn.

The Strategy

In this fight, the trickiest round is the first. Ideally, it’s best to hit him with a DoT such as Fire Elf or Poison in this round – this will buy you SEVERAL rounds without having to worry about attacking him again, as he will take damage from the tick for at least 2 additional rounds.

If you have a school such as fire or death in your group, ask them to take care of this responsibility. It would be wise to use accuracy enchanted treasures to make sure these spells don’t fizzle. If your team is going second, it’s a good idea to have someone else want Belloq this turn as well – the minion likes to stun, and if he chooses to stun the player who is casting the DoT your team may be in trouble.

If your team doesn’t have a fire or death player, it may be a good choice to spend a bit of gold buying either fire elf or death bat treasure cards. (Death bat is preferably as it has higher accuracy.) Use whichever player has the highest accuracy boost to hit Belloq with these spells, and just in case, have someone else wand him on the first turn.

Once you have a DoT on him, blade up your hammer. If you need to cast another DoT to buy your team enough, go for it! When you think you have enough blade for your hammer, feel free to cast any universal traps like hex or feint on the same turn as the big hit. That way they won’t be wasted by the tiny tick of a fire elf, and you can make the most of your hammer’s power.

The Strategy in Action


Three members of our team took on Belloq to show you this strategy in action. It can be fast, simple, and painless if you’re careful and time your traps properly.

If you’d like to check out our full guide on this boss, head on over to Hit Me Baby One More Time. If you want a hand with this (or any other) boss, feel free to post a request on our main boards over at Wizard101 Central, or on any of the other boards linked in the right hand sidebar.

  • Apollo

    Has anyone else noticed that throughout this video, Belloq seems to be walking in place?