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Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun

Apr 7, 2014

In the parched Khonda Desert, you fight your way through mobs and bosses to reach the Solar Arc, where you will finally restore the sun chamber to Khrysalis. There’s dark forces and ancient magic keeping the knowledge that’s housed in the solar arc from this world, and you’ll need all your strength to take on this challenge.

The Solar Arc area can be accessed from the Khonda Desert. The entrance is found here, just past the sand devils that you will pass at the end of the desert:



Once you enter the Solar Arc, you must recover a solar lens from one of seven chambers (one chamber for each school of magic). The Emperor of MooShu directs you to each lens, all of which are in their own sigil-lit area.

A few pieces of advice before beginning:

  • You are about to face a LOT of powerful elemental bosses and mobs, some with high health. It would be wise to invest in some gear with lots of elemental resist for this challenge.
  • Once you get to this instance, Dyvim decides to stay outside. If you’ve come to depend on his extra power and resist, you will want to re-adjust your expectations.
  • There are no wisps in this area and the bosses hit HARD, so make sure to fill up all your potions.
  • The rooms that contain bosses will often pull someone into the battle right away, often even before the dialogue has finished. The order in which people are pulled into the fight seems to be random (ie, not based on the order in which you were standing on the sigils). Until this is fixed, you’ll want to have your decks ready to go before you even jump on the sigils for a particular fight.
  • Each room is sigil-lit and looks like a battle chamber, even if you only have to talk to someone to get the lens; don’t be too concerned about the spirit school chambers.


The First Lens: Storm

The storm lens is not an easy one to recover as it is currently in the keeping of the Thunder Snake and his group of storm enemies who will not willingly be parted from it.


Note: if entering this room with three or more wizards, you will face four enemies instead of two. While they don’t cheat, they certainly pack a punch and they LOVE sirens. Pack lots of extra blades for this battle as you’re likely to lose them frequently, and be prepared to heal (whether that be with a dedicated healer on your team or a lot of players with heals in their sideboard). If you have any, equip that elemental resist gear before the battle and keep it on afterwards… it’ll come in handy.


The Second Lens: Life

In this chamber you simply need to speak to the Sun Weaver  and you will be given the solar life lens. While you are given it easily, the motives behind the gift are a little suspect given the way this spider seems to be eyeing you as a main course…


… but you’ll have to take what you can get.


The Third Lens: Fire

This chamber is a little simpler than the storm chamber as you aren’t faced with high-powered attacks and frequent sirens. You may end getting an efreet or two, though, so come prepared with cleanse charm in your sideboard. If you enter with one or two wizards you will only have one minion in the battle.


Treat this fight as you would any other boss (ie, if at all possible set up a hammer to take out all the enemies in one hit), but that elemental resist gear certainly couldn’t hurt in here either.


The Four Lens: Death

It seems that after being betrayed by a once-promising student like Morganthe,  the Black Sun Priestess is willing to do whatever it takes to fix the problem.


After your chat, you can see why she would be eager to help fix the problem, as the teaching Morganthe received here certainly seems to have been useful to her.


The Fifth Lens: Ice

Once again, keep that elemental resist gear on, as you’re about to face another fun challenge! If you go in with only one or two wizards, you will face only one boss and “Adele Dazeem”.


If you have a fuller group, however, with three bosses and a minion, you can expect to spend a little extra time needing to buff up for a kill here, and these enemies (being ice) are stun-happy and love their shields. You’ll want to put either stun block or conviction in your deck, and your hammer should be sure to have shrike up before hitting to help cut through all those pesky towers.


The Sixth Lens: Myth

Like the other spirit schools, the myth lens is handed to you after a brief chat.


You learn a little bit about the history of the solar arc and how it reached its current state, and it seems most of the teachers here wish to change that.

The Seventh Lens: Balance

Thankfully, the school of balance has decided that it prefers to err on the “spirit school” side of things today and spares us another battle.


After receiving this somewhat cryptic message, you can use the balance lens as the final piece of the puzzle to restore the Solar Arc!

Or can you? ….

After all the lenses are in place, a final pathway of life appears to a room in the center of the arc. In this room resides the key to finally restoring the Solar Arc, and your access to Shadow Magic! At this point you’ll want to switch back to your regular gear, because you’re about to face some spirit enemies for the first time in this area.


The Final Room: Shadow

Upon entering the dungeon you will find Elena DarkSun waiting for you in the center of the room. While she’s fighting for Morganthe, it seems she hasn’t exactly been given a choice in the matter.


Regardless of her motives, you’ve going to have to get through her before the solar arc is restored, so it’s time to battle!

If you enter this fight with one or two wizards, the fight will begin with Elena and one myth minion.


However, at the end of the first round, Elena will summon yet another minion (balance this time), who will become active in the battle during round 3.



If you enter this fight with 3 or more players, you will face a full battle of Elena and 3 myth minions right from the beginning. If you kill any of these minions before killing Elena, she will summon a balance minion (only one) to fill their place. If you kill this balance minion, they will not be resummoned; Elena will never summon more than one balance minion per battle.


Despite the fact that she holds the secret to the next levels of Shadow Magic, Elena is actually a straightforward boss and you can set up to take her and her minions out in one hit. Since you’re dealing with myth minions, you’ll want be prepared with stun block or conviction in your deck, and plenty of extra blades. Be warned: Elena has all kinds of shadow magic and know how to use it!

Once you’ve defeated Elena, she is afraid of Morganthe’s retribution for her defeat. It seems this is for good reason, as another boss immediately appears to exact revenge! Be wary; Santa Merte will promptly appear in the exact same battle area, so make sure to back away quickly lest your trigger the battle before your team is ready.


Santa Meurte has a fire mastery and isn’t afraid to use it, to the extent that you may wonder if she’s a death boss at all! Depending on how many people you’ve entered this dungeon with, you will face the boss with either one storm minion (for one or two wizards) or three storm minions (for 3 or more wizards). At this time, Santa Muerte does not seem to cheat in this instance, though she may use the occasional shadow spell.



For both of these fights, you’ll want to set one of your player up for a one hit kill on all the enemies at once. Thankfully, aside from  the summoning of one additional minion there are no cheats that would get in the way of a one hit kill. Stack a few feints on the bosses, blade up enough to take out all the minions, and fire away!



The Reward

Once you’ve defeated Santa Meurte, you will free Elena Darksun from her prison and she will join you in the main chamber of the Solar Arc. She rewards you by offering to teach you more shadow magic! At this point, BE PATIENT! You will be able to train shadow magic spells right away, but please take the time first to speak with the Emperor of MooShu and return to her. Once you’ve spoken with the Emperor, she’ll give you one spell automatically; you don’t want to accidentally spend a training point on a spell you could have gotten for free!


Now that you’ve unlocked more shadow magic and let the sun shine on Khrysalis once more, you’re one step closer to finally taking on Morganthe! Choose your shadow magic spells carefully, and get ready for the final area… and the biggest battle of your life!