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Brother Bear

Brother Bear

Nov 16, 2015

The Auroracle may hold the key to finding out what’s wrong with Bartleby; she knows what the ancient riddles means and can help you in your quest… if you can actually find and speak with her. In order to gain audience with the Auroracle, you must first prove yourself worthy by battling (and thinking!) your way through the Sunless Shrine. Note: as of now, players CAN port in to the Sunless Shrine to help you with the dungeon.

The Luphilim are waiting for you as you enter the Sunless Shrine, and the first, Vigilant Perun, tells you that he will be adminstering the tests that will show if you are ready to meet the Auroracle. The first of these tests is the Test of Courage.

Test of Courage

As it turns out, the Test of Courage is a battle against 4 Terror Hounds. There will be 4 enemies in this battle regardless of how many players are in the dungeon. There are no cheats in this battle; it’s a straight up mob fight.


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After defeating the Terror Hounds, head back to the central chamber to speak with Vigilant Perun. He tells you that you have successfully passed the Test of Courage… but the Test of Wisdom awaits you. You may be wise, but when put under pressure, can you decipher truth from lies?

Trial of Wisdom

Vigilant Perun has forewarned you that of these two brothers, one is always truthful and one is always deceitful. Additionally, one brother has a weapon that has been poisoned. The brother bearing this weapon MUST not be left to battle you after his brother dies, or there will be dire consequences. Bear in mind that the brother with the poisoned blade may not necessarily be the brother who tells lies… so how do we tell the difference?

When we first enter the brother’s chamber, both of them profess to be the brother who tells the truth. But what else would a liar tell us? These claims give us no real answers. THIS clue, however, can be extremely helpful if you’re able to puzzle it out.


So, let’s work through this clue and see where it leads us.

Scenario 1: Tajniak is lying

If Tajniak is the liar, this statement is untrue. That means that is we were to ask Jawniak about the poison, Jawniak (being the truthful brother) would admit that he himself has the poisoned claws.
Scenario 1 = Jawniak has the poisoned claws.

Scenario 2: Tajniak is truthful

If Tajniak is truthful, this statement is true and his brother would indeed claim that Tajniak has the poisoned claws. HOWEVER, if Tajniak is truthful, he is saying this with the knowledge that his brother is the liar. Therefore, Jawniak would claim that Tajniak has the poisoned claws… but since Tajniak is truthful, Jawniak would be lying and therefore has the claws himself.
Scenario 2 = Jawniak has the poisoned claws.

So, with a bit of critical thinking… it doesn’t even MATTER who is telling the truth and who is lying. Either way, Jawniak has the poisoned claws and must not be left to face you alone.

What to Expect in the Battle

Unsurprisingly for a battle where brothers lie to you, try to trick you, and threaten you with a poisoned attack, there are some cheats in this battle. Also, now that we’ve exercised our brains to figure out that it doesn’t matter who the liar is… they’re going to let us know who the liar is. 😉


From the beginning of the battle, the brothers will go back and forth every 3 rounds with cheats. On round 1, one of the brothers will predict what the other will do in 2 rounds. For example, in round 1 Tajniak will shout


On round 2, both brothers will beg you to believe them. The phrases on these rounds vary, but are usually similar to this:


So basically, it’s just another day of your siblings bickering around the dinner table.

On the third round of the cycle, the brother who had a prediction will interrupt to do a cheat spell at the start of the round. This spell MIGHT be the spell his brother predicted… or it might now be. For example, on round 3, Jawniak WILL interrupt to cast a deathblade. This establishes that Tajniak is the brother who is telling the truth. (If you recall, he is also the brother who is not carrying the poisoned claws. I’m beginning to understand why he fights with his brother so much.)

In the next few cycles, the following will happen:
Round 4: Jawniak tells you that in 2 rounds, Tajniak will cast Spirit Armor.Round 5: Both brothers plead with you to believe you.
Round 6: Tajniak interrupts but casts centaur rather than Spirit Armor

Round 7: Tajniak tell you that in 2 rounds, Jawniak will cast Deer Knight
Round 8: More begging! (Now you’re just getting desperate, guys.)
Round 9: Jawniak interrupts to cast Deer Knight.

Round 10: Jawniak tells you that in 2 rounds, Tajniak will cast Centaur.
Round 11: Frankly at this point I don’t trust either of them no matter how much they ask me to.
Round 12: Tajniak interrupts but casts Spirit Armor rather than Centaur.

At this point the next cycle goes back to round 1 again with Tajniak telling you that Jawniak will cast deathblade in 2 rounds.

In addition to the 3 round cycle, there are several other cheats in this battle:

  • If you enter the battle late, Jawniak will shout “You’re early to the fight” and cast mana burn on the tardy player.
  • If you cast a feint on Tajniak, he will shout “Why Don’t We Trade?” and switch the larger portion to yourself with the smaller portion on him.
  • If you kill Tajniak before Jawniak, Jawniak will interrupt at the start of (nearly) every round to cast a DoT on one player, usually beginning with the first player and working his way down the line in subsequent rounds. The initial hit of this DoT is deceptively small (usually 2 or 3), but the first tick WILL kill the player, doing 333,333 death damage regardless of resist. It’s actually a 3-tick DoT with base damage of 1 million and what appears to be 100% pierce… but realistically, no one is going to survive long enough to see the second or third ticks.
  • You CAN kill both brothers at the same time.
  • While not a cheat, Jawniak LOVES to cast cloaked plagues, virulent plagues, and mass infections. Be prepared to overpower his debuffs.

Trial of Wisdom Strategy

If you’re in a group with several players, set up a hammer to take out both bosses at once. This is by far the most efficient way to handle this battle. Their health is quite manageable for taking out in one shot. You can stack feints on the death boss and tri-traps, school traps, etc on the life boss. With school blades, bubbles, auras, tri-blades, sharp, etc, nearly any school can successfully take out both of these bosses in one hit.

If you’re soloing (or perhaps dualling), you may be better served by killing Jawniak first. Stack feints on him (trained, potent, treasure) and a few blades and you can finish him off quite quickly. This leaves you with only one boss to battle and no more pesky plagues. You can take your time stacking school traps on Tajniak and hit as many times as necessary.

Once you’ve defeated both brothers, it’s time for one final trial!


Trial of Valor

The Trial of Valor is designed to test your skill at arms. So basically, to re-prove everything you’ve already proven in the previous 2 battles. There are no cheats in this battle (that we have yet seen, anyway), so it’s a fairly straightforward boss fight.


After proving yourself in the Trial of Valor, the portal to the Auroracle opens and you can speak with her… but all she has is new riddles for you. Maybe someone else out there can help you decipher her clues. You’d best hurry, time is running out not only for you, but for the Spiral!

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