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Castle Black

Castle Black

Nov 5, 2014

In order to accept Malistaire’s challenge, you must first fight your way through Castle Darkmoor in order to meet him! Your journey in the castle begins as you are introduced to its heir and erstwhile owner, Shane von Shane. He’s passed the castle into Malistaire’s hands in exchange for power, and he intends to protect his investment! He’s set many obstacles in your way…. and by obstacles, we mean cheat bosses.


Howling Chaney

Howling Chaney is the first of these cheat bosses. Formerly a wizard, he’s been forced to turn into a werewolf, and he’s not happy about it!


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  • At the beginning of every other round beginning on round 2, Chaney will interrupt to cast a life spear on himself.
  • At the beginning of every third round beginning on round 3, Chaney will cast a life fuel on a random player.
  • Immediately following every heal (including pet and balance heals), Chaney will interrupt to cast a gnomes on the player who cast the heal. Note that these life dispels will stack with dispels from a regular gnomes.
Treat Chaney as a normal boss and set up one player for a one hit kill on the boss and minions. Have your healer go second or third in your battle order and if healing is necessary, have the first or second player place a life dispel on the boss immediately before the heal is cast. Alternatively, you can use balance, death, or storm heals as necessary. While they will still get your healer hit with gnomes, their future heals will not be dispelled.
Entangle (life dispel)



After defeating Chaney, head on up through the doors to the lower halls for the battle of the Blackwater!


Sir Blackwater

Sir Blackwater is not amused at your defeat of Chaney and he intends to make sure you don’t get any further… and of course, collect his due reward.



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Sir Black nominally resists death, life, and storm.

  • All blades (including pet blades) and bubbles will trigger a disarm on the person who cast the blade.
  • Every fifth round beginning on round 5, Sir Blackwater will interrupt and cast a series of spells.
    • First, a bubble/field
    • Second, an aura
    • Third, a blade
    • Fourth, a group attack or heal

These spells will go through a death, life, storm cycle. This mean that on round 5 the interrupt spells will all be death-based. On round 10, they will all be life-based. On round 15, they will all be storm-based. On round 20, they will all be death-based and the cycle will begin again. The spells you can expect are as follows:


  1. death damage bubble
  2. death damage aura
  3. deathblade
  4. Call of Khrulhu


  1. sanctuary
  2. cycle of life
  3. guiding light
  4. rebirth


  1. darkwind
  2. storm damage aura
  3. stormblade
  4. Glowbug Squall (removes all blades)


Each stage of the interrupt is cast as a new spell, which means that one dispel will not stop the cheat attack, only the bubble, etc.

Pack death and storm shields in your deck. Those cheat spells are buffed up and they HURT. Unfortunately because it would take 4 dispels to stop the cheats entirely, it’s more effective (and pip-friendly) to simply shield against them.

Aside from protecting against the interrupt attack spells, set this up as a normal fight and one-hit kill the boss. However, your hammer will not be able to use single blades on themselves, as they will be disarmed. Plan forĀ other players to bubble and place single blades on the hammer, while the hammer plays auras and elemental or spirit blades.

Death and/or storm shields, if you don’t have any trained

Following your defeat of Sir Black, head on up the stairwell to the upper halls! Along the way you will encounter a locked door; if anyone in your group has received a gold key, feel free to use it to open this room! There are no enemies in the room, just a treasure chest your whole team can open for some free loot!

Upon winning these battles, you will be taken to a puzzle in Castle Darkmoor’s Observatory. This room appears to be closed up, but apparently there’s a way out, if only you can find it. There are technical drawings by a large refractor… perhaps they can help! They will give you the following information:

But what does that mean? There are no options for “carmine” and “full radiance” here… or are there?

Carmine is dark red, so try the crimson lens. As for filters, if we want full radiance we certainly don’t need to use a polarization of hazy filter, so let’s go for a neutral one. Using those two options should unlock the room’s secret exit for you!

If, however, you get the puzzle wrong, you will be faced with the following battle:


Upon completion of this battle, you will NOT be shown the exit from the room; instead, you will be given another shot at the puzzle! That’s right; you have to do this puzzle over and over again until you get it right, fighting the same fight over and over every time you get it wrong. So remember; Crimson lens, neutral filter!

On completion of the puzzle you will have finished the dungeon and unlocked the teleporter to access the Upper Halls, the second dungeon in Darkmoor Castle; take this chance to fill up your potions and treasure cards and then head over to Deck the Halls, our guide to the Upper Halls!