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Chef’s Special

Chef’s Special

Nov 2, 2013

Shortly after entering Fort Rachias, you need to pull a lever that’s located at the back of the Mess Hall. As this place is literally a cafeteria for Morganthe’s bugs, the name “Mess Hall” is extremely appropriate. Most of Morganthe’s minions are out on patrol right now, but the head chef, Hisser, has remained at his post here… and he’s not your biggest fan. He wants nothing to do with you, and he’s no pushover.


The Fort Rachias Mess Hall is located here, on the outskirts of the lowest level of the fort.



Hisser is a fire boss with 23,400 HP, and his minions are Gloom Dancers (ice) with 4400 health. If you enter the sigils with 1 or 2 wizards, you will have 1 minion. If you enter with 3 or 4 wizards, you will have 3 minions.



As a fire boss, Hisser CAN cast efreet, though he doesn’t often. He also glacial shields himself (Storm and ice shields), which can cause problems if your hammer is one of these schools. His minions are ice and as such are not afraid to make frequent use of their ability to frost giant. We’ll address how to best work with these issues in the strategy section. Aside from these natural spells, Hisser has 2 cheats, and one of them may seem very familiar.

Hisser’s First Cheat

His first cheat phrase is, “I Thought You Came Here to Hurt Me!”



If you think you’ve heard this before, you’re right! Hisser’s first cheat is similar to Belloq’s. If he is not attacked in some way during a round, he will interrupt at the end of the round to cast a tempest on your team. The base damage of the tempest ranges anywhere from 80 up to 400.


If you think you can get around this cheat with simple damage over time spells like fire elf, poison, or frostbite, good thinking… but try again. This plan could backfire in a MAJOR way because of


Hisser’s Second Cheat

Hisser can’t let this fight be TOO simple for you. If you try to keep him busy with damage over time spells, it’ll only come back to hurt you. And in this case, we mean that literally.

Hisser will allow the initial hit of any DoT to damage him as normal. HOWEVER, once the first tick hits him, he will shout “Oh No You Don’t!” and will shift his remaining ticks back to the player on your side who currently has the most threat.



This cheat can be devastating if you’re not prepared for it, so remember to avoid those heavily bladed spinysaurs and snow angels!


Hisser Strategy

Ideally, you’ll want at least two players for this fight, a busybody and a hammer.

The busybody should be tasked with the job of keeping Hisser busy with attacks. Wand hits and high-accuracy one pip spells are ideal for this. If you don’t get a good accuracy boost from your gear, consider picking up a few accuracy-boosting enchantments from the bazaar.

The Hammer should get themselves set up for a big attack. They can blade themselves and put up school-specific traps on Hisser. Bubbles and auras are also a great idea.

Any additional players can carry a cariety of spells. On the first round, someone should cast a stun block on the busybody; they’re keeping you safe from Hisser, so it’s important to keep THEM safe from the stuns of a frost giant. After that, the faster you can buff the hammer, the less likely it is that your busybody will run out of attack spells. It’s a great idea for your buffers to carry cleanse charm, in case Hisser decides to efreet your hammer. Ideally, one of the players should also focus on healing and keeping the team healthy while everyone is getting ready for the attack round.

On the final round, when the hammer is ready to hit, players can put a universal trap (such as feint, hex, curse) on Hisser to add a final punch to the hammer’s attack. If your hammer is ice, it would be wise to have another player pierce the boss in case he decides to glacial shield just before the hit; if your hammer is storm, a prism or shatter would do the trick. (Mass prism is particularly effective since it will give your hammer a myth boost on the minions.)

If all else fails, you may end up eating a tempest or two. However, as the damage from these tempests isn’t too terribly high, you should be able to take a hit or two without running into TOO much trouble. Just don’t make a habit of it. 😉



Hisser Video

You’ll get to see some of the strategies we talked about above in action. Enjoy!



What’s So Great About Hisser?

Hisser drops plenty of no-auction level 96 and 98 gear. It’s not usable yet, but it’s one of the few places in this update where you can find gear that’s better than Aquila or Azteca gear. He also drops the new Pirahna pet with 4 new (and slightly terrifying, from a PvP persepctive) may cast talents. Aside from that, he also drops plenty of auctionable gear that sells for a pretty penny in the bazaar. There’s really no downside to farming Hisser, and we expect there will be some serious sigil crowding here when Khrysalis goes live.


Thanks for reading! If you have any ideas, questions, or feedback, feel free to chime in with a comment.

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