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Exactly Cipactli

Exactly Cipactli

Nov 7, 2012

Wow! Does Cipactli like to Dance! Cipactli is a cheat boss in Tierra de Brea in Azteca. Click below to see where he is located.

Cipactli Map

Cipactli is a rank 13 death boss (21,500 health) with a New Moon Priest myth minion (5400 health).



Ward Dance/Charm Dance: Every third round, Cipactli starts with a 30% hex on one random player and puts a mark on each player, alternating between Ward and Charm. He starts with Ward.

Can you follow the steps of my War Dance? : After each mark, you must cast a ward/charm the very next round. If you cast a ward correctly, it is shattered off. Charms and auras are not removed.

Those who cannot keep up must perish!: If you do not follow his instructions on the next round, Cipactli will cast a no-pip Dr. Von’s Monster on each person who did not follow instructions. For example, if you cast a ward on someone else for the  Ward Dance and that person does not, Dr. Von will hit that player, but not you. An earthquake from the myth minion will clear the Ward Dance/Charm Dance marks and you will not be attacked by Dr. Von.

After that he shatters and restarts the Dance.

Hidden cheat: If you cast a feint, the trap that is placed on you is shattered off immediately.

Round 1-2. Normal

Round 3. Ward dance mark.

Round 4. You need to cast a Ward this round. (Can you follow the steps of my dance?)

Round 5. If you did not cast a Ward in round 4, you are attacked by a no-pip Dr. Von’s monster (Those who cannot keep up must perish!) All wards are then shattered.

Round 6: Charm Dance mark.

Round 7: You need to cast a Charm this round.

Round 8. No charm, Dr. Von. Shatter.

Round 9: Ward Dance mark and the cycle starts again.

Follow his instructions. Put in a couple traps and blades to follow his instructions. Traps and auras are more useful than shields during the ‘ward’ rounds, because shields will be shattered off anyway when your mark is removed. Traps and auras, on the other hand, will remain and allow you to kill faster. Those Dr. Vons do start to sting.

Feint, feint, feint! Since one of his cheats shatters the trap placed on you as a cheat as well as any shields or marks, stacking feints are ideal for this boss. Free 70% trap! Sold!

Aura for your hitter Auras do twice the job, both remove the mark during the ward rounds and buff up your hit. Woot, 2 for the price of 1!

Buff up for that one hit kill. You can build up for a regular one hit kill, just like any other boss. Watch out for the pips on the myth minion: he can earthquake, but he does like critical basilisks, medusa, frogs, and minotaurs, too. For this reason, it is wise to follow the order that Cipactli sets forward – traps first, blades later (preferably just before you kill, when the myth minion is low on pips).

Dispel his cheat entirely. With more wizards, your team won’t be quite as stretched for pips and it is simpler to just dispel his cheat completely. One melt (ice dispel) placed on Cipactli within the first two rounds will stop him from placing the mark and cut off his whole string of cheats for the next several rounds. You can even put up two or three melts in the first few rounds, which will cut off his whole string of cheats for the first ten rounds or more.

Proceed as you would a normal boss fight. Since you’re dealing with myth minions, we highly recommend putting traps on the boss first and blading a hammer just before they hit. This will help avoid the potential distaster of having a myth minion quake off your blades just before the intended kill hit.


As always, if you’d like a hand with this fight, feel free to post a request for help on our forum over at Wizard101 Central.