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Crab Cake

Crab Cake

Sep 6, 2012

The Spiral Geographic Archives house some of the nastiest bosses in the game, particularly for non-max level players. In many cases, General Stormclaw will be the first boss you encounter who decided not to play by the rules. If you would like to read M4H’s guide on the full dungeon (including BOTH cheat bosses, all puzzles, and the mobs), please check it out over here at Wizard101 Central.

How General Stormclaw Cheats

General Stormclaw starts off looking quite lonely. When you engage him in battle, he stands there all along (though certainly with an attitude). However, one he gets his turn, he starts to get a little cranky.

– He begins by putting a 65% tower shield on himself. If you try to hit him to remove this shield, he will simply put it right back on.

-During his turn in round one, he casts an earthquake (which costs him no pips) at your team for good measure. This means that if your team is going first, there is no point in blading during turn one.

-You cannot trap General Stormclaw. If you try to place a regular trap on him, he will remove it right away. Even if you place a pet trap on him or myth dispel him to allow a trap to stick, he will try AGAIN to cleanse it whenever anyone on your team blades, or as soon as he gets a turn.

-At the conclusion of turn one, he summons a few minions (life, ice, and storm schools respectively) who have equally nasty attitude problems.

How Stormclaw’s Minions Cheat

For the most part, these seem to be regular minions… until you actually put up a fight, that is. Should you attack a minion, you will suffer their wrath in a variety of ways:

– If you hit the life minion: no consequence.
– If you hit the ice minion: the life minion will rebirth, bringing back the ice minion even if you killed him.
– If you hit the storm minion: The ice minion will hit a member of your party with colossus and the life wizard will rebirth.
– If you hit General Stormclaw: his 65% tower shield will be replaced, your team will be hit with storm lord, the ice minion will hit a member of your party with colossus, and the life minion will rebirth.
-Once the minions are dead, you will be hit with a frost giant (consider it a gift from the grave), unless you have also killed the boss.

The Strategy

There are two methods you can use to win this fight.

 1. Take out the minions one by one, and focus on the boss after the minions are dead. (NOT recommended)

Should you choose to go this method, you MUST take the enemies out in the following order: first, life. Second, ice. Third, storm. Last, boss. This order is the only way to avoid most of the cheats, though you will still be hit with a frost giant when the last of the minions dies.

2. One hit kill the whole group. (Recommended)

Heavily blade up one player to take out all of the minions (and possibly the boss) in one hit.

If you want to trap the boss, use pet spells if at all possible, and place them on the same turn as the hit. Don’t blade after putting up the traps, or they will be removed.Watch out for the bosses’ pips, and if he seems to be saving up pips for an earthquake, make sure you hit before he is able to remove your blades. He doesn’t often earthquake after this first turn, but it has happened occasionally.

Downside: because trapping and therefore using prisms is next to impossible, there’s a good chance you’ll need to overcome some major resist (about 40-50%) on at least one of the enemies. Make sure you use enough blades to do so. This is where your treasures come in handy. Put your hammer at the end of your lineup, and on the same turn they hit, have someone cast pierce or shatter to remove the boss’ tower shield. (Both of these are readily available as treasures in the bazaar) Even if the hit doesn’t kill, it will take a big dent out of him, and once the minions are gone (and the stun from the frost giant you’d get hit with is past), you can whittle away at the boss freely.


The Strategy in Action

In this video, M4H team member Ice Colossus, Katherine Light, compguru1, and Dark Inspiration show what the one hit kill strategy looks like in action.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away in the comments section. Happy Wizarding!