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Craving the Life

Craving the Life

Oct 27, 2013

In the depths of Tyrian Gorge, lies the Banyan Tower, home to the next stop in your adventure. This is the first tower of Khrysalis, and it’s no pushover. However, you’re tough: you prepared by doing terrifying things like squishing bugs and feeding dragonflies. So, clearly you’re ready to take on one of Morganthe’s generals.

Banyan Tower is located here, on a ledge above those pesky Hundred Leggers.

Map with the Mark


On the first floor lies 4 Red Razors, who are myth and have 3,670 HP. You can treat this as a normal myth mob fight.

Picture 2013-10-27 20-00-24

 On the 2nd floor lies 4 Sky Terrors, who are Ice and have 3,980 HP. Again, treat this as a normal mob fight.

Picture 2013-10-27 20-07-13

Finally, lying at the top floor of the Banyan Tower sits a mighty hunter that goes by the name of Kravenly. He is personally escorted by the eye of Morganthe, which she uses to communicate with the tower…. and to see you! She orders him to scalp you, and have no mercy. Yikes!

Picture 2013-10-27 20-21-54

This fight has its share of cheats as well.

Picture 2013-10-27 20-27-21


Kravenly will interrupt at the start of every round to use a natural attack Life DoT doing around 278 + 515  base damage over 3 rounds. This tends to go on the wizard that currently has the most threat (“aggro”), but can change randomly as well. To lessen the damage from this cheat, you can pack triage… but by the time you know who needs triage, that wizard will have taken most of the damage. If your group can kill quickly and has good general resist, you should do fine; if you don’t have a strong hammer or great gear, your best course of action is to buy some gear with high life resist. His natural attack and all his other spells are life, so this will help you survive not only this cheat but the fight as a whole.

As far as we know, there is no way to stop this interrupt attack.


Picture 2013-10-27 20-31-00

His second cheat correlates with the % of health he has left. Whenever you get his health below 75%, 50%, or 25%, he will use an AoE version of Spirit Blast, or an AoE Spectral Blast (read on for more info on this).  If you fail to one hit him, and get him to the Health at 25%! cheat, he will hit you with the following:  Celestial Blast only (updated from the 3 blasts that he would do).

If you get his health below 75%, he will hit your team with a strong Spiritual Blast – Life Version. This is changed from the random spiritual blast you would get from the test realm.

After this point, if you get him below 50%, he will hit your team with Spiritual Blast – Death Version (the animation is currently bugged). If you get him below 50% in one hit, you will get hit with only the Death part of the Spiritual Blast.

If you try to one hit him and nearly (but not quite) succeed in getting him below 25% of his full health, he will attack your team with a Spiritual Blast – Myth Version, which is the strongest one, doing upwards of 1000 damage. You will only get this one blast, however, which is also changed from all 3 that you would get from Test Realm.

In other words, you want to avoid this cheat altogether. Try to kill him in one hit, and leave room for some major overkill so that you don’t have to worry about if you may be under killing.

(This cheat phrase does not appear anymore, this is just to showcase the Celestial Blast looks)

Picture 2013-10-27 20-33-06

Solo: If you attempt to solo this last fight, it would be extremely beneficial to invest in maxing out life resist.

Group play: Make sure to have some heals for the wizard who takes the brunt of natural attacks. Make sure to have some heals (at least in your sideboard if you haven’t trained any), just in case something goes wrong.

To end Banyan Tower (and guide) off, Morganthe leaves you with some chilling (and violent) words.

Picture 2013-10-27 20-57-37

On that pleasant note, thanks for reading, and congratulation on defeating Kravenly!

  • Miranda Austin

    to solo it, just use minions – it gives him more people to hit and he leaves you alone to build up to kill him in one. As a fire i used my two fire minions and a life henchman and it worked really well.