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Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon

Oct 29, 2013

Eclipse Tower lies deep within Moon Cliffs, up above the Celestial Lake. It’s take a lot of time and effort (translation: defeat and collect quests) to get to this point… but that’s nothing compared to the challenge that lies in front of you. Here lies your greatest test up to this point, as this tower is divided into 2 parts.

Upon entering the tower, your first objective is on the right; you must complete this dungeon before you gain access to the second dungeon on the left.


Eclipse Tower, Part 1

In this tower, you must save Sofia Darkside from the hands of Ravik Dreamscape, who has her encased in crystal, and save the moon shrine.

The first floor contains life mobs with 3,540 HP. They do not cheat, so you can treat this as a normal mob fight.

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On the second floor lies your first boss, Ravik Dreamscape, an ice boss with 25,750 HP. He has the same life mobs from the first floor as well, which are incorporated into his cheat.


Behold Ravik’s Horrors!

At the start of the first round, Ravik will should “Behold The Horrors!” and interrupt to place what appears to be a doom and gloom bubble around the fight. Note that this isn’t actually a doom; it’s a death damage bubble, and Ravik’s managed to get his hands on a death mastery that he’s not afraid to make use of. You can knock out this bubble at any time without incurring any additional cheats, but he will interrupt to put the bubble back up at the start of round 4, and every fourth round after that (rounds 8, 12, etc).



If you are soloing or fighting with 2 wizards, he will summon life minions that will join the battle on rounds 3, 7, 11, 15 (aka, the rounds BEFORE Ravik interrupts to play his damage bubble).


He will summon them the round before they join while shouting “Your Curse Is Not Yet Complete!” , and they will sit inactive in the battle circle for a full round before actively joining.



He can also Shadow Magic, but don’t let that take you off guard. Treat this as a normal boss fight, and it will go smoothly; if you go into the battle with 3 wizards or more, you will not even notice his summons.  If you are battling with only one or two wizards, however, be prepared to either take out all the enemies at once, or take out the boss in one hit. If you take out the minions without taking out the boss, he will simply summon more minions. If you hit the boss without killing him  or finishing off the minions, the mice are capable of doing some serious healing (though they will not interrupt or cheat to heal him). As usual, a one hit kill is the best way to go here.


After you defeat Ravik, you are able to rescue Sofia from her crystal and repair the Moon Shrine.

She's so grateful that she'll thank you later by trying to kill you.

She’s so grateful that she’ll thank you later by trying to have you killed.



You then return to the base floor of the tower, which is where you can soon learn Shadow Magic… but first you must prove yourself capable.


Eclipse Tower, Part 2

Your true test lies in the dungeon on the left side of the tower. You must defeat Sofia in order to prove that you can truly handle Shadow Magic. Touching the shadow can be dangerous indeed, and she does not wish the have another Morganthe on her hands.



The first fight on this side is with a familiar foe re-incarnated with shadow magic. You may remember him as Yaxche, but for this fight he is known as Shadow of the Land. The doom of him and his people has been haunting your memories, and this is where you can remove those nightmare thoughts forever.


The Shadow of the Land

This isn’t a casual walk in the park boss. First off, he is a balance boss with 16,335 HP, and has 3 Laughing Calaca ice minions that have 3,360 HP each. Note that you will have a full fight of 4 minions even if you enter solo.


Shadow of the Land had a death mastery and uses it regularly… and by regularly, we mean that during the NORMAL course of play, he will never actually use a balance spell and sticks with death spells almost entirely (the exception being that he occasionally uses shadow sentinel or fortify). Note that in this fight, unlike the previous fight with Ravik, the doom and gloom he casts is NOT a cheat spell and is actually a true doom.  He frequently casts a 25% plague, and the minions use a 35% version of legion shield. In others words… pack cleanse in your sideboard, and set up for overkill.

This propensity to stick with only death spells is certainly a blessing in disguise, and the Shadow also likes to do this little trick where he tries to knock out your whole team all at once with a shadow magic form of power nova that can hit for anywhere from base damage 3000-5000 and leaves a 90% weakness on everyone. He will cast this nova every fourth round while shouting “Undead Darkness Fuels My Shadow!”.


Thankfully, despite being a “shadow” nova, you can dispel this nova using the balance dispel (unbalance).  You have the first three rounds to get this dispel up, but the minions LOVE to stun, so you’ll want to get it on asap just in case they stun you later on.

You can pick up unbalance as a trained spell from the dispel trainer in Colossus Boulevard, or as a treasure card from the library in Zafaria.

You can pick up unbalance as a trained spell from the dispel trainer in Colossus Boulevard, or as a treasure card from the library in Zafaria.


Once you’ve dispelled his novas, you can proceed as though this were a normal boss fight (with some overkill to deal with those plagues and shields. After you defeat the Shadow, you are free to move on to your final test.


Sofia Darkside

Your last fight in the Eclipse Tower is against the person you just rescued, Sofia Darkside! She is a life boss, with 18,550 HP. She is also a user of shadow magic, and has a few cheats up her sleeves. It is useful to know that Sofia herself is no threat; she does not attack. She will place lots of absorbs and heal frequently with rebirth, but she does not have any offensive spells in her arsenal.


Sofia begins the fight alone, but when does any cheat boss stay that way?



At the very end of round 1, Sofia will summon her right hand mouse, Arkyn Moonblade.


He will be in the battle circle but inactive for round 2, and join the battle on round 3. He is a myth enemy with 5200 health, and he’s got some tricks of his own.


Once Arkyn joins the battle, he will shout “Bring Your Sword To My Cause!” and summon an ice minion (Dread Paladin, 1200 health) at the end of every round until the fight is full.


If you kill these ice minions, Arkyn will simply summon new ones.




Because of the plethora of minions, you have two options in this fight.

The first option is simply to ignore the minions and take everyone out. This is by far the simplest method; none of the enemies in this fight hit particularly hard, thought Arkyn can earthquake.

If a one hit kill won’t work for your group, the second option is to kill Arkyn ASAP. Once Arkyn is dead, the ice minions are easy enough to take care of given their low health, and will not be resummoned. Once Arkyn and the minions are dead, Sofia is a simple matter given that she will not attack.


Once you have defeated Sofia, return to the base floor of eclipse tower and you will receive a FREE Shadow Spell! A few clicks later you will have restored the Tower of the Moon to it’s former glory, and can train any of the other Shadow Spells you wish, as long as you have training points available.

These are the spells each school will receive for free.

Death – Shadow Sentinel
Myth – Shadow Shrike
Life – Shadow Seraph
Balance – Shadow Seraph
Storm – Shadow Shrike
Ice – Shadow Sentinel
Fire – Shadow Shrike

For a full guide on shadow spells, backlash, and how to make the most of your abilities, please read Lashing Out. Enjoy your new spells, and thanks for reading!

  • azoresgirl

    Okay, so… first off, I have been using the Merc guides for all the Cheating bosses in KR, and I went through solo on Balance with no issues. Then, I decided to solo on Storm, which was really not possible for me vs. Kravenly and that Mana Burn guy. Anyways…
    I decide to solo Eclipse Part 2 on Storm. There is definitely a little more going on with the Shadow of the Land. I think the minions are 1/2 health when you go in solo, but what was more interesting was the Power Nova cheat.
    I forgot about the Power Nova the first time I attempted it, and was defeated in Round 4 (or whatever) by a 2200+ Power Nova. So I ran off to buy 5 Unbalances, thinking that would be enough. I went back in for another attempt and the battle dragged on for a long time (due to the Doom / Plagues / Shadow Seraph / Legion Sields (btw, I think he casts Legion Shield too, bleh)).
    Anyway! I worked his health down and defeated the minions, although 1 of them came back. Unfortunately, I was down to my last Unbalancer. He was down to <2000 Health. I thought, "well this is it, all this work and he's going to kill me now with a stupid Power Nova," but then it only hit me for about 238 damage! So maybe the Novas are weaker when his health is lower? Or maybe they become progressively weaker each time he casts them (it would have been his 6th). I don't know, but I am certain about the Nova. I ended up completing the battle and going on to Sophia herself (who is easy peasy to beat 😛 ). Sorry I don't have more helpful information, but wanted to let you know!

    • mercs101

      Hey Azores! We’ve heard there have been some changes to him but haven’t been able to pin it down yet. Thanks for the detailed info! We’re hoping to do some more testing there this week, and the info you just gave will help us narrow things down a lot. :)