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Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

Nov 5, 2014

Upon completing the first Castle Darkmoor instance, you gain access to the Upper Halls, where you will fight your way through passageways, stairwells, and upper chambers in order to clear the path to Malistaire!


The Upper Halls begin in a simple hallway, with mobs protecting the way past them to their boss. Note: on test realm this fight was optional. On live it is not. It will pull the first person who comes near the closest pillar in the hallway, so be careful not to get too close if you don’t want to be first in the battle.


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Following this area, you enter a second hallway where you will meet Ahktang Warcrawl, a draconian with a vendetta.

Ahktang Wormcrawl


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  • Akhtang has inate pierce of 40%.
  • Whenever a charm is cast on a player or himself (including pet blades and spells with charms as after effects), Akhtang will cast a steal charm spell to grab it for himself. I Rip It From You
  • The draconian minions may often cast an interrupt insane bolt. These seem to frequently be triggered by treasure cards and pet heals, but the exact trigger hasn’t been narrowed down yet. Take This
  • The draconian minions will sometimes cast wild bolt on themselves or other enemies, including the boss, which will remove prisms, feints, etc. (No cheat phrase, seems to be random and not in response to a trigger.)

Buff up your hammer for a one hit kill as usual.

Use traps to buff at first, and focus on auras.

Blade up your hammer using elemental/spirit blades, and bladestorm to minimize the cheat (remember that the fire portion is removed from elemental and the life portion from spirit blades). Whenever possible, trap first and blade later, preferably in the round before the hit and the round of the hit itself, to give the boss less time to make use of any stacking blades you may be giving him.

If you’re worried about how many blades he’s getting but aren’t quite ready to hit, have someone at the end of your battle order fire dispel him so that he cannot attack that round

Quench (fire dispel)

Upon defeating Akhtang Wormcrawl, the swinging axes blocking the hallway will stop moving and allow you to pass. Further down this hall you will find draconians waking around in the hallway behind him; thankfully, these enemies are completely avoidable. Hug the outside walls and walk around them to the other side, and enter the next hallway.

This next hall will place you in a stairwell which will lead you even higher into the Castle’s tower. Along this stairwell you will find another locked door behind which is hidden… BUNFERATU! Since he’s an optional boss that you don’t need to complete to finish this dungeon, we’ve given him his own guide.

At the top of the stairway you will find one last hallway, wherein dwells the Spirit of Darkmoor.


Spirit of Darkmoor

The Spirit of Darkmoor is the unrequited love of Shane von Shane, and he’s not willing to let her go… not even in death. Determined to keep her by his side, she is trapped in this castle, bound by dark magic.


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  • The Spirit of Darkmoor has inate pierce of (approximately) 40%.
  • She resists myth, life, and fire.
  • All single traps (including pet traps, but not including AoE traps like windstorm) will trigger a myth efreet on the person who cast it. The after effects of myth efreet is a trap rather than a weakness. I Shatter Your Chains
  • All blades will trigger a bone dragon (sun spell but hits as fire damage) on the person who cast the blade. Burn, Wizard!
  • She has a cheat pattern that cycles every 5 rounds.
    • Round 1-5: Myth Cycle
      • At the end of every round, she will pierce one player. This Place Defeats Us All
      • At the start of round 5, she will interrupt to cast time of legend, mythspear, mythblade, mystic colossus
    • Round 5-10: Life Cycle
      • At the end of every round, she will cast renegerate on herself. Darkmoor Holds My Spirit
      • At the start of round 10, she will interrupt to cast a life damage bubble, life spear, lifeblade, hungry caterpillar
    • Round 10-15: Fire Cycle
      • At the end of every round she will interrupt to cast link on one player. We Are Connected
      • At the start of round 15, she will interrupt to cast Wyldfire, fire spare, fireblade, Fire From Above.
  • If a minion dies while the Spirit of Darkmoor is still alive, she will leviathan the person who attacked. The leviathan does base 777 damage and will be either myth, life, or fire depending on which cheat cycle she is in at the time. After attacking the player, all enemies will be healed by 777 health points, reviving the minion who was killed. The Depths of Darkmoor Strike at You! This makes it effectively impossible to kill any minion while the boss is still alive.

Trap before you blade. The myth efreet carries a heavy punch, and you want to get that over with so that your healer (or pets) have time to get you back in shape. The last thing you want is to feint on the last round and be surprised to find your head spinning as the boss is killed. In addition, by saving blades for close to the time of the hit, you may avoid many ticks of the cheat fire DoT that you will garner by blading.

If you will be buffing frequently with traps you may want to pack myth shields for yourself. Alternatively, if power isn’t important for you (ie. if you’re not the hammer), you may wish to put on myth resist gear for this battle.

None necessary

Defeating the Spirit of Darkmoor will allow you to ascend into the highest halls of Darkmoor Castle, where you will find Shane von Shane in his library.


Shane von Shane

Though shocked you made it this far, Shane von Shane challenges you to a duel! If he wins, the Spirit of Darkmoor will stay tethered to him in the castle, but if you win, she is free to show you onward, to Malistaire’s lair.


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  • Shane version 1.0 has 50% pierce.
  • at the beginning of round 2, Shane will cast an interrupt vampire on one player.
  • at the beginning of round 3, Shane will cast an interrupt Dr. Von’s monster on one player.
  • beginning on round 4, at the start of every round he will do a Shane’s monster attack which attacks and beguiles one random player.
  • any time Shane is attacked, he will begin the vampire/Von’s/Shane’s monster pattern over again, giving you a few more rounds before you have to deal with beguile. This seems to apply only to the initial attack when it is played, and not damage done by a DoT.
  • any heal (even a pet heal) will cause Shane to immediately attack the healer with a vampire.
  • if a feint is played on Shane, he will hit it off by blading himself with a pact. Other universal traps are fine.

Buff up for a one hit kill on Shane using blades, school specific traps, tri-traps, hex, and curse. When your hammer is ready to attack, have all your other players (who are able) place a strangle on Shane. This will stop him from beguiling more members of your team. Place more strangles as necessary until all members of your team are no longer beguiled and he is unable to play his cheat spell the next round, then attack and take him out.

Strangle (death dispel)

After defeating Shane von Shane, you are able to release the Spirit of Darkmoor from her unearthly prison and set her free. In gratitude, she leads you to Undead Malistaire’s lair in the third and final Darkmoor dungeon, the Graveyard.

  • chetaahh

    I noticed Spirit of Darkmoor plays a Fire Skeletal Dragon every time you play a blade. If you kill the minions first you will get hit with a Life Leviathan and it will bring back the minions but only with 777 health, also the boss keeps playing hand of God on herself. If you put a trap on her, she will hit you with a myth Effrett. Myth dispels wont work.