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Dem Bones

Dem Bones

Jul 15, 2015

The Rattlebones Exalted Duel can shake you down to your bones! He and the Fairy Queen are up for a match, and they do NOT fight pretty. You’ll be well-rewarded for the challenge, however, with some of the gear that is dropped from this battle being a good alternative to Darkmoor/Malistaire gear.

You can get your hands on this duel for 500 Crowns in the Crowns Shop, or as a drop from Rattlebones himself.

The Rattlebones Exalted Duel has 2 bosses:

  • Rattlebones (Death, 30,500 health)
  • Fairy Queen (Life, 22,500 health)


Universal Cheats

  • When a feint is placed on either boss, the boss that received the feint will interrupt to shout “Why don’t we trade?” and “trade” with you, giving you the 70% trap and themselves the 30% trap.
    • The “trade” spell is ice, and can be dispelled using Melt.



Rattlebones’s Cheats

  • If anyone enters the battle late, Rattlebones will shout “Tardiness will not be tolerated!” and the person (or people) who are late will be hit with a mana burn, which does approximately 2000 base damage.
  • Any time a heal is cast, pet or trained, Rattlebones will interrupt to say “Let’s dampen the heals!” and cast a Doom and Gloom around the battle.
    • The Doom and Gloom seems to be a 75% Doom and Gloom.


Fairy Queen’s Cheats

  • On round 1, the Fairy Queen will yell “Fairies! Protect your queen!” which summons 2 minions of varying schools.
    • These minions will not be active until round 3.
    • The minions will always have 5200 health regardless of which schools are summoned.
    • If these minions die, the Fairy Queen will resummon them in about 4 rounds.



  • *Random Alert* The Fairy Queen will randomly shout “You’ll never be as charming as Rattlebones!” and enfeeble any player who receives a blade or casts a damage bubble.
    • If Bladestorm is played, the caster will be enfeebled.


  • Occasionally, the Fairy Queen will interrupt to say “We fight as a team this time. Our victory is assured.” and cast a Satyr on one of her allies.
    • The trigger for this cheat is currently unknown.



  • Kill the Fairy Queen first. Killing the Fairy Queen first will allow you to blade freely, which makes taking out Rattlebones much easier. We like the below strategy to kill the Fairy Queen:
    • Round 1: The first 3 players melt the Fairy Queen, the hammer plays a damage aura
    • Round 2: Damage bubble, Tri-trap, Potent or Tc-tri trap, School trap
    • Round 3: Place 3 stacking feints on the Fairy Queen, the hammer hits. A group attack is worth a shot if they have one. If not, play a single target spell.

Explanation for strategy: You don’t want to feint too early, the Fairy Queen often casts sacrifice as a trained spell and may remove your feints.

  • Remove all healing pets. You don’t want one of your pets to accidentally take out your damage bubble, or make your healer heal under doom.
  • Have at least 2 dedicated healers. Take out the Fairy Queen ASAP and after that, the healer should ONLY focus on healing. Try to have your healers use only big heals (you don’t want to activate Doom and Gloom for a Sprite). Empowerment is a great aura to help you get a heal quickly.
  • Everyone should pack bubbles. This will allow you to knock out any Doom and Gloom ASAP.
  • Once the Fairy Queen is down, treat this as a normal battle. The only exception is that you should Melt Rattlebones before feinting him. Note: you should melt DIRECTLY before feinting him, as sometimes he casts trained ice spells that will remove your melt if you wait a round between the dispel and the feint.
  • Robert SkullSeaker

    Thank you for the guide. Tried this last night with a friend before this and it went horribly wrong.

  • DanielStormBreaker

    I’ve noticed that if you blade another player, the fairy doesn’t take away the blade(s), it only occurs if you place a blade on yourself.

    • mercs101

      We have had the Queen enfeeble us when we blade other people.

      • DanielStormBreaker

        Hmm that’s so strange, maybe we just had better luck! Maybe it’s just randomly? I don’t really know, but all I’m in for is the drops! :)

  • Edward AnvilShard

    Ice dispels let you bypass the feint cheat.

    • mercs101

      Yep, we have that in our strategy section!

  • seethe42

    This makes all the difference in the world. Forget packing bubbles. Get first to cast death dispel, second to heal and no one ever cast bubbles and you’re set for the whole match. Just hope a pet doesn’t heal before the dispel.

    • Arkady Zilberberg

      Even better: get first to cast death dispel, second to cast a global you most want (Sanctuary in most cases) and third to cast a heal. I once fought with a team where we got this down cold and everything went so smoothly it’s unreal.