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Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

Nov 27, 2014

In the middle of a spiral staircase in the Upper Halls, just after Akhtang Wormcrawl and before the Spirit of Darkmoor, there lies a mysterious door with a golden lock. If you or any member of your team happens to have a golden key, you’re in luck! …. or are you?

Upon opening the door, you will find the hidden chamber of BUNFERATU, lover of vegetables and all things undead. He’s got some gear you might like… but you’ll have to fight your way through him to get it.



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  • Bunferatu has inate 40-50% pierce.
  • At the beginning of turn 1, he will interrupt to cast a doom and gloom around the fight. Any attempt to change the bubble will result in him immediately trying to change it back to doom. Doom and Gloom!
  • If Bunferatu is hit, he will interrupt to play a 55% infection on the person who attacked. I Plague You
  • Every 3 rounds, Bunferatu will go through a cheat cycle:
    • End of round two: interrupt to cast dark pact, deathblade, balance blade. Death Sharpens My Bite
    • Start of round three: interrupt to cast Call of Khrulu. Death Swallow You

Everyone who doesn’t need to worry about their attack power (ie, everyone but the hammer) should wear their best death resist gear.

Keep track of the rounds and be careful not to feint if the end of the second round of a cycle is coming up; youre feints will only be pact’ed off.

If you want to change the bubble, have someone death dispel Bunferatu immediately before the new bubble is played. This will make his attempt to change it back to a doom and gloom fizzle, and he will not attempt to change it again.

Blade up one person for a big hit on all enemies, and take them all out as quickly as possible. If at all possible, hit before the end of round 5 to avoid taking more than 1 cheat Call of Khrulu.

Keep cleanse charm in your sideboard. The minions in this fight love to plague and virulent plague.

Round 1: Have all players blade the hammer. The hammer can also aura or play a storm trap on the boss.

Rounds 2: blade your hammer. If there is a plague on your hitter/hammer, cleanse it off.

Round 3: The first 3 players should play stacking feints on the boss, and the hammer should attack.

  • Cleanse charm
  • buffs for your hammer
  • strangle (death dispel)

Bunferatu drops some nice athames and amulets, as well as many many seeds. He’s worth a farm every once in a while, so check him out and see what he has in store for you!