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Edward Rubyrunner’s Winning Entry

Edward Rubyrunner’s Winning Entry

Jan 22, 2013

Tomb of King Whatshisname

Story: Long ago in the ages of Ancient Avalon, King Tameaus, the predecessor to King Arthur, guarded the kingdom from all wrong doings of the shadow legion. As he slept one night, the leader of the legion, The Malevolent Phantom, arose into the king’s chamber and put him into a deep slumber. He then took the King to a mysterious tomb, and locked him in there, leaving him to die and making everyone think his death was an accident. Along with the king stored inside the tomb, The Secret Jewel of Avalonia was kept inside, and is now needed to complete a mission in Avalon. Wizards will have to traverse this difficult dungeon to the end to recover the stolen piece, and face The Malevolent Phantom.

Floor 1: Huge Chamber. No Fighting Here. Statues of Avalon knights all around along with spider webs. A doorway is up ahead leading to Floor 2.

Floor 2: First fight. Simple mobs.
x4 – Risen Rose Knight Rank 13 Elite / Death / 5,950 HP

Floor 3: Simple Mobs.
x4 – Web Specter Rank 13 Elite / Storm / 5,170 HP

Floor 4: Puzzle!
You must match the icons of the grave markers on top of the walls with those on the floor in less than 20 Seconds. If failed all players lose -1,000 HP. If succeeded, Mana and Health Wisps appear.

Floor 5: Simple Mobs.
x4 – Shadow Legionnaire    Rank 13 Elite / Death / 6,155 HP

Floor 6: First Boss Fight. Cheats? YES.
x1 – Gloom Ossiusweaver  Rank 13 Boss / Death / 23,350 HP

1. If a Heal is used, all 4 players will get Efreet-ed. (Including Pets) (0-Pip)
2. If Gloom is hit before all [1-3] minions are dead, he will cast Rebirth (with Shields). (0-Pip)

The best thing to do here is to take down all Minions WITHOUT using AoE and un-equipping pets to prevent a massive Efreet spam.
x[1-3] – Risen Rose Knight Rank 13 Elite / Death / 5,950 HP

Floor 7: Cheating Mobs!

x4 – Foul Knights  Rank 13 Elite / Balance / 4,000 HP

1. If an AoE is used, all 4 Knights cast Availing Hands on themselves. (0 – Pip)
2. If an Aura is used, Supernova is used on the caster. (0-Pip)

Strategy:  The best thing players can do here is to choose the enemy across from them, power up, and one hit kill with a single target attack without the use of ANY aura.

Floor 8: Cheating Boss!
x1 – General Calaca  Rank 13 Boss / Fire / 26,750 HP

1. If an attack is used without a Sun Enchant (Keen Eyes, Strong, etc.) an Efreet with base damage of 1,350 is cast on the caster.
2. If Cleanse Charm is used, Bad Juju (0-Pip) is cast on the caster.

Strategy: Stock up fully with Damage Enchants from Colossal and Gargantuan. Next while powering up, when possible, use the Sun Enchant on ANY damage spell just in case. If an Efreet is casted on you during normal battling, use a wand attack to get it off, not the Cleanse Charm.

x[1-3] – Sly Crowcaller  Rank 13 Elite / Myth / 5,550 HP

Floor 9:  Final Fight! Boy is this a dosey!

x1 – The Malevolent Phantom   Rank 14 Boss / Death / 35,750 HP


1. If a Charm is cast at any time, Enfeeble is used on all players. (0-Pip)
2. If a Shield is used, Steal Ward is used. (0-Pip)
3. If a Trap is used, Trap is removed and placed on player.
4. Starts with a -90% Tower Shield, and if removed by Pierce, is replaced immediately by a -100% Tower Shield, then returns to -90%.

Strategy: This boss pushes the limits to strategy. The best thing to do here would be to pack in a ton of Reshuffles, since Raw Power can only be used. Next, players should be ready to enchant, hit and repeat. The moment anyone loses all cards, reshuffle is cast, and the process is repeated. It is also safe to never use Pierce since it will trigger a stronger shield.

x1 – Possessed King ArtoriusRank 14 Boss / Myth / 33,500 HP


1. Medusa is cast ONCE every round to ANY random player. (0-Pip)

Strategy: A player or players should be designated to put up Vaporize on King Artorius repeatedly since this will be critical to surviving due to the possibility of 4 round stuns, etc. This boss should be the first one to be taken down.

x1 – Possessed Sir Malory   Rank 14 Boss / Fire / 31,250 HP


1. If less than 4 players have Auras active, a -40% smokescreen will be cast every round until all 4 players have an aura ACTIVE. (0-Pip)

Strategy: This boss’ cheat is really easy to counteract. Simply play an aura by the beginning of the battle and then again when at the 1 Rounds Left mark. For this, Aura TCs should also be kept at FULL-STOCK.

x1 – Risen King Tameaus  Rank 14 Boss / Storm / 29,550 HP


1. If King Tameaus is hit before King Artorius AND Sir Malory are defeated, King Tamaeus will place a +140% Supercharge Blade on himself. This CANNOT be stacked. (0-Pip)

Strategy: As stated above, the best thing to do is to tackle King Artorius first and then Sir Malory. King Artorius provides annoying spells from the Myth class which can make this battle last even longer.

Upon defeat of Floor 9, the Jewel is recovered, and the player is awarded: 550,750 XP / 33,500 Gold