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Episode 1 – I’m an Elite Fighting Force?

Episode 1 – I’m an Elite Fighting Force?

Jun 26, 2013

In this first episode, I’ll answer the question of how I found Mercenaries for Hire and became a merc.

It really is very simple: the Mercenaries had an farming event, I stalked them, they invited me, I said yes, I passed the test (yes, there is  a test) , and rest is history.  THE END!

Below is the longer version, for people that would like to know a bit more.


M4H – may be imitated but never duplicated!

I started playing wizard almost 3 years ago.  I had never heard of M4H until the Dec. 2011 Waterworks farming event.  Waterworks was fairly new at the time and I had read a lot about it but never actually done it.  I was hooked by the M4H’s teamwork, their method, and how much fun they were having after my very first run with Scarlet* and Zane.

After the event, I studied Katherine’s guide, collected all the information on what is needed to one-hit kill Luska and Sylster, figured out the puzzles, etc.  Armed with all the information, I assembled my team of friends and went to Waterworks.  Shockingly, not everything went as planned. Actually, nothing went as planned.  Hmmm … I must be missing something.

Back to the drawing board!



I decided to stalk M4H’s board and show up at as many Waterworks runs as my schedule allowed. I learned the use of many spells that I have never used before … Guiding Light, Vaporize, Feint, Dissipate, etc. I also learned to expect the unexpected.  I scoured the Bazaar looking for amulets, athames, rings, and treasure cards to get better prepared.  I planted Honey Sickles for their blade treasure cards.

I got my hat and robe pretty quickly.  But Sylster decided to hold onto my boots.  For many weeks, Scarlet*, Zane, many other M4H members, and I played Spritely War during our runs and shouted BOOTS! BOOTS! BOOTS! at Sylster until he finally relinquished them.

Chanting with Katherine on a merc run for my elusive boots.

Chanting with Katherine on a merc run for my elusive boots.


You’ve Got Mail!

In Jan-2012, I got a private message from John Shadow, who was the co-leader of M4H at the time.  He inquired as to if I would be interested in becoming part of M4H.  HECK! YEAH!  I’d had a lot of fun during all my Waterwork runs and I liked everyone I met.  I mean who wouldn’t want to be part of this team?!

John’s reply mentioned there will be some training runs and tests.  “Sure, bring it on!”  John took me through TOTH and Katherine helped me with Warehouse.  I don’t think anyone knew at the time that those were my very first runs through both places.

The team worked together to take me on training runs, teach me about the bosses in the game, how to deal with them, and how to work with new players who aren’t as prepared for these dungeons as I might otherwise expect.

I was gaining confidence... but maybe I wasn't quite as ready as I thought.

I was gaining confidence… but maybe I wasn’t quite as ready as I thought.


I’m with Kevin the Noob!

Once I felt ready, it was on to the next stage.

My very first test run was in Mirror Lake. Zane died before the end of first battle.  “Wait! Stop! What just happened?! And who are you people?!” was all I could think.  Just imagine the mercenaries all turned into Kevin the Noob, and your job is to lead them through whatever difficult instance was requested.  Oy! It certainly was eye-opening, and I had to learn FAST how to deal with all different types of problems that may come up.


The baby merc is born!

After a few more nerve racking & nail biting test runs where I managed to kept everyone alive.  The group finally felt I was ready and I was inducted into the team. Then the REAL fun began.

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  • Tabitha AshCaster

    Wow, I cannot even begin to fathom how fun, and stressing that was for you. Good luck with being a new Mercenary, EllieKat, I wish you well, and hope to see you in game.

    I haven’t been to any farming event’s, but i do farm the lower level bosses when in need of gold. :) Maybe when i’m a higher level i’ll see what these events are like.

    Can’t wait to see the second episode.


  • Severino Signa

    I am lvl 38 myth, and that is my only character. Can i join?

    • Katherine Light

      Sorry Severino, we require all of our mercenaries to have full access to all (or almost all, side worlds being an exception) content. For more information on how we recruit, check out this post.