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Episode 6 – THE PRANK!

Episode 6 – THE PRANK!

Sep 5, 2013

The Victim

John Shadow was the team leader/co-leader for a long time.  He is also a very good prankster.  One day, he told us that he received a message from a Wizard101 Central moderator who wanted to become a merc.  Saying we were shocked is an understatement. This moderator had never shown an interest in M101 before, so we were put in the awkward position of telling them that (despite having played the game for a while) they didn’t have enough experience running dungeons with M4H to be added to the team at this time. Some embarrassing and very confusing conversations may have happened between said moderator and a few mercenaries. Soon the moderator realized what has happened and told us that no, they had no desire to be a mercenary at all and had no idea where we got that idea.


We decided it was time for payback, but we chose to bide our time so that our revenge would be unexpected.  After months of discussions and brainstorming, the perfect opportunity finally presented itself.


The Setup

Summertime is always the busiest time for us.  In addition, at the time we had also just opened up for services  in Gameforge’s Wizard101 UK.  In that period of time, all of our mercs were located in North America. We were having a hard time covering requests from other time zones.  We were hurting (as was our schedule!) and desperately needed new mercs, but we also did not want to lower our standards.  We observed our F2M4H for months and finally decided to invite Dark_Inspiration, who is not only extremely skilled but also lives in Europe and had max-level characters on both the US and Wizard101 UK servers.  After weeks of training, Dark_Inspiration was finally ready for his test runs.


The scene of the crime.

The scene of the crime.

Katherine and Ellie conducted the final test run with Dark_Inspiration in the Warehouse.  Needless to say it was a fast and fun run (though maybe not from Dark_Inspiration’s perspective).  The girls got into a catfight, he tried very kindly to intervene, people accidentally ported out during boss fights, decks were stuffed full of useless spells, horrible gear was worn, spells were chosen at the last second, bosses were underkilled, and in general there were all manner of hijinks. Dark_Inspiration handled everything with grace and not only managed to get everyone through the tower successfully, but tried to teach some great skills along the way.

We decided he was ready to join us on the team… however, before adding him to the group, we wanted him to help us with one final thing.  He readily agreed.  Katherine and Ellie told everyone (including John) how great Dark_Inspiration did and how he would be a wonderful addition to the team.  As they shared this with the team, however, they lingered on (and greatly embellished) a lot of the details of what exactly they had done to stretch him to his limits on their test run. While the rest of the team was in on the joke, John became concerned about how far poor Dark_Inspiration had been pushed and began to express that he (John) was not entirely happy about such an extreme test run.


The Delivery

While Ellie and Katherine were drawing out their (often untrue) statements about how they had run him ragged, Dark_Inspiration began to whisper John. He told John that he had decided to decline the invitation to become a merc stating… well how about we just let you read the highlights of the prank convo ;).

  • Kat Light: Shall we tell John that we scared Dark away?
  • Cass Dragonheart: LOL go for it!  I’ll contribute 😉
  • Kat Light: Think you can get him to actually say that to John, that he’s not interested in being a merc anymore after that?
  • Sorcerssmiklai: Have him tell John that if this is the kind of stuff they pull on new recruits he surprised we have people last so long.
  • Cass Dragonheart: Dark said he would be happy to help.

[several minutes later, John had gone mysteriously quiet in the War Room but was frantically whispering Katherine and Ellie asking for more information and began both to reprimand them and to panic about losing a great new team member.]

  • Compguru: We best stop soon before John has a heart attack.
  • Sorceressmiklai: Or gets mad at the rest of us.
  • Ellie Kat: Do you think John is buying it?  He hasn’t said much.
  • Kat Light: He’s not saying much because he’s chatting with Dark in a private chat.  And Dark is in on it.
  • Nesogra: Mind if I ruin the joke? 😛
  • Cass Dragonheart: YES! Not yet!
  • Nesogra: O  no not yet but later :)
  • Kat Light: Don’t you DARE ruin the fun yet, he earned this. 😛 But yeah, when we do come clean you can be the one to tell him, lol, have a plan in mind?
  • Nesogra: My plan is to break it to John via a funny pic ^^
  • Cass Dragonheart: Message from Dark:  John told me,  “I’ll be sure to speak with them both. I do apologize for the mess they put you through.”
  • Sorceressmiklai: Oh Kat you are so grounded!  You have to give up your sheep pet on UK for a week!
  • Kat Light: Have him push that he’s knows sometimes he will have to deal with clients like that, and he’s just not sure he’s interested. That way it’s an “I don’t want to be a merc” issue, not an us issue… which will be even tougher for John to talk him out of.
  • Cass Dragonheart: k, passed along, Dark is having fun with this, lol

[several more minutes pass and John becomes more withdrawn and upset about the fact that his team “drove away” one of the best players we’ve seen in a long time.]

  • Cass Dragonheart: We ready to give John the REAL news now? Dark is running out of ways to string him along.
  • Kat Light: No, let’s string it out just a little a while longer… Maybe have Dark sign out saying he doesn’t want to talk about it right now?
  • Compguru: We have crushed John if he is running to me for comfort.
  • Ellie Kat: He is? to YOU?! wow!


  • Nesogra: Will that [the picture] work?
  • Cass Dragonheart: Perfect!
  • Kat Light: I think we’ve made him suffer enough, lol, send it to him in the war room so we can all see his reaction.

Unfortunately, at the exact moment that Nesogra decided to send the picture, John decided he couldn’t deal with everything and stepped away from the computer! When he came back a while later we had to remind him to open up the picture before he tried to give us all a stern-talking to.

  • <John finally gets the picture and sits in stunned silence for a few minutes>
  • John Shadow: So this was really all a prank? …… If Dark was really in on all this with you, you’re all banned.
  • Nesogra: Why do I feel like such a troll now?
  • Ellie Kat: Because you are!
  • Kat Light: That was great!
  • John Shadow: Now to plan out my revenge for this. I want my prank master title back.
  • Nesogra: You had it coming.
  • Ellie Kat: Uh-oh, now we just have to be on the look out for the revenge revenge prank.
  • Kat Light: I say we pre-empt it by doing a PRE-revenge revenge prank prank.
  • Scarlet: Prank prank?
  • Kat Light: If you say it enough times, you’ll realize I did say that properly!  Yes, if his next prank would be the revenge revenge prank, then our prank would the PRe (revenge revenge prank) prank.  See? TOTALLY makes sense. 😛
  • Zane: Plotting revenge is fun.

It was an EPIC prank!

A message from John

I just want you all to know. I have not forgotten about this and don’t be shocked if something were to happen in the future.


~John Shadow

A response

Pfft, try all you want, you will never top it John 😛


The Final Threat

John laughs at Nesogra, He can live in denial all he wants. (evil grin)



  • Nesogra

    My new favorite post ^_^

    • Daisy

      Delivery via funny pic? Why am I not surprised?

  • Cass DragonHeart

    Now THAT was a fun Test Run! (giggling in insane glee remembering THAT prank!)

  • Elfagirl

    revenge revenge prank prank = rp squared

  • TwisTED

    I’m In tears over here. That was great.

  • Rachel Dragonflame

    You guys better watch out then.

  • Christian Groff

    Ah man, if this is the sort of stuff I’d have to deal with if I became one of you, I’d flip. I hate being pranked. Hateithateithateit! Still, you guys are really crazy. XD

  • Christian Groff

    And the new Ultra fights, lol. ZD

    I’m just getting back into Wizard101 and I can’t wait to start sending you requests – of course with the new Team Up Kiosk, you guys might be out of a job, j/k. 😉