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Exalted Khrysalis!

Exalted Khrysalis!

Apr 24, 2014

Khyrsalis Part Two is now LIVE! After many years of chasing her down and being one step behind, it’s time to take on Morganthe and save the Spiral from her evil scheming.

There’s a new level cap of 100, a new title (Exalted!), new crafting quests (talk to Oztomeca in Three Points if you’ve finished your Azteca crafting quest), new dungeons and bosses, new areas, new spells, new gear, and a whole lot of epic battles in store! You can read our guides on the new Khrysalis bosses here.


In order to allow our team to quest through Khrysalis Part Two as quickly as possible so that we can open for requests, we will not be accepting farming requests for a short while. The Tartarus farming event scheduled for this weekend will go ahead as planned. We look forward to seeing many of you in the new areas!

  • luis iceflame

    i feel like hobes is one of the first ever exsisting creatures of the spiral and he is somehow going to end up being the next threat to the spiral.

  • Snow Angelx

    are there gonna be anymore fog staffs o-o

    • mercs101

      Keep an eye out for more competitions.