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Fall Farming Festival [Event CLOSED]

Fall Farming Festival [Event CLOSED]

Sep 29, 2012

And the winner is…..

The Hallowe’en Towers! 

In our polls here, here, and here, you picked the location and we picked the date! We are planning to farm the  towers and Baron Mordecai’s tower as well on OCTOBER 6th and 7th!

KingsIsle has also given us plenty of codes to give away as prizes! We will be hosting some surprise contests throughout the weekend during our farming sessions. You have to attend the event to win the prizes we’ll be giving away there, but if you can’t come there will be PLENTY more opportunities to win. We will be hosting various other contests here on Central, all the way through to Hallowe’en. Some, like those at the event, will be spontaneous, unannounced, and require you to keep an eye on this blog, and our forum over at Wizard101 Central. Others will require more time, and we’ll give you plenty of time to complete your entries.

For our weekend farming event, we will be meeting at the following times and locations:


Saturday, October 6

Morning Session, Hallowe’en Towers:
9AM – 11AM Central
Afternoon Session, Baron Mordecai:
2PM – 4PM Central
Evening Session, Hallowe’en Towers:
7PM – 9PM Central

Saturday, October 7

Morning Session, Baron Mordecai:
9AM – 11AM Central
Afternoon Session, Hallowe’en Towers:
2PM – 4PM Central
Evening Session, Baron Mordecai:
7PM – 9PM Central

 All sessions will start off in Realm Scarecrow. If need to expand to different realms we will announce through our site, Central, and twittter.

For all Hallowe’en Tower sessions, please meet in the open space behind Bartleby in Ravenwood, near Malorn Ashthorn.

For all Baron Mordecai sessions, please meet in the courtyard beside his tower.

Please remember to check before each session to make sure you are headed to the right area for each time slot. We would hate to see someone waiting at Bartleby when the event and contests are currently happening at Mordecai.

We look forward to seeing all of you next weekend for farming, fun, and prizes!

  • Scarlet

    Thank you for the Banner by the always awesome Autumn Ice! Woot!

  • Kyle Wild

    which realm?

    • Zane

      Realm Scarecrow