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Fall Farming Festival: Fun Fun Fun! [Contest CLOSED]

Fall Farming Festival: Fun Fun Fun! [Contest CLOSED]

Oct 8, 2012

Hi! We had a blast for our first Spooky week and Fall Farming Festival and hope you did too! Here is a shout out to all of our first week contest  winners!


Congrats to DF123, Hunterlane62unknown163 for winning the first post contests!

Congrats to Edward RubyRunner, the Master, and Nightmaress in the First Timed That’s Gonna Leave a Mark contest!

Congrats to DF123, KyleWild, and Nightmaress for winning ID that Merc contests!

Congrats to Nightmaress for taking first place, ~Kristen~ for coming in Second and to KyleWild for coming in third place in the Second Timed I’ve got the boss contest!

Congrats to ~Kristen~ for winning the find Jack in the Box contest!


Thank you to everyone for making our Fall Farming Festival a success!

If you want a chance to win more prizes, check this out here.

Thanks again to KI and Professor Greyrose for all of the cool prizes!