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Fall Farming Festival! [Poll Closed]

Fall Farming Festival! [Poll Closed]

Sep 4, 2012

In the coming weeks, Mercenaries For Hire plans to host our fall farming event! We’re a bit undecided as to what would be most enjoyable and beneficial for you guys, so we’d like your opinions. Please vote and let us know what type of farming event would most interest you, and we’ll plan our event around the winner. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing your opinions! If you have any other ideas, feel free to post them in the comments – we’re open to any suggestions.




Which M4H Fall Farming event(s) would you like to attend?

Crowns seeds (EMP, Couch Potatoes, DHE)
One In a Million badges
Hallowe'en Towers

  • Stephen Majors

    I think the hallowe’en towers are a perfect compliment to what starts the fall season. Plus everyone that starts playing Wizard101 during the halloween season sees just how much more exciting the experience becomes!

  • Daisy

    1 in a Million for some buff stacking fun :)

  • Mack

    I love the Hallowe’en Towers. there should be a guy in dark with a scythe named grim that gives u quests in Wizard City this time.

  • Sophia Titanheart

    I like the Hallowe’en towers. Waterworks are way too long in my opinion, and I dont garden anymore so crowns seeds are useless to me

  • John Shadow

    Halloween tower are always fun. Then again I do have wizards in need of gear so…

  • benjamin sunpants

    i think it should be crown plants cause they give you lots of gold and sometime really cool stuff like mega pet snacks