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Fall of the Immortals

Fall of the Immortals

Mar 25, 2014

challenge the immortals

Sunday March 23 we held out monthly Tartarus farming event.
The turnout was spectacular.

We had 13 F2M101 and 9 Merc’s join the event. 12 teams formed up across the 3 sessions. Combined these teams defeated the immortals a total of 20 times. In the process some rewards were received as well. A bundle of wands and reagents were collected. And of course we received enough Senator’s gear to open our own branch of government.

We also managed get at least 3 premium hats, 7 Robes and a couple pairs of boots. Even though some of those were dups it’s always a good time when you’re defeating immortals.


F2M101 Wizard Name   Merc
Prince of Esprit Mark Ravenshard   EricMTGCast
davidson855 Robert Soulfalme   Poppy RB
Yuna Calamity Nightheart   $eth
Hunter Lionsword Hunter Lionsword   crzydaisy
Silva Darkmoon Aaron Goldfist / Stormbringger   dime30
girlsrule101 Ashley Stormblossom   Ellie Kat
fireyawesomeness Michael Fireblade   John Shadow
Angel Wild Angel Wildblood   Apollo
cooldude1 Ryan DuskSpear   Prince of Shadows
blazethecat12354 Kimberly Icestaff    
Sparklefrog Valkoor Legendsword    
ecceben Victoria Lionweaver    
Rayzer Rachel Fairycaller    
~HourseGirl~ Rebecca UnicornBlossom    
y0gamom Keira DragonTail
  • Simon

    😀 NICE! Can’t wait