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Fansite Festival Battle Royale!

Fansite Festival Battle Royale!

Apr 15, 2016


Hey all you cool cats and daring dogs, are you tired of bonanzas, flaflanzas, and jubilees? Are you tired of contests, tournaments, and prizes? Then you’re weird and you’ve come to the wrong place.


This Saturday, April 16, 2016, Mercenaries101 will be hosting a battle royale where you can earn some amazing prizes!


  • First Place Prize: Choice of either the Jewel Crafter’s Bundle or the Polarian Bundle
  • Second Place Prize: Leftovers from what the actual winner didn’t choose
  • Third and Fourth Place Prize: 5k Crowns Code


Starting at 3PM EDT, we will be posting HERE with FIVE different clues that will lead you to a side boss across the various worlds of the spiral! Your job is to be smart and figure out what in the heck our clues even mean -_- Once you’ve figured it out, go there and snap a pic of you DEFEATING the mean beasty! After you’ve found all five, email ALL of your pictures to First 4 participants to correctly submit the answers will win!


While I’m not one to follow rules, we have to have them ;(

  • Only one entry per person is allowed, but we will be checking our email for entries every 15 minutes during the contest and will reply to give you the chance to try again if there is an error
  • Each entry must be your own, not the entry of another
  • Entries must have all five images of the side bosses
  • Entries must be submitted through email to

The contest ends when we receive four winning entries or 6pm EDT, 3 hours after start time, at which point we will award prizes to those with the most correct pictures out of 5, in order of submission.  Getting close to 6pm?  Send us what you have!  

If you have a question about the rules, please ask BEFORE the contest deadline. We reserve the right to hear or ignore all challenges/inquires made after the deadline has passed.

A huge thanks to the folks at KingsIsle for the prizes offered in this contest, and to FansiteFestival for bringing the fansite community together!

Now go out there and show the boss who’s boss!

Wizard City: Iron Golem

A young wizard! A student with amazing potential
You have got the power
To get the final piece
Atop of the tower
it’s where I’ll be

Krokotopia: Soulkeeper

In a chamber
lies a keeper of souls
whose icy cold stare
will scare you to the brim

Marleybone: Mikey the Brick

A lady’s gone missing
please help her if you dare
but that cat will eat anything
so you had better beware

Mooshu: Oakheart

In a place of despair,
My curse fills the air.
I am tainted,
But maybe afterwards we can be acquainted.
Free me from this spell,
Then my story I will tell.

Dragonspyre: Flamebringer

In this tower where I dwell
Protecting the knowledge of this place
My anger burns
Can you quell these flames?

  • mercs101

    Added a few more details to the rules at 2:40pm EDT, just in case this contest turns out to be trickier than anticipated. Please re-read and let us know if you have any questions.

  • mercs101

    And we’re up! Good luck everyone!

  • Wizard101Jack

    what do you mean by take a pic defeating? is that when the person is gone and the battle is over or..?

    • mercs101

      You could take the picture with deadly amount of damage displayed, as the boss is falling down, or immediately following the defeat with your drops still showing on the screen. If submitting a picture with your drops showing, please also tell us who you just defeated.

  • Alex

    Darn…I dont haev access to all of the above except WC

    • mercs101

      Sorry! Hopefully we’ll have a contest that will be accessible to you sometime soon. Enjoy the rest of the festival.

  • mercs101

    Don’t forget, all correct answers are side bosses, not mainline quests.

  • mercs101

    We now have at least 4 winning entries. Thank you all for playing.

    • Juhstn

      What was the Dragonspyre one? Congratz to the winners!

      • mercs101

        I’m about to post the answers :)

    • Daniel SunSword

      the prizes are out?

      • mercs101

        The winners are in, prizes are in the process of being sent out. All winners have been told that they submitted a complete and accurate entry.

  • mercs101

    Updated with the answers

  • mercs101

    We will post a list of winners as soon as they let us know how they would like to be identified.

  • mercs101

    1st Place – Nicholas Storm
    2nd Place – Michelle Shadowgem
    3rd Place – @_ConfettiWap on Twitter
    4th Place – Jesse Night

    Congrats to all of our winners and thanks again to everyone who played.