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Fansite Festival!

Fansite Festival!

Jan 1, 2015

On April 18th, Mercenaries101 will be taking part in the first annual FANSITE FESTIVAL! The faces behind your favorite fansites, blogs, databases and everything in between are coming together for one HUGE event! Each fansite will be taking a different role, and for now we’ll leave you guessing as to what hijinks the Mercenaries will be getting up to that day… but you’ll definitely have the chance to be a part of it. Keep your eyes open for more details as the date get closer, and check out the Fansite Festival website and twitter to see who else is participating and get more details.



  • DanielStormBreaker

    Oh my gosh this sounds AMAZING! :)

  • Devin Frosthammer

    r u guys ever going to do another fog staff giveaway i didnt have an acount at the last one

    • mercs101

      We haven’t made plans yet for the next competition or giveaway but will announce it on here when we do.

  • Rachel

    Is there gonna be any fog staff raffles soon or with the festival?

    • mercs101

      We haven’t planned our next raffle/competition but will announce it on here when we do.

  • Ethan O:

    Please Do another fog staff giveaway

  • Morgrim summerhand

    pls do a fog staff giveaway PS: Awsome site luv w101 😀

  • jeremy darkblade

    Do another fog staff give away

  • Charles G.

    Haven’t attended any contests yet, hope i could attend this one.

  • lapmaster

    trying to win a fog staff