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Fantastic Jurassic

Fantastic Jurassic

Oct 25, 2012

KingsIsle has been kind enough to give us a bit of a sneak peek into the new Prehistoric Bundle that will be coming to shelves at WalMart soon. This package comes with:

  • a 2 player Scarydactyl Mount
  • the new Babydactyl pet
  • War Axe wand
  • Wild Ranger Outfit
  • TreeHouse housing item
  • a 1  month subscription or 5,000 Crowns

This is some pretty sweet stuff – check it out!

Here’s the new mount – don’t be TOO afraid when he stretches, even if it does look a little terrifying.

Taking a rest after running around the Spiral all day.

Just hold on tight and everything will be fine. REALLY tight.


My personal favorite part of this bundle is the new babydactyl pet. He’s ADORABLE, and he comes with a fantastic new talent… may cast windstorm! At baby and teen his innate card is stormblade, and at adult that card changes to storm beetle. There may be even more changes to the card as they get older!

He’s just a big old bundle of cute! At least until he starts teething.


The new gear has some fantastic stats – universal accuracy, power pip chance, critical rating, power, armor piercing, fire school cards – about the only thing lacking is general resist.

So easy a caveman could do it.


I redeemed all level 80 gear, for use as I quest through Azteca! Here’s the stats on that particular tier of the gear.


And finally… the Treehouse. This isn’t just COOL. it’s gorgeous! I placed it in my life house and it fits in just perfectly. All the flowers, mushrooms, etc around the base of the tree are actually part of the tree itself.

Now THAT is a treehouse!


Once you approach the treehouse, you get the option to check out what it’s all about:

Hope you’re not afraid of heights… it’s a LONG climb up!


Up at the top, you’ll find a HUGE nest, with three bird’s egg in it. Each egg has a present for you… you can get a total of three gifts (one per egg) each day from the treehouse. This is a BIG area – while you can’t place housing items here, it’s sure to become a party hotspot. Just make sure that the Mama bird doesn’t come back – eyes on the skies, always.

This, kids, is where babydactyl pets come from.

We love this new bundle – it’s a ton of fun! We can’t wait to see the Spiral fill up with our Jurassic buddies.

  • Scarlet

    Looks fun! 😀

  • Master

    I am digging this ,wish it would get to my city now.

  • Xavier Palacios

    I need to head to walmart really fast and beg for this!!!!!!