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Q – What is a friend to mercenaries for hire (a.k.a. F2M4H)?

A person who has posted and asked for help, and/or has volunteered to assist a mercenary with requests such as Kensington Park, Brisk Breeze Tower, The Warehouse, Trial of Spheres, etc., and/or helped at events such as the Tri-Harvest festival, Reel in your Gear, etc. We consider nearly everyone who posts on our Central forum an F2M4H.

Q – Is it true you can help people get their pets or spells as long as you’re the same school? If this is possible, do you help with this?

There is no way to help even if a wizard is the same school and there are sigils available. We mercs have checked. All  upper level pet quest and spell quests are SOLO. Help was once possible with level 58 life spell quest, but that is no longer true. There are other solo quests where two people MAY be able to work together, if they both happen to have the quest (eg, the spell quest for judgment), but as the odds of a mercenary on the same quest are extremely small, we do not help with these either.

Q – You still allow people that are not mercenaries to help with places under Celestia, right?

Yes, except in cases of Briskbreeze, the Warehouse, Waterworks, Tower of the Helephant, Jotun, the four ravens(a.k.a. the Coven), The Labyrinth, Great Spyre, and Wintertusk. These are the instances that, while located in lower level worlds, are designed for higher-level wizards. (In the case of The Labyrinth and Great Spyre, we simply want to ensure a good experience and that the job is completed.) For these requests, F2M4H are welcome to join in a request, but the merc will be the one leading the run.

Q – How do mercs get all these areas? By crowns or by membership?

The team is a mix of subscribers, crown players, and some of us even have more than one account of different types. Mercs need to have access to ALL AREAS of the game to be able to help. That is one of the requirements of being a merc.

Q – How do you decide when someone who is not a merc finally joins the team?

We add members when we as a group decide. This is usually when there is a lot of new content or when  mercs go inactive. We keep our numbers relatively small, as it helps foster a closer relationship between the mercs. For more information on the possibility of becoming a mercenary, please see our post on recruitment in the M4H Team category.

Q – Why don’t you train some people to be mercenaries in training?

Since additions to the team are on an as needed basis, we do not identify mercenaries in training. At any point in time, there are potentially some people being trained to be mercenaries.

Q – I am a member on this board, but I have a friend who is not. Can I request help for both of us to do a dungeon together? Or would she have to be a member on here as well?

We would gladly accept such a request. Note that in the case of Tower of the Helephant, if one person has menu chat we may break it up into two separate requests, but this is because of the difficulty of the dungeon, not the fact that someone doesn’t have a central account.

Q – Do you guys take requests to areas that people can get into, but not necessarily activate? For example the Stormriven pylons before they are activated for me, the Jade Oni, the Plaza of conquests, etc.

We do not take such requests. You must have full access to the boss you are requesting help with.

Q – Can someone who has not been helped by M4H before take requests on the thread? I saw that it said that people who have been helped by M4H are considered F2M4H, but nothing about people who haven’t been helped.

Friends and newcomers alike are allowed to pick up request in in WC/KT/MB/MS/GH/WYS/DS section – we welcome help and new friends from anywhere.

Q – So at any given time, about how many mercs are there usually?

There’s no concrete answer to that as the number is always changing. The numbers of mercs we have depends on the current request load, how much our F2M4H can help out, how active our mercs are able to be with outside personal obligations, etc. Our needs can change greatly depending on factors both in game and out of game. In the recent past we’ve had anywhere from 6 to 15 active mercenaries.

Q – Do you have to be an adult to be a mercenary?

No. Our only requirement is that you must be 13+, because you must have legitimate access to text chat at minimum. Our team is made up of everything from high school students to grandparents (and you’d be surprised by how well such a diverse group can get along)!

Q – I’ve noticed that even if a mercenary has enough pips to attack, they usually don’t. They blade me and want me to kill the boss, but I wish they would just kill it. Sometimes I just want to get through the dungeons fast, why won’t they do all the killing?

Yes, we will usually have the ‘client’ do the killing, at least of the bosses – often of the mobs as well, unless it is a farming request. For questing requests, we want to teach you how to kill so that you can grow as a player and become more self sufficient. As a whole, our goal as a group is not to simply help you burn through a dungeon as quickly as possible. We want to see our F2M4H grow as wizards, and help them discover the knowledge and skills to move on successfully on their own two feet.