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Farming Open

Farming Open

Jun 1, 2014

Thank you for all of your patience as we quested in the new world and then allowed a bit of extra time for quest requests in Khrysalis to be a priority.  We are happy to announce that we are now open for farming requests in all areas, except Tartarus, which we expect to continue to be by special event only.


Farm 1


Just a quick review of our policy on farming:



We will help you farm once per day. Requests for longer side quest cheat dungeons, such as TotH, Briskbreeze, Waterworks, Warehouse, etc, are limited to once per day whether it be for questing OR farming. We watch assists and may prefer less frequent posters or additional mercenaries, rather than the first posted assist. We suggest that players who often farm team up, especially with others that follow a similar strategy. For shorter instances, we will farm thirty minutes with you.

  • superxdeathxwizard

    hello I am a level 29 death wizard and questing is slow i think deer knight would speed it up so i would love to farm loremaster plz plz i have higher wizards on another accont but out of membership on those so i am stuck plz help ps what you guys do is epic!

  • NoahSpiritShield

    Wondering if it is possible for you to boost me in a dungeon. I have a lvl 66 balance but also a lvl 15 myth. Can you level boost him? Or not?

    • Katherine Light

      We can help with dungeons that you have a quest for or want to farm, but we won’t take a wizard into areas that they haven’t gained access to through the questline (ie, we won’t help power-level). We also have level limit in place for place that allow access to all levels, even if they haven’t gained access to the questline yet; For Jotun, we will help wizard level 40 and above. For Loremaster, we help levels 35 and above.

  • NoahSpiritShield

    Disregard the upper comment

  • NoahSpiritShield

    Okay, now I am serious. Can you help me farm loremaster? I have a balance and I have feint, hex, blades and stuff, get back to me and help me build a farm deck for her

  • Jack Shadowsword

    Can you please help me with the final dungeon in celestia it’s really hard and I really need help

  • Psythedude

    What about Darkmoor?

  • mercs101

    We may be a bit overdue for a service update, but we are currently closed for farming requests while we test the new content for Polaris. We also have not added the one shot dungeons to our list of services as they are outside of the primary game content.