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Feed Me Seymour!

Feed Me Seymour!

Mar 26, 2015

Your golden skeleton keys have a new boss to unlock! Up until now there have been hidden chambers within Castle Darkmoor and the Upper Halls that you could open with your golden keys, but there’s a new boss to be unlocked now…and is she ever hungry!

Aphrodite-Two can be found in the Graveyard through the locked gates to the left of Yevgeny NightCreeper. A golden skeleton key is required to unlock the gates. (To put your mind at ease, a drop of a replacement golden key is almost always won from the battle.)


Aphrodite-Two is not one to take your attacks lying down. She knows your tricks, and she’s pulling out all the stops (and all her tendrils) to cut you off at the pass.


Each battle is guaranteed to have one life tendril and one death tendril. The remaining two tendrils may be any combination of life, death, and myth.


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Get ready for a long, harrowing battle!


Aphrodite-Two’s Cheats

Aphrodite-Two has a few main cheats, but they have a LOT of implications to think through during your battle.

  • At the start of each round, the first tendril in the battle will interrupt to say “Ooh! Somebody Stop Me!!” and cast a life DoT on all players. This attack has an initial hit of (approximately) 430 damage, followed by three ticks doing 220 damage each. This spell also has three after-effects:
    • Mass Infection
    • Virulent Plague
    • Black Mantle on all players.
      aphroditestopmeThis cheat is similar to Belloq’s; if someone attacks any of the enemies in a round, the enemy attacked will shout “HISS!” which stops the cheat attack from occurring the following round. This only applies to initial attacks; hits from a DoT will not stop the cheat. If you hit multiple times within a round, you still have to hit the next round; there is no “carry over”.
  • Whenever any player casts a damage blade or bubble, the enemy directly opposite them in the battle circle will respond.

    The enemy that is directly on the opposite side of the battle circle from the caster will be the one to cast the cheat spells.

    The enemies will react to blades in the following ways:

    • Death: Will immediately interrupt to cast colossal Scarecrow. At the end of the round, will interrupt to cast item feint on a random player.
    • Life: Will immediately interrupt to cast colossal Forest Lord. At the end of the round, will interrupt to cast Guidance (AoE accuracy increasing charm) on all enemies.
    • Myth: Will immediately interrupt to cast colossal Earthquake. At the end of the round, will interrupt to stun the player directly opposite them.Please note that these cheats are only triggered by DAMAGE INCREASING blades and bubbles/fields. Pierce blades, accuracy charms, sanctuary, etc., can all be cast without consequence. It should also be noted that pet blades and gear blades, even may cast blades, will still trigger the cheats.
  • When attacked with a DoT, any damaged enemy will interrupt to cast the following:
    • Life: Mass Triage
    • Death: No response
    • Myth: Shift to player opposite them
  • While not a cheat, it is worth noting that each boss has a natural attack which has an after effect of a dispel to their school. Eg, the death boss’ natural attack has an after effect of a death dispel on the attacked player.

As you can see, these bosses have high health, and under normal circumstances, the best way to deal with this battle would be to blade up and kill all the bosses in one hit…however, these cheats make that strategy ineffective. So, what can you do instead? Well, we’ve tried out numerous strategies, and while none are fool-proof (this is a long, difficult and risky battle no matter what you do), we’ve had the most success with the following strategy.


Strategy for Aphrodite-Two

As with any cheat boss, communication is key. While a round is playing out, discuss what you each plan to play the next turn and on which boss; there’s a lot to account for in this battle and if you confine yourself to 30 seconds to work out your strategy, you’re going to run in to problems.

  • Have one person dedicated to attacking the bosses each round. This person should have high general accuracy; a fizzle here could mean big problems for your team. This person should attack using low (or no) pip single target hits, and should consistently attack the same enemy so that the other bosses can be trapped. It would also be wise for them to keep a few low pip attacks in their sideboard in case their deck fails them occasionally and they don’t get an attack up when it’s needed.
  • Wear a pet with a may cast heal! These bosses hit hard, and there’s a fine balance between needing to hit quickly (kill or be killed), and needing to keep everyone healthy. A good pet can save your bacon, and you need to make the most of any healing you can get.
  • Play sanctuary as soon as possible. See above about the necessity of maximizing healing. Since it’s not a damage bubble, it won’t activate any cheats.
  • Have two players dedicated to support. In the early rounds, aside from casting sanctuary, this will mostly mean feinting and a little healing. They should also have a few blades in deck for the hammer, which we’ll get to later.
  • Have a dedicated hammer. Since blades are problematic, the hammer should have traps (windstorm and potent windstorm are fantastic here if you have a storm hammer) and an attack aura, as well as a few attacks (at least two) and a corresponding number of colossals. It would also be wise to have a few pre-enchanted attacks in your sideboard so that you have a guaranteed hit ready when necessary.
  • Have both your dedicated each-round attacker, as well as your main hammer, wand the designated “small attacks” boss on the first round. There’s a good chance that one of them will fizzle thanks to the Black Mantle, and your hammer will need to clear off their Virulent Plague regardless.
  • You want to kill ONE boss as quickly as possible. This boss should be opposite one of your buffers (or your hammer). By killing a boss, the player opposite them is now able to blade the hammer without incurring any cheats. Choose the boss that is opposite one of your buffers and has the lowest health. Myth bosses are ideal to take out here, if possible. They have the lowest health, and by finishing one off early you no longer need to worry about them casting earthquake, medusa, etc.
  • To kill one boss early, have your buffer place as many stacking feints on them as possible. Trained Feints, Potent Feints, treasure Potent Feints, item Feints, item Potent Feints, pet Feints…bring them all out to play! Stack as many types of Feint as you can get on this boss as quickly as you can, and have the hammer hit as soon as possible. The hammer can hit with a group attack here; there’s no need to clog up their deck with single target hits, and a little extra damage to the other bosses can’t hurt.
  • Once one boss is dead, have the player opposite that boss focus on blading the hammer. The hammer can continue to trap and play an attack aura while one buffer blades them and the other buffer Feints the remaining bosses (and the designated attacker keeps chipping away each round to keep those cheat life DoTs away). While buffing,remember to take the time to heal as needed, which will vary greatly depending on how active your pets are.
  • On the final round, play a feint on the boss that your designated attacker has been hitting each round. Have your buffer play one last blade on the hammer. Your continuous attacker can pass, play a Feint, heal, or even (if they are NOT opposite a myth enemy and your team is good on health), blade or bubble for your hammer. The hammer should do an AoE attack and finish off the remaining bosses.


Rewards from Aphrodite-Two

Aphrodite-Two has some AMAZING drops that will likely make her one of the most farmed bosses of recent updates. She drops top-level jewels for socketing, the reagents needed to craft your own jewels (including orichalcum), the new spell, Sacred Charge (attack unicorn?! SO MUCH YES!), and some top-level rings, athames, and wands with not only fantastic stats, but pet energy boosts beyond that offered by any other gear in the game.


While the battles can be long, tedious, and occasionally nail-biting, it’s well worth it for some great gear and drops. EACH of the four bosses has their own loot table, and each is guaranteed to drop at least one piece of Aphrodite gear (or other top-tier gear). This means that, similar to Haunted Malistaire, if you’ve been defeated after a boss or two has died, you’ll want to stay in the battle and wait for someone to heal you rather than fleeing and returning. If you’re healed up, you’ll keep those drops; if you flee, however, you’ll lose them. Give it a try, see what works for your team here, and enjoy your loot!