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Final Day of the 6 Days of Giveaways!

Final Day of the 6 Days of Giveaways!

Dec 24, 2014

Day Six

For more than 70 years Irving Berlin has been dreaming of a White Christmas.  What is it that you are dreaming of this holiday season?  Your answer can be as serious or fun as you like and related to the game, or not.
Please email all entries to with subject “Day 6”

Everyone who submits a valid entry gets a tapestry to the Tomb of the Nameless, and a tapestry to Celestia Base Camp. (While supplies last)

In addition, every valid entry will also be put into a drawing for a chance to win:

  • Evergreen Bundle (One Winner)
  • Polar Bear Pet ( Four Winners)
  • Stegosaurus Pet ( Three Winners)

Additional Information:

  • Only one entry per day, per person, is allowed.
  • This contest ends today, December 24th, at 11:59 PM CST.
  • Codes will be sent out as soon as possible to the email address you submitted your entry with

These codes must be redeemed by December 31st, 2014.(They will expire afterwards!)

If you have a question about the rules please ask BEFORE the contest deadline. Some of us are human so we do make mistakes but it is better for everyone involved if these issues are pointed out while there is still time to fix it. If it isn’t brought up ahead of time we have to assume everyone understands. We reserve the right to ignore rule challenges that occur after the winners are announced.

Thank you again to KI for the wonderful prizes!

Today is our last day of this series of contests, so thanks very much to all who participated and all of the Mercs who ran the other 5 days.

Good luck everyone!


  • tedlau1

    I think its Gmail not ymail

    • mercs101


      No, our competition e-mail is ymail.

  • AlexLovesCookies

    To finally have a good time for Christmas most of the time is family passing away all I want is a good and happy Christmas.

  • Angelina

    All the valid entries will get a tapestry?

    • mercs101

      Yes each valid entry gets one of each tapestry.

  • Michael Wildflame

    This was an awesome 6 days contest keep up the awesome work and hope everyone Enjoys there Christmas

  • xxxtiffanyrosexxx

    Did you guys send out the prizes already?

    • mercs101

      We are in the process of sending the last ones out now.