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Fish Out Of Water

Fish Out Of Water

Feb 20, 2015

On February 21st, from 12:00am to 11:59 pm Central US Time, Wizard101 is hosting the first ever FISHING TOURNAMENT!

There are plenty of ways to win prizes. There are three categories in which the winner will earn 60,000 Crowns! Those categories are

  1. Largest fish
  2. Shortest fish
  3. Most epic fish

In addition to these 3 main prizes, there are additional prizes of 10,000 Crowns each for

  1. The most Dekoi-type fish caught
  2. The smallest Jellyfish-type fish
  3. The smallest Eel-type fish (Krokotopian Eel, Dragon Eel)
  4. The largest Codfather
  5. The largest Todd Pole

You can find the locations of all these fish, as well as tips for how to catch many of them, in our Gone Fishin’ guide!


Additionally, we’re using this opportunity to gather some fish information… and if you help, we’ve got some prizes for you as well!

For our fishing, we would like to add information on the sizes at which each fish is considered a small fry, keeper, and whopper. We are looking for this information on all fish EXCEPT DEKOI AND CUDA TYPES. What we are asking is that you fish like crazy for the fishing tournament, and at the end of the day, report back with the following information on any types of fish (except dekoi and cuda types) that you feel would be useful:

  1. The largest small fry
  2. The smallest keeper
  3. The largest keeper
  4. The smallest whopper

If you do not have each of those pieces information (ie if you only have a whopper and a small fry), please feel free to comment with whatever information you DO have, but make clear exactly which info you are giving.

Our hope is the by having many people contribute this information, we can find out at exactly which point each fish will be considered a small fry or whopper. We ask that you wait until the end of the day and then contribute all of your information in one reply to this post, even if you are submitting information for several different types of fish.  Please be as accurate as possible.  Everyone who contributes information will entered into a drawing for a chance to win a code for one of 20 FOG staffs! The codes will be sent to the email address with which your comment is registered. We will be accepting  contributions until midnight Central time on Monday, February 23.  We will approve comments and select our winners within a day after the close of the contest.


We look forward to gathering information from you to help the community, and good luck in the fishing tournament!

  • TheDefaltGuy

    yea, the tattoo fish must be the longest one, found in Mirohalm Keep
    The Sumo Koi is kinda big one, in the Kishibie Village
    The Fish Sandwich must the smallest, I think…found in Cyclops Lane
    I think the Musushi must b the epic one, I recently caught it..well everyone can give it a try (found in Crimson Fields).

  • Devin Frosthammer

    I am pretty sure the tattoo fish is the biggest
    and the sumo koi is pretty big too tattoo is found
    somewhere in grizzleheim and the koi is found in mooshu
    the smallest fish is found in cyclops lane its called the fish sandwich
    i know the musushi fish is an epic, its found in crimson fields

  • Shadowblade

    Here we have a Blackberry Jellyfish. This one shows how big/small it can get within the regular sized range. The 45.0, most notable gives an idea of the “Regular’ size range.

    • mercs101

      Excellent, thank you!

  • Brandon OwlSword

    Some stuff I got:
    A whopper Sun Ray (48.0)
    A small fry Bone Fish (8.0)
    A small fry Origami Fish (7.2)
    I got a lot of other stuff but didn’t document it too well obviously. 😛 Didn’t want to give any false information so that’s all I got for now, might find some more later in the day. :) Thanks for the contest!!

    • mercs101

      Fantastic, the information on the whopper Sun Ray was especially helpful! Thanks for posting!

      • ValdusWildheart

        I got a 48.0 sun ray yesterday and it is NOT a whopper.

        • mercs101

          Thank you! We seem to be coming across a bit of this ourselves, and it’s a little… strange.

  • Sophia Lifecaster

    Not sure if any of this will help too much but here’s what I have:
    Boss Hog:
    18.3 small fry | 19.9 keeper | 39.4 keeper | 41.9 whopper
    Bubba Fish:
    26.0 keeper | 42.2 keeper
    8.8 small fry
    Fish and Chips
    25.2 small fry
    Hammerhead Shark
    14.5 small fry | 25.1 whopper

    • Shadowblade

      You kidding? This seems like some seriously valuable information.

  • Ghost Dog (@LoganMistSpear)

    Not sure if this is useful but
    Small fry catfish (7.1)

  • TDAY11

    why has everyone been trying to make fish seem important?

  • Jacob StormSword

    Not sure if this is relevant, but would still like to contribute

    23.7 Small Fry
    39.3 Keeper

    24.3 Keeper
    21.2 Keeper
    23.1 Keeper

  • Guest

    Not sure if this is relevant, but would still like to contribute

    23.7 Small Fry
    39.3 Keeper

    24.3 Keeper
    21.2 Keeper
    23.1 Keeper

  • lukey800

    i got a small fry 14.4 inches for cold cod.

  • Ghostieundead

    Tattoo fish:

    19.4 Keeper


    13.5 Keeper |14.0
    Keeper |14.1 keeper| 14.6 Keeper


    26.1 Keeper | 22.2
    Keeper |30.9 Keeper

    Boss Hog

    20.7 Keeper

    Brain Sturgeon:

    19.6 Small Fry |
    23.1 Keeper


    12.8 Keeper | 16.4
    Keeper | 17.1 Keeper | 18.5 Keeper | 22.8 Keeper |26.6 Keeper|29.5 Keeper |

    Bear Acuda:

    26.6 Keeper

    Fish Sandwich:

    10.7 Keeper


    24.3 Keeper

    Mechanical Armorhead

    13.5 Keeper


    26.5 Keeper

    Todd Pole

    27.2 Keeper


    29.3 Keeper

  • Valente Pedro

    Brain Sturgeon:
    [23.4 Keeper ] [36.2 Keeper]

    Treantfish: [18.7

    Beared Trout : [17.9
    Keeper] [22.0 Keeper]

    Catfish: [16.0
    Keeper] [20.6 Keeper]

    Doodlefish: [16.4
    Keeper] [22.0 Keeper]

    Doodlefishette [19.9
    Keeper ]

    Garrfish : [21.5
    keeper ] [23.8 Keeper]

    Hammerhead Shark: [
    15.4 Keeper ] [ 24.8 Keeper]

    Krokotopian Eel:
    [26.1 Keeper]

    armorhead: [13.7 Keeper ] [17.7 Keeper]

    Rainbow Trout: [14.8
    Keeper ] [18.8 Keeper]

    Sharkspear [21.3

    Strawberry Jellyfish
    [42.5 Keeper ]

  • Nicole WInd

    No member so I hope my entry is still ok. thanks for this so much :)
    owl-eyed pike: 24.7
    catfish: 16.0 keeper
    garrrfish: 24.6 keeper
    sharkespeare: 20.8 keeper
    archer fish: 21.4 keeper
    gullfish grouper: 26.5 keeper
    bonefish: 13.0

  • Jesus Hayes

    I got for the largest small fry was the fish sandwich and for the smallest keeper was the samurai fish. Then i got the tattoo fish for my largest keeper fish and last for the smallest whooper was a bone fish.

  • 150adrian2

    I caught a fish that was mybig achievement an i earned a badge 😀

  • bmaster107

    this one is not exactly the biggest but you can sometimes get really big and really rare gargoyle fish from the pond in castle darkmoor I got a 34 inch one and people say for that fish it is huge

  • bmaster107

    it can also be one of the smaller ones I have been told by people who need to craft that deck

  • liamawesome

    Some fish I got:
    Gargoyle( found in darkmoor, useful to craft decks)
    balancecuda(23.1 keeper)
    Boss hog(18.2 small fry)
    catfish(19.3 keeper)
    codfather(22.3 keeper
    Icecuda(18.2 keeper)
    hammerhead shark(22.3 keeper)

  • Digby Dragonflame

    I got a 50.5 tongue fish o.0

  • Digby Dragonflame

    Also, 46 keeper tongue fish are out there. Idk about bigger.

  • lapmaster

    i got some of these fish

    Owl-eyed Pike
    Treant Fish
    Bone Fish

    (I don’t know the length of them, I’m not logged in.)

  • lapmaster

    I got these fish:

    Owl-Eyed Pike
    Treant Fish
    Bone Fish (I don’t know the length yet, I’m not logged in.)

  • lapmaster

    I have an Owl-Eyed Pike, Treant Fish, and Bone Fish.

    I think those are good and rare fish.

  • lapmaster

    I got a Owl-Eyed Pike, Treant Fish, and also a Bone Fish.

  • lapmaster

    I got an Owl-Eyed Pike, Treantfish, Bonefish. and Garrrfish.

  • lapmaster

    I have a Garrfish, Owl-Eyed Pike, Treantfish, and a Bone Fish

  • Michael

    Hey Mercenaries, My name is Michael… i would like to have a fog staff i always like that wand, if you guys have any code i can buy it, so please if got anything hit me back at Thank You!

    • Alex Deathtamer

      Hi Michael. The codes we have are used for contests and giveaways, so keep your eyes peeled for the next time we are offering fog staff codes as a possible prize.