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Dec 3, 2012

It’s time for a


KI has released a new housing game on test realm! We love housing games – they make parties and contests AWESOME. And now there’s one where you can work as part of a team! There are all kinds of awesome options in this new game:

Chef’s Special
Find as much food as possible nad return to the kiosk within a time limit.

On A Diet
Find as much food as possible and return to the kiosk – but there is very limited food hidden and no more will appear.

Buffet 25
Work with a team to find 15 items as quickly as possible and return them to the kiosk.

Pizza Party!
Find as much pizza as possible and return it to the kiosk

We also know that sometimes, housing games can get a little crazy when a house is at or near max capacity. We want your help to test out this game with a LOT of people at once, so we are offering a FOG staff to everyone who attends! If you’ve already won a FOG staff from one of our other contests, that’s fine; you can redeem more than one per account.

Come join us on Friday, December 7th at 8:30pm EST / 7:30pm MST / 6:30pm CST / 5:30pm PST. We will be meeting on test realm in the Myth Tower of Greyrose realm.

How to get your FOG staff

1. Post on this thread that you will be/are attending, and what your wizard’s name is.
2. In the Myth Tower, send a friend request to Fallon FrostWalker in order to get to the party.

Fallon will be looking up the people on her friend’s list and comparing them to wizards listed on this thread in order to know where to send the codes. If you are not listed on both this thread and on Fallon’s friends list, she will not be able to get you your code.

We look forward to seeing you and testing out this new game!


Thanks again to KingsIsle and Professor Greyrose for the prizes!