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Free Rice Bonus Contest # 2 [Contest CLOSED]

Free Rice Bonus Contest # 2 [Contest CLOSED]

Dec 9, 2012

This contest is now closed. Good luck!


Wow! You are amazing! Just amazing! Mercs for Rice is now the #33th All Time Free Rice Group and the top freerice group for the day, month, and week! Amazing! We might even get to the Top Ten!

In honor of this and so even if you joined us a little late, for our next bonus contest we are going to raffle off a couple more bundles!

To enter this contest, you need 10,000 grains of rice. However, for each 10,000 grains of rice, you get an entry in this contest: 20,000 grains of rice, 2 entries. Please make me work hard to figure out the number of entries!

This bonus contest ends Dec. 15th at 11:59pm Pacific. So rack up those entries!

Again, these prizes will NOT be drawn immediately. We will wait until the contest is over on December 21st. At that point we will award all the previous winners their prizes, remove their names from the raffle so that all remaining entries have an equal shot. The deadline of December 15 is simply the day by which you must qualify.

  • jeffrey

    hi guys! i really want the give away please